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  1. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Ninja Streamers/Youtubers   

    Pretty good ninja on UNO 
    LVL 59 201 AP/ 255 DP 3/4 TRI BOSS GEAR ONLY 1 IS DUO
    I RUN GRIND TEST, COMBO TEST SKILL, CAST CANCEL TEST. I stream everyday and weekends all day so come join and I would definitely love to help you
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  2. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Grind Griefing   

    Now guilds are putting those griefers under protection like WTF LOL 
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  3. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    If you thinking making 100MILLION Silver a week is a lot in this game a week, then you're dead wrong. You can blow up that much in a couple of minutes. This game is no where near pay to win. The reason being there's nothing that benefits from the cash shop you can sell. You can't buy maids, horse coupons etc... you can only sell costumes and pets. And if anything it makes the game more fair. I felt bad for people who didn't have pets and now they have costume for the set bonus  and pets to loot. Think about 100 miles isn't anything. I am a loyal BDO Fan I've been playing since launch and am not planning on quit. #nochill 
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  4. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Time to let go.   

    I honestly think this is one of the most logical post out there, because Daum has the rights to push out any update they currently have, with the money they have made with this game they could've hired more developers to help with their current nonexistent one. With that being said I feel that if we all entirely stopped spending money on the game, do not stop playing but just stop funding them they will make that change, think of it as an intervention in terms of making a person think about what they have done and now they suffer consequences for their actions. In the past 3 weeks they have not only released big updates that have been awaited for some time now. First I was hearing about some classes that was bugged or broken, which happens. But now the major part of the last update is broken and now the game is back to square one. I've been waiting for the ninja for quite some time now at times I do get sad because I can't enjoy a class I want to play but with a great community of friends within the guild I created it keeps me going because I can log on and play with them. That's all this game is about for all of us. The sheer enjoyment the which these genres of games brings us. Where did that go? Like I said if we all just petition and stop funding Daum for broken updates, lack of support, and refusal to communicate to the community to which supports their game, I TRULY believe they will listen to the community for a change and we can steer this game into the right direction.
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  5. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Looking for people to play with.   

    If you're willing to switch servers I play on Uno I have a guild that is 75 + active members and are a family oriented community who focuses on helping new players and working together shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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  6. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Reason for 1.2gb patch for so little changes?   

    They definitely just ninjaed the ninja class with this patch. 100 percent.
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  7. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    But with contents at a halt this is a perfect time for those classes to be released is all I am saying.
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  8. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    ^ this
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  9. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    Glad the riot is still going! #nodimefordaum
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  10. Michealsaurus added a topic in General   

    Ninja or Riot
    Give us the ninja patch! We have been waiting for too long! With the game at a staggering halt of new content this is a perfect time to release the class. 
    The class has been updated in Korea already, so please just let us be happy and play our mains! I keep seeing threads for ninja disappearing and we need to keep it bumped! 
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  11. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic DO NOT spend one more pearl till they revert karma changes!   

    then why the hell are you on the forum if you quit
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  12. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Release Ninja/Kunoichi Vote   

    Bump dying waiting for the class 
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  13. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Ninja/Kuno Gameplan   

    Ninja or riot -----
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  14. Michealsaurus added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I'm glad you idiot hardcore fan boy cry babies are complaining and that Valencia is delayed and there is no pvp content. Because that's going to drive all you guys out of this game and we don't need anymore toxicity and grieving within this game. Most of us want to pvp but also want to ENJOY THE GOD DAMN GAME AND IT'S CURRENT CONTENT. I'M SORRY YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED ENOUGH SUNLIGHT BECAUSE THERE IS A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS GAME. FYI
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