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  1. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Desalam is removed? How will we get kutum knowledge???   

    Desalem is back. I got C knowledge on a Kutum train then deleted. I saw that she wasn't giving me the option to relearn it with energy, so I investigated further. I see that she has an amity threshold now to give knowledge, like Karanda. This looks to be a replacement for the knowledge quest since I don't have it. I'm pretty sure I did the quest.
    Just do the amity game or wave (F5) until you get enough. The wave gives 3 amity for 3 energy consistently. The amity game costs 2 initially, then goes up to 4 when you get 100, then to 6 each time for 200+. If you're really bad at the amity game like me, it would be more cost-effective energy-wise to play the game at lower levels, then switch to simple waves at the higher ones.
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  2. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Guild master only quests   

    I turned in the 20 combat seals. It cleared the turn-in for that part. It now has the 20 life seals, along with the 150 of the others for the guild ship. I think once I get the 20 life ones turned in, it will prompt me with a quest complete for the elephant.
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  3. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    Okay thanks. I didn't notice that
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  4. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    I don't understand how a success rate increase is a buff to fail-stacking. As long as all we care about is our greens being +15 this is a great change.  Sure, these items may be half price now, but they will take 3x the stones to get the stacks we need. We will have to mill several sets of greens to be lucky enough to get our stacks or go negative karma and knock them back down to +14. All of these will be more costly in both black stones and greens. This is a nice gesture but it just made it harder to get the stacks we need.
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  5. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    You guys do realize that players without boss gear now have no access to mid-range fail stacks. Previously, you could use Reblath to get to +16 then use Grunil for another 4 to 8 stacks, and pick up with boss gear after that. If Grunil is the new Reblath, we will need to start using our boss items (if we have them) early, burning more durability, and therefore more memory fragments. Expect frags to suffer some serious inflation and be non-existent on the market. For new and returning players who don't have much if any boss gear, you just got screwed.
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  6. oR-Bishop added a topic in Technical Issues   

    System Crash & Blue Screen after Patch
    This is a weekly event, having to rename xcorona.xem in both C:\Program Files (x86)\Black Desert Online\bin64\xc\na\1 & 2 to get my system to stop crashing after launching the game.  The fix forces the game to use the native 64-bit version of the file and not the 32-bit version which ends in blue screen every time for Win7 SP1 64-bit users. This worked in fixing the problem previously, but now xcorona.xem is not longer included in the patches.
    If I was a suspicious person, I would think someone is trying to keep me from playing.
    Please tell me how to fix this immediate issue and fix the problem permanently. This serious a problem shouldn't have gone on without a fix for this long.
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  7. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic AXIOM - PvX - Top 40 Guild   

    My egg!

    @‌JRay, sorry but I still don't see your app. I don't see an account on our website either under any of those names. Can you toss up another app?
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  8. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic AXIOM - PvX - Top 40 Guild   

    @‌Jray I don't see your app. What's your family name?
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  9. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic AXIOM - PvX - Top 40 Guild   

    Need some company for your awakened boss scrolls?

    Make the most of your grind. Get some CP along with the Combat & Skill XP. Those node managers in Valencia give some serious CP.
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  10. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    All ridiculous.
    You are implying that PvE players have an advantage against PvP ones if they get to level and grind without hindrance. That's not the case. In fact, PvP players who harass lower level and lower geared players are the ones playing unfairly. There is literally no chance for a new player to gear up for PvP and be competitive with currently geared players. Gear is everything now. Level and actual combat skill are a distant second.
    If your aim is to deny players gear and XP to remain relevant then you're just a bad player. Stop calling yourself a PvPer. Your aim should be to get some good fights on equal footing and make way for players to rise to that level.
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  11. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Guild master only quests   

    I completed the dialogue chain for both the galley and elephant. This is what she offers next. It looks like we're turning old moon seals in for old moon seals. Maybe it's just a localization thing.
    If it's only 20 seals for an elephant and 150 for a galley, those are huge bargains. You get 4 x combat seals for just one XL mission.
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  12. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Veteran geared players control the boss gear and weapon market because they can consistently make high loot table. They also control all the best grind spots, which is access to the best silver, combat and skill XP. When we have this many new and returning players, the system is rigged for them to never catch up and have an even shot in PvP. A safe environment for them to get what they need without interruption isn't a lot to ask. Players who trash on this idea are insecure and are just trying to keep the competition down and unable to contribute to a fight in any meaningful way.  
    PvE = Player vs Mobs, not Player vs Trees. You are really suggesting no mobs for these players?  This game has dueling, node wars & conquest, red battlefield, arenas, and oPvP. Apparently that's not enough. You greedy bastards want it all and leave them with nothing and no place to hide. They are just asking for SOME of the oPvP channels to be PvE only. 
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  13. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    The best drops are at grind spots. Guess what? PvE players can use that stuff too. If you like the turf war, king of the hill, or survival of the fittest, do it in specified channels. There are actual bragging rights then. Slaughtering Carebears and AFKers is mostly all I see now. PvE channels have merit. Suggesting that we deny a significant group of the player base the grind zones in a grind game is sheer stupidity.
    I paid a Korean guy some money and he told me I can go anywhere I want.
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  14. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    Thanks for the candid reply.
    I'm no business genius, but I figure it might be better for business to have your patrons feel like things are done for them, rather than to them. After this, I feel more like a dollar sign than a valued customer.
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  15. oR-Bishop added a post in a topic Remove Watermark Please   

    This is what I will be using from now on. It's unfortunate that the game can't let us do this on our own.
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