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  1. Dyeless added a post in a topic Are they ever gonna optimise this properly??   

    bns releasing 64bit in feb. Bdo can only suck your money. Free items for afk etc is pure stupidness. f2p games do better job and quality service..
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  2. Dyeless added a post in a topic CPU or GPU - which one to change ?   

    i5 6600k, 970gtx or 1060gtx, 16gb ram ddr4 (2400 or higher), z170 chipset mobo. If you are smart then you could possibly snipe gtx 980 or 980ti for a nice price since many upgrading to new generation.
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  3. Dyeless added a post in a topic Someone clean that Abracadabra forum spam   

    After registration here I get tons of spam on my email too. Wonder if these two things are related or not. For many years I never seen so much in so short time. Quality must say.
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  4. Dyeless added a post in a topic New PC Build... High lvl graphics with good FPS?   

    Aha same was on older system i5 4690k ddr3 16gb, ssd and jazz and on my girlfriends pc with same i5 but instead of nvidia amd card. You just can't have a smooth, consistent experience with bdo. I gave up on bdo because I never have any problems with any other game. New overwatch is flying 100+ fps and some time dips to 90+
    No I did not play any other MMO. Black desert - first and last mmo for sure.
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  5. Dyeless added a post in a topic New PC Build... High lvl graphics with good FPS?   

    New system here. I upgraded with hope to maintain 60+ fps but game still runs like a crap no matter what settings.
    i7 6700k, ddr4 16gb, gtx 970 sc, ssd and all that jazz.. This is by far the worst game performance I ever had and to be honest graphics in bdo sucks too with all that popings and even on max settings your own shadow looks like lego. Terrible design to keep stuff smooth or consistent. But don't bother to try to fix it since 90% mmo fans used to crap graphics and even crappier fps so they will never complain. Every day I log into the game to collect my reward and that's all my game session.
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  6. Dyeless added a post in a topic What's wrong with BDO and HAS to change   

    If nothing is wrong with the game then tell me. Why are you here on the forum and why you posting? Go and enjoy game instead then winning about winners?
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  7. Dyeless added a post in a topic Losing Xp SUCKS!   

    55 lvl and you are employed? How do you do that?
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  8. Dyeless added a topic in General   

    Dear developers
    First let me say that I’m extremely upset by several things in this game. I’m not a rage person, I’m not trying to find bugs, but when you buy a game for a normal store price and there are so many problems you can’t help to be sincerely disappointed.
    I wanna address a topic that I hope Daum will fix in the very near future. And that is in game COMMUNICATION. If you don’t want to read my reasons, then please do read my final message in the bottom of this message. I believe you might relate to that.
    Back to in game communication. Twice now I’ve literally wasted real money because of fails in your in game communication. First I gifted my gf a pet. You should’ve seen the smile on her face! A few days later I wanted to gift her a costume. I added a big amount of pearls on my account → real money ←  and all of a sudden gifting is disabled. The button was active, I didn’t receive any messages about it and I thought it was a bug because of a patch maybe. What happened next was this:
    I filed a service request. (Didn’t get a reply for over a week.) Maybe gifting was disabled for a period of time but I couldn’t find anything about it in game or on my account. After I started investigating I found out that all patch notes up and until now didn’t mention anything about the disabled function as well. But then I found somewhere on the forum that it actually was disabled. I still can’t believe that’s the only info to be found. I felt betrayed. In my service request I suggested the option to send an amount of pearls or the custome to my girls account. Came with multiple options but unfortunately Daum Support didn’t care. Not only did I have to wait for a long time to even receive an answer but what I feared was true: my situation is not an exception. Many people post that their service requests are pending for over a week. Mine did too and the suprise for my girl was ruined.. That’s a bad game experience.
    We had to spend additional money on her account. I don’t like that. It felt like we didn’t have a choice and in a way it feels like a scam. Yes we made the decision after this bad experience to still spend extra money on her costume. But usually team supports come with solutions and try to think with you. That was in no way the case here.
    This all would’ve been prevented if in game communication was better organised or in my opinion even was organised at all. I get an e-mail for market place sales, there is an informative sheet about mediah for example when I enter my game..but something as big as disabling a function that is used by many players is not worth mentioning?
    Today I encountered a second big issue with in game communication. I am not a big fan of the way horse training goes. You have to either watch yourself ride a horse or wagon for an insane amount of time in which you can’t spend time on any of the other features this game has. Or you just use “afk” functions to train your horse (or strength) while you do other things on your pc. I don’t find that fun to do. But since I’m curious I trained my tier 4 horses for no less then 72 hours to get them to the right levels. When I could finally breed them I got the second lowest option. I wasn’t happy.
    Since I still had lot’s of pearls from the disabled gifting experience I decided that after 72 hours it was well worth to spend some of them on a female horse reset breeding item. I got the same result unfortunately, a tier 4 male horse which was second smallest change. Argh! Fortunately we have the pearls and reset item. Or not.. Apparently there is a maximum amount of times you can reset it. No warning in the shop or stable I apparently should have done some kind of research about horse reset amounts and items instead of trusting that spending money on items is enough to have some benefit of your well trained horse after 72 hours of training. I feel punished after punished after punished. Because not only is it harder to get a female horse, not only can she only give one foal without you spending real life money on it, not only is a reset breeding item much more expansive then for a male horse, but on top of that.. There is a restricted amount of resets? Argh the frustration about that is real! Different topic though.
    Now YES of course I can try to find reasons why things work this way. Yes I can spend half of the time I have by trying to figure everything out, count my steps and not just explore and jump into a fun and exciting gaming experience. But I expect that the game want’s me to have a great gaming experience and help me instead of bait me into investing time, energy and money in disappointing results.
    My final words on this, and I think many of you will agree:
    Many of us (still) spend money on this game. It’s a compliment to the visual designers and it shows our respect for the potential that this game has. But listen to feedback and take us serious. When it comes to in game communication I feel like I have to spend tons of time figuring out if buying certain things from the pearl store are safe to buy. That can’t be what Daum wants their playerbase to feel like. Start by adding descriptions on (the cash shop) items. If an item can only be used a certain amount of time, add a warning/disclaimer on the item. Especially for cash shop items you should add descriptions. Not only are we talking about real money investments, but right now it’s completely unclear what the benefit is of buying certain items.. It doesn’t even show the stats. Come on guys, Inform us. And if you change a main feature send an in game message and disable the buttons. Improve the communication. That way we can go back into the role of crazy adventurers.
    Here’s some more food for thoughts:
    Even though it’s great there are volunteer moderators I do not appreciate it if they remove angry messages. It’s cheap. If the game fails and apparently makes people THAT angry, the developers should know. Potential buyers of the game should be able to read that too. Anyone that does or doesn’t own the game can enter this forum so show an honest picture of the community and feelings towards the game.

    It’s the developers job to give gamers the best experience they can. Don’t make us feel like it’s only about the money in your pockets. Improve and show us what you do with the issues that frustrate us and drive us into an angry state of mind. It’s great that volunteers try to make this forum a better place but don’t sugarcoat the insanely annoying features in this game that suck and make it feel like beta while we actually paid full price. Users have the right to be pissed about that, developers should fix it. Room for improvement, fine. Not providing base featers..  Uhh nope.. Not approved.
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  9. Dyeless added a topic in General   

    Dear developers
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  10. Dyeless added a post in a topic Fps in Velia drops from 50-60 to 30-40 up and down. Any thing I can do to improve this?   

    you won't make it smooth what so ever. I had i5 4690k then upgraded to i7 6700k, ddr4, new mobo and no results. Try everything on low and you'll get even worse performance. This was build on tetris with distance rendering 5m infront of you. Really nothing you can do about it. All mmo fanboys used to crappy fps and bad graphics and this for them is paradise reason you won't see them demanding for better optimization and reason you never saw anything being done after award patching timings and length. 
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  11. Dyeless added a post in a topic I would kindly request that additional inventory spaces be made available at no cost.   

    Give this man some inventory space! And throw some pearls too for crying out-load! 
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  12. Dyeless added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Read first part. I can point out one more post where you said about maxed out settings.. Memory of the chicken
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  13. Dyeless added a post in a topic No Market Place Commision / Trade Items to other Subscribers / 500 pearls A Month / +10% exp all around   

    I believe they get much, much more then this. 
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  14. Dyeless added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    why you constantly pointing out about running at max settings when I already pointed out filter is a filter and does nothing but colors, contrast. Nothing to do with max settings at all. If you really think this way it only shows you know nothing about PC or in-game settings.
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  15. Dyeless added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    No one really shouldn't but you said you don't want to downgrade graphics so I pointed out that filter does nothing really but color saturation, contrast and some curves.
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