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  1. Krisalee added a post in a topic Where to find Vatudun in Keplan?   

    Thank you so much, that was exactly where I needed to start!
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  2. Krisalee added a topic in General   

    [Valencia Part II: Quest] Desert Oasis Map- Oasis of Time, Dreaming & Bless
    If you are questing and having a hard time finding the three oasis's in the Valencian desert this should help you out. 
    • 3 replies
  3. Krisalee added a topic in General   

    Cows You Can Milk In Mediah
    If anyone is trying to do quests in Mediah and gets one in Abun that wants you to get milk. I found the cow farm that lets you milk the cows. Yes, I know that you can buy milk on the market in Altainova but I avoid that place if I can. Plus, I always think well if they ask for "whatever" then it's somewhere. 
    Cows that can be milked in Mediah = Stonetail Horse Ranch

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  4. Krisalee added a post in a topic Special Deals & Party Loot Bag Guide   

    Great video, thank you!
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  5. Krisalee added a post in a topic HELP! Daum Cash Purchased, But No In Game Store Daum Cash To Purchase Pearls   

    Well nobody has responded to my ticket but I checked my account and finally received my Daum Cash. Thanks for letting me know the other feed and wish you the best of luck. I know it sucks to wait so long for a response. They should at least have a ticket turn around time frame so people know how long they should expect to wait. 
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  6. Krisalee added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    HELP! Daum Cash Purchased, But No In Game Store Daum Cash To Purchase Pearls
    I want to get the new riding close for my Valk so went to pearl store in game, which sent me to buy Daum cash online. I purchased 3000 pearls with my Paypal and it went through. So, went back to store hit refreshed and no Daum cash. I have refreshed, restart game, restart computer, submit ticket 7 hours ago Request #92416, tweet for help. Haven't heard anything back. I wish I could call to get thing processed faster or at least a general operation blurb about ticket turn around time. Please help me with getting my Daum cash!!
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  7. Krisalee added a post in a topic Daum Cash disappeared when trying to buy pearls, ended up without daum cash nor pearls!   

    Yes! It happened like 4 hours ago. 
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  8. Krisalee added a post in a topic Daum Cash disappeared when trying to buy pearls, ended up without daum cash nor pearls!   

    I have a similar issue. I wanted the new riding costume that my husband just purchased earlier today. Went to the Daum cash store. Made my purchase using Paypal ( payment went through and I got charged), then went to the in game store to refresh as I have done many times- NO CASH? Refresh, restart game, restart computer, submit ticket Request #92416, tweet for help. Haven't heard anything back. I will try to log back into the Veila channel as I have seen mentioned here but so far No Daum cash. If only we could still gift real people in game things still. But know people had to mess that up for the legit people that liked that feature! Hopefully they will get to my ticket soon as it does involved real life money. 
    Edit: Over 24hours later and I didn't get a response for my ticket but I did check the pearl shop for my Daum cash and it was there. Yay! I can't believe it took so long but at least I got the cash and now can buy the pearls. Good luck to everyone else! 
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  9. Krisalee added a post in a topic Where can I find Pile of Mountain Goat Skulls?   

    Thanks for all the info, totally helped.
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  10. Krisalee added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    YESH!!! Don't question it just do it!  
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  11. Krisalee added a post in a topic Ore Mining - Skill Level?   

    I am at Gathering skill 5 and cannot seem to mine anything new. Everything I have read online just says the other node ores will open up at Skilled 5. I am here and no dice. Is there an order I need to mine ore nodes to unlock the nodes? That would great to know. I can only mine copper, iron, tin, lead and the other stones. If anyone has any ideas would appreciate it. Thanks. 

    *I was finally able to mine other ores. I don't know if it was b/c I gained more gathering knowledge (even though I was already at Skilled 5) or I did the spirit quest for gathering skilled 5. To get that just  call him up then select help. 
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  12. Krisalee added a post in a topic "Rhua Tree Stub" nothing...   

    I read the site and I don't see any description either. Do I need to create an account before certain features are available? IDK. 

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  13. Krisalee added a post in a topic "Block the strategy leak" need help   

    Thank you so much for the help! Found the soldier no problem!
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