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  1. Shaekai added a post in a topic Warrior 1 v 3 + 1 PvP   

    One of the worst warrior vids i've ever seen.
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  2. Shaekai added a post in a topic Question About Forging   

    Or maybe 82 times+ like me and still not get whack.
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  3. Shaekai added a post in a topic Kzarka S grade knowledge?   

    I've had S on kzarka for a while. I can honestly tell you, the difference is not big from C. Kzarka is the most damage based loot drops i've encountered.
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  4. Shaekai added a post in a topic Can we all just admit that Kzarka is a horrible boss.   

    And let's not talk about world bosses highly favor ranged classes for drops. 
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  5. Shaekai added a post in a topic punish pvp gankers with family name   

    This sounds more like a carebearing issue. Safezones were created for a reason. You can't poll or remove a main ingame content.
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  6. Shaekai added a post in a topic World Bosses as a Melee   

    You guys want challenging bosses and cry if it one shots you through a shield. They're not meant for you to faceroll turtle block as melee. 
    I've done rednose world boss without dying. His patterns are retarded, maybe it's time to learn how to roll iframe.
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  7. Shaekai added a post in a topic PvEing and PvPers Killing me   

    Carebears complaining. This game is good as it is. PvE server or Mode would ruin everything Black Desert is about.
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  8. Shaekai added a post in a topic Clarification about no down damage on spinning slash?   

    You don't have to wait till someone turns their back on you to use 100% black spirit skill. Grab knockdown > Roll behind > 100% Black Spirit up their ass and you'll do a condiderable extra amount of damage.
    Now on the main topic. I'd also like to know about the down / back attack modifiers regarding these two.
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  9. Shaekai added a post in a topic Aggressive Warrior Stream   

    Seen better non-streamer warrs in NA. : /
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  10. Shaekai added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

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  11. Shaekai added a post in a topic Bugged Charging Thrust IV -   

    People come here and try giving answers to problems they are not testing themselves.
    PvP/PvE, Scars Of Dusk blocks while on cast, you can be interrupted, yes.
    Charging Thrust IV was built under the same purpose. You can be interrupted yes. 
    But as much as i'm trying over and over to stand valid on my point. Charging Thrust IV does not block while on cast.
    Tooltip states "Can guard while moving forward with CHARGING THRUST III"  For Charging Thrust IV.
    After upgrading from III to IV for the block while cast feature, you can't simply gimp yourself and use Charging Thrust III.
    I keep using this skill, both in PvE and PvP. Going on against slow attacking mobs such as Cyclops and Ogres, timing the skill.
    No block.
    Most of the warriors i have talked with about this issue and that have charging thrust IV tell me the skill works 100% fine. 
    When i talk to them about it, and tell them to actually pay attention if the skill actually blocks while on cast they message me back:
    "Damn, you're right. It doesn't work."
    I wish a CM could take on this issue and other warriors that have upgraded to Charging Thrust IV to back up into this.
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  12. Shaekai added a post in a topic Bugged Charging Thrust IV -   

    Guard = Block.
    It's easy, either heavily bugged, or heavily mistranslated. This topic addresses both issues including the wrong tooltip description.
    If it increased resistances it would state so as this feature is properly addressed for other skills such as Scars of Dusk itself.
    Again, i'm asking for help and advice from someone who knows about this and have possibly gone through older KR/JP/RU versions. 
    Nowhere in Charging Thrust you can see CC resistance. Smarter answers are welcome.
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  13. Shaekai added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

  14. Shaekai added a post in a topic Repairing Steel Taritas max durability with Taritas?   

    Any update on this failure? 
    Most of you are not even using the set to understand what's going on.
    You can't repair steel taritas max durability with normal taritas. 
    You can't repair normal taritas durability with steel taritas.
    You can't repair a blue steel taritas with another lower grade steel taritas even when trying to pay the fee.
    This is wrong to no end.
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  15. Shaekai added a post in a topic Grab   

    This is just ridiculous. 
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  16. Shaekai added a post in a topic War Cry   

    You could go 50/50 it's not working as intended like some other warrior skills. Core gameplay failure. 
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  17. Shaekai added a post in a topic Dealing with Rangers   

    With how gimped grab is atm, you'll catch a ranger 40% of the time if you're lucky.
    Else you'll see them jumping away mid-grab animation. Lamest thing ever.
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  18. Shaekai added a post in a topic Grab   

    I have the exact same issue as a warrior.
    At first i thought holy damn, is everyone just stacking these resist to no limit?
    Rangers run/jump away through my fingers during grab animation, happens with other classes too.
    It's frustrating.
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  19. Shaekai added a post in a topic Bugged Charging Thrust IV -   

    Blocking before charge makes no difference. I just got the skill again, the blocking feature does not work. Please, anyone who has Charging Thrust IV, test it. This has to be addressed and taken into consideration if i'm not the only one. Description is also misleading as hell.
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  20. Shaekai added a topic in Warrior   

    Bugged Charging Thrust IV -
    Adding in to the list.
    After upgrading my charging thrust to IV, i noticed the following.
    Charging thrust IV will not block while casting, tested at least a hundred times and not a single block while cast.
    After having to buy a partial skill reset to go back to III because of this great game with non-existent bugs. I paid twice as attention into
    the skill description of Charging Thrust IV
    "Can guard while moving forward with CHARGING THRUST III"
    Hell, this is accurate. After upgrading to IV you can't use III anymore. Other warriors i know are having the same issue.
    Any update in regards to this failure?

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  21. Shaekai added a post in a topic Repairing Steel Taritas max durability with Taritas?   

    I had made a topic post about this issue, there was aswell a reddit post concerning this. And both goth ignored by the game overseers asking players to fall into the none-existent support loop great DAUM has to offer.
    In a few words. 
    Don't waste your money on taritas. On our current NA/EU version the max durability repairing for this item is bugged. I spent 3m silver for pure testing purposes on this matter messing around with Blue taritas, steel taritas and normal taritas and trying to recover the max durability of each  as the description says. 
    It is bugged. Save yourself invesments and time.
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  22. Shaekai added a post in a topic Taritas - Steel Taritas Armor Bugged - Not able to recover max durability or Misleading description.   

    The only reason i got the two versions of the armor and the blue upgraded version was pure testing. 
    Now. I've looked through the same issue with no given answer in reddit. 
    I know how the repair system works and how to recover max durability. 
    It was not possible with this armor. 
    This game as no support, with tickets in for 15 days+ unanswered. I'd love if someone else could confirm this or any GM themselves. 
    I am having the same problem as them.
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  23. Shaekai added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Taritas - Steel Taritas Armor Bugged - Not able to recover max durability or Misleading description.
    I went for Taritas set. Upgraded to Steel taritas due to normal taritas only being able to be max durability recovered using Steel taritas which i find odd.
    Next step, having my Steel taritas i decide to recover it's max durability, the decription saying you can do so with normal taritas. 
    Doesn't work. 
    I spend 2m silver in market buying multiple other steel taritas and blue version aswell.
    I tried, to recover max durability trying to go around it and trying the recovery with silver option too.
    Nothing worked. 
    This is a very heavy-misleading and time consuming bug. It should be given priority and the situation of the set made public for people not to lose their time and effort like me.
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