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Posts posted by Shaekai

  1. I still cant login, anyone else having this issue???

    Still in maintenance for one more hour. Learn to read.

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  2. Yup thats what many ppl are going to do... p2w is not what we agreed for... + "DF working as intended"? say bye to a lot of sorc population

    Sorcs farm fine with their awakenings. Wait for it like all the other classes that are really in need for it.

    Reroll at most.

  3. lol. joke is on ur side


    If you don't know this by now you're sure making yourself sound like a whiny lifeskiller. 

    Go test yourself ingame. Not spam "QQ pls fix" on the forums. Even SoD down attack damage displays properly.

    They fixed dark flame doing too much damage.

    In the process of fixing that, they broke the initial hits of dark flame.

    I think they are just unaware of the difference.  

    People say "fix dark flame" mean 2 different things.

    1. Most people mean "put it back to what it was".  This shouldn't happen.  It did too much damage before and was spammy and made the class one dimensional.

    2. When the other group of people say it they mean "Take another look at what you did to the ability because it does literally no damage and is now useless in the kit"


    Massive miscommunication coupled with trolls...this class wont be fixed any time soon sorry to say.

    We were already pretty bad at grinding in comparison to other classes.  Now we are bottom tier in PvE and PvP.

    Can still kill badly geared players or people who don't know how to defend themselves against the Sorc.

    But to anyone who knows how to play the game the Sorc is a joke now.

    See your account in player auction.

  4. Have fun playing on empty servers spastic :]

    All the gains.

    If you don't like the game don't play it.

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  5. and we are now p2w.... 

    Time to quit. 

    Thank you everyone n_n. It was a blast my only regret was that I never managed to try ninja. 


    I've sunk over 100 days into this game, I'm fine with the current system of having dyes capped and making it super expensive to P2w.  But the second or if-ever that valks cry or anything that is game breaking enters the cash shop I'm outtie.

    WoW legion is out in about 2 months so I hope (the publishers) won't ----- this up. 


    Nice patch :) hopefully darkflame fix next patch???

    DF working as intended. 

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  6. How about.. you get your head out of your ass and show us the real patchnotes with everything in them? Like, autogathering and most probably a lot of other things?

     It's part of the DAUM experience. Discovering new things ingame. :^ )


    lol. and nothing for warrior again. get rekt


    What exactly are you expecting for warrior Mr. White Knight

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  8. now heres what you dont know, if you have never played KR, Our Valencia mobs are weak af. they have a 3rd of the ap and dp the mobs have in KR. If we get Awakening with similar % scalings on the skills (ranging all the way up to 3500%) they will need to buff the enemies cause otherwise we will be blasting through them even easier.

    This ^ Haha xD

  9. A lot of the people mentioned here became irrelevant after Valencia.

    Gear capped at +15 is not a thing anymore. If you have the gear you can beat anyone who's lower geared than you using some braincells.

    Move on kids.

  10. They made a feedback thread for people to vent and move on till they forgot about it. You should move on aswell.

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  11. @CM_Jouska

    I would also like to know about the state of this class.

    Is the team 100% sure the warrior balance patch went live?

    as @Decem says the tooltips are literally the same as of pre-patch.

  12. We're all aware of it. Good game bad publisher. It feels like a curse from all KR MMOs going "western".

  13. It would suck for sorcs to have to go crippled for another week.


    Other classes have been going crippled for months.


    These Daum "messengers" or KakaoDiaperSniffers w/e you want to call it are doing a really good job.