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  1. Blaer added a post in a topic [Orwen] Level 56 Ranger 333 GS Looking for PvP Guild   

    Hey! What kinds of times do you play? The guild I'm in is looking for people. were mainly active late night pst/aussie evenings and weekeneds(not sure what times you player/are looking for). Were an anti-pk guild and some members actively hunt pkers. We are also planning on doing  node wars and sieges when they come out. Guild is called Circle of Iron. We use discord as well. We also do guild bosses on weekends,as well as guild quests, and scroll groups. We also have grind groups almost every day. If interested feel free to message Evalynn(family name Evalyyn_Carnate), Aliandria(Family name Ketrya), or Fuppo(Family name Headhunter). 
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  2. Blaer added a post in a topic [NA] [45 Sorc] Noob Seeking Small Guild   

    Are you on Orwen perhaps? The guild I'm in is on Orwen.. Were most active late at night na/ aussie evenings but have at least a few on as early as 6 pm pst. Not sure what time you play. We also have several members whom are always on the rankings for life skills. If your interested feel free to message Evalynn(Family name: Evalynn_Carnate), Aliandria(Family name: Ketrya), or Fuppo(Family name: HeadHunter) in game.link: https://www.reddit.com/r/BDOGuilds/comments/4lrw6a/orwen_oceanic_late_night_na_25_members_currently/
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  3. Blaer added a post in a topic Looking for a Australian Guild if possible [Orwen]   

    Hey Guys! What's up! My guild i'm in is a late night Na/ Australian guild. Were a decent size guild, I feel. We have about 20 active people right now, and their awesome. Really fun, entertaining people. We have discord but its not required. Its a mix of people. Alot of them are family or have played in games together before, some are more casual who craft and fish a lot, then we have a decent amount as well who are 52+.  We would always love more people to hang out with and do stuff with and we do guild missions pretty regularly, scroll groups, and guild bosses. Here's a link to the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/BDOGuilds/comments/4hldvo/orwen_circleofiron_recruiting_naoceanic/
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  4. Blaer added a post in a topic How to generate interest in getting members to do GMissions?   

    Did you try advertising guild contract monetary raises to people who help? Or maybe try having contests where whoever participates the most in a certain amount of time maybe gets some in game item as a prize so there is more incentive to do it? I know money is pretty easy to come by in this game so perhaps you could also start requiring a minimum guild mission participation of members so that they have to do it or get kicked from the guild. I don't know anything about your guild but these are honestly the only things I can think of, you can't really force people to do things they don't want to do.
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  5. Blaer added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Here's mine

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  6. Blaer added a post in a topic [Orwen] LVL 41 berserker LF guild   

    Hi! <Liminality> is recruiting. We always have players on at that time, I myself am usually on until 5 am pst. Were a small social/casual guild and we do guild missions on Sundays at 10:30 pm pst. If interested feel free to message me in game (Blaer) and/or add me on friend's list (family name is Blaer). We also typiclaly play on Serendia O1.  Looking forward to your reply.
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  7. Blaer added a post in a topic close   

    Hi! Which server have you made a character on? Liminality on Orwen is recruiting. Were most active in pst evenings and have players playing late late into the night(5 am pst). We also have a ts. If interested look at our post here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/72307-naaussieorwenpvxcasualsocial-fun-loving-guild-liminality-is-now-recruitingno-requirements/
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  8. Blaer added a post in a topic Oceanic Player on Orwen looking for guild   

    If your interested in a smaller guild then Liminality is recruiting. Were not specifically an Aussie guild but we do have players online at times good for Aussies and a few aussies. Link: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/72307-naaussieorwenpvxcasualsocial-fun-loving-guild-liminality-is-now-recruitingno-requirements/
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  9. Blaer added a post in a topic [NA][Aussie][Orwen][PvX]Casual/Social Fun-loving guild Liminality Is Now Recruiting[No Requirements]   

    sorry just got home. yes were still recruiting. Was online afk-looping my horse so that is why I didn't respond right away.
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  10. Blaer added a topic in US Guild   

    [NA][Aussie][Orwen][PvX]Casual/Social Fun-loving guild Liminality Is Now Recruiting[No Requirements]
    Hi! My guild, Liminality ,is looking for members. Were on the Orwen server, and primarily play on the Serendia 01 channel. Were a small, somewhat casual, group of players looking to have fun and just enjoy the game. We typically do guild missions around 10:30 pm pst on Sundays( a rather friendly time for both pst players and Aussies, believe it is around 6:30 pm for them). We may do more more on more days as guild size increases if people like. We have no level requirement and new players/less experienced players are welcome. All are welcome We also have a teamspeak. We do not require members to participate in guild missions, but we will adjust contract pay/daily pay based on participation in them and overall activity. We are mainly active during the evening and continue playing late into the night. If interested feel free to send me a message on here, e-mail me at taylorakt1993@gmail.com, or whisper Ember_Luna in game. My family name is Blaer.
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  11. Blaer added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    [ServerName;CharacterName] => [Orwen ; Ember_Luna]
    Here is my beautiful black spirit egg

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  12. Blaer added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

     [ServerName;FamilyName] à [Orwen ; Ember_Luna]
    Here is my entry :
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  13. Blaer added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    [ServerName;CharacterName] à [Orwen; Ember_Luna]
    1.Me on Horse
    2.Me on Raft-

    3.Me on Wagon

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