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  1. Etelle added a post in a topic Too many NPCs   

    And this topic will be ignored even though it's one of the most fundamental things wrong with the game.
    It runs like ass.
    Fix it.
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  2. Etelle added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    more like members of forums are 100% robotic. down to every last user and moderator
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  3. Etelle added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    The entirety of this post is the reason i generally avoid forums of any type
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  4. Etelle added a post in a topic Too many NPCs   

    I do think a solution that would allow the current number of npcs to be kept would be favorable. I do think the sheer number of npcs can be quite immersive. But the fact that they take so long to load in really kills it for me and is quite annoying. Though I would definitely appreciate them being a little more spread out.
    Also a great suggestion with the horse track. I mean that just sounds really neat in general. I do avoid Heidel like the plague for this reason. Which is a shame cus i think it's a real neat city. So if i want to enjoy it i need to be on a low pop channel.
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  5. Etelle added a post in a topic Too many NPCs   

    An excellent suggestion.
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  6. Etelle added a post in a topic PVP Toggle Required   

    That doesnt make RL more fun and it doesn't make game life more fun. Unless you're playing Day-z or H1Z1, but that's exactly why i stopped playing those games.
    I'm with you OP. I don't PVP and i dont think it even has a place in MMORPGs unless in designated areas. 
    The strong focus on PVP in this game is really upsetting to me. All weapons and armor that are considered the best are only considered that for PVP reasons. It really sucks.
    Or i might be wrong about the weapons and armor part. Just saying that because Yuria used to be considered the best and i assumed it was only considered the best because it did +5 to humans. I dont know if that takes effect in PVP mode.....cus i dont PVP
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  7. Etelle added a post in a topic Event: Candy for Halloween   

    I've gotten enough candies to open a box for each day and then some.
    All i've received from these boxes is a bunch of BS.
    Which i imagine is more maddening than not receiving any candies at all
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  8. Etelle added a topic in Suggestions   

    Too many NPCs
    There's just too many NPCs. It's excessive. I dont understand the need to have so many especially when it can have a negative impact on performance. Look at Calpheon. It is absurd. Now Calpheon is already a convoluted disaster. The tight corridors that you're forced to traverse through, congested with way too many NPCs. I just dont understand why.  These NPCs all have collision and it can actually slow your movement down. I dont know if its the amount of NPCs that cause severe pop-in issues but i would assume. How about in Calpheon when youre crossing that bridge loaded with an NPC army and elephant and whatnot. Those NPC dont even load until i've crossed the bridge and this all causes obvious performance hits.Why not just remove some of them? And by some i mean half. I think its something simple that would increase performance and reduce unnecessary clutter
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  9. Etelle added a post in a topic CBT 1 down already?   

    same. was hoping to catch the last hour. guess not
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  10. Etelle added a post in a topic Anyone tried the game with a 980TI?   

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  11. Etelle added a post in a topic Anyone tried the game with a 980TI?   

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