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  1. vilco added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    If they add the 30 failstack item, something that prevents deleveling of gear, actual gear (boss drops etc), or some ungodly amount of xp boost then i could see it as pay to win, but with what they have added it's really nothing more than QOL improvements. I shouldn't really expect anything else from the forum though, always toxic for what ever game is discussed.
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  2. vilco added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    Why is it that people want everything released right away? If everything is released it will get boring real quick. Also it would be alot better to fix the existing problems before releasing more content which is sure to come with some bugs as well.
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  3. vilco added a post in a topic Post your Night Vendor loot here!   

    Didn't get pics but
    Sharp Crystal(one) for 2.7mil
    and lots of 120k armor stones and 2Bunbles 600k
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  4. vilco added a post in a topic Locked Out of Guild Stable Keeper Knowledge   

    Seems different people are locked out at random, I've gotten some people couldn't. Only one I know for sure I can't get is Leonardo. (Veila) Not sure I want to try for Valencia pair.
    Just Veila guy is bugged for me
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  5. vilco added a post in a topic Shasha Island Node Manager   

    I have similar problem with the same area. The five islands N/NE of Iliya none of the node managers give me knowledge on themselves, only on the island they inhabit. (would only bother a little bit but with the travel wear it's taking on boat to get there for nothing is a little worse)

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  6. vilco added a topic in PVE   

    Missing Quests
    The Quest I can't seem to get leads me to three others that finishes out "Mediah Adventure Journal 2". The quest needed is "Until We Meet Again" from "Horio Tinya" at the abandoned mine south of Altinova. All research I have done online says the only requirements are to finish his previous quests in the chain, which I have done.
    Another example of a missing one is "World of Knowledge 8" from the black spirit, gotten after reaching 300 energy and getting the rewards from the black spirit for world of Knowledge 7. Next step would have been 340 energy to complete World of Knowledge 8 but haven't gotten the quest.
    Might be more but those are the 2 I have come across.
    So are they not in the game yet or are there some secret steps in getting the missing quests?
    Ended up get the Quest(lava cave chain) two steps in front of the required to show up when going for Mediah Adventure Journal 4 knowledge so that part is solved (info website didn't have full info)
    Black Spirit quest still not showing up though.
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  7. vilco added a topic in Suggestions   

    Adjust Quests
    Having to spend 8+ hours on a single lvl 35ish quest is beyond stupid.  "Ancient Ruins Treasure" gather 2 Ancient Architecture fragments (1hour+ to get 2) Then summon "Defender of the Ancient Holy Ground" a minimum of 3 times to get Slates 1,2,and 3 from him. Maybe have the slate he drops on equal drop percentages instead of 10 to 1 in favor of 1 and 3. Have summoned the defender 12 times. 8x slate1 4x slate3 The rewards are in no way worth the time invested.
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  8. vilco added a topic in PVE   

    "Enhanced" upgradidng (turing item blue)
    Recently got my Yuria staff to +15, decided to try and get either cast speed or crit. After 8 tries it either reverts to green or gets attack speed. My question is can it get one of the other stats and also after getting (if possible) the desired stat what will going through the process again with a grade 2 weapon stone do to it?
    NVM don't bother, deleting the game so don't care anymore.
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  9. vilco added a topic in PVE   

    Knowledge/Energy Question
    I'm wondering if there is a "cap" on knowledge you get after a certain amount. Not sure if I'm just imagining it but gaining knowledge (ecology) seems to be taking alot longer than it used to. Working to finish out Calpheon Ecology at Lake Kaia I killed atleast 200 of the water striders never gained the knowledge same with a type of catfish (last one i need of them). Moved to a different location to go after another target and same scenario. Done this 2 more times after and still the same problem. (Full completion of Serendia and Balenos so I'm used to gaining knowledge this way) at 221 energy.
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  10. vilco added a post in a topic Repairing Steel Taritas max durability with Taritas?   

    Damn wish I would have seen this before i crafted mine....
    now I gotta go get more stones to upgrade a different set
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  11. vilco added a post in a topic Problems with knowledge   

    Any tips on why My "People of Calpheon" wont show as completed even though I have every listed NPC found and all energy awarded. (only thing bugging me is the "?" in the area near the banker and Rubin.)
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  12. vilco added a post in a topic Herman Feresio, Calpheon Chairman   

    Guy With Feathered Helmet (100%)
    Lady writting (100%)
    Young Red Hood Guy (95%+)
    Blond Female Knight (70%+)
    Young Antler Guy (95%+)
    Old Red Hood Priest (forget what % he was at)
    Spammed that combo and as long as i didn't get the fail 3+ times I always was able to get to last conversation. Took me 40-50 energy to get over 500.
    (for the guy next to chairman)
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  13. vilco added a post in a topic i think pking should more penalties   

    I could care less if the PKers get penalties, don't make the player being killed get screwed out of xp.
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  14. vilco added a post in a topic NON PVP   

    Ok, ty for the responses I should have done more research on the game before i paid the 50$. That idiotic pvp system is completely -----ing retarded.
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  15. vilco added a topic in PVE   

    Is there someway to not have to deal with idiots killing me while I'm trying to lvl and causing me to lose xp? (at 50 so xp loss is an annoyance)
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