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  1. Darkearth added a post in a topic Upcoming content   

    "I'm glad that despite the numerous other threads, you thought yours would make a difference."
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  2. Darkearth added a post in a topic Do something about the server lag   

    Ah yes, sorry to interrupt your constant whining over ghillie suits and cash shop pricing.
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  3. Darkearth added a topic in General   

    Do something about the server lag
    Server lag on Edan, Velia has gotten pretty horrible. My guildies and I can't even fight high level mob content without the lag getting us stuck and murdered. This is way worse than launch and the servers aren't even overcrowded. What gives.
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  4. Darkearth added a post in a topic What's the dumbest reason you've PK'd for?   

    Haven't pked yet, but I got pked for being afk.
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  5. Darkearth added a post in a topic Anyone else not get compensation from head start?   

    The exact same thing happened to me today and I got the same email. I replied asking for Compensation Part 1 as well and hoping it doesn't take another 11 days to get another response.
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  6. Darkearth added a post in a topic Is a voice mod (e.g. play with KR/JP voices in NA/EU game) allowed by the developers?   

    Bump please respond with official statement @CM_Jouska
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  7. Darkearth added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   

    We realized after the fact that the observe mode blocked the guild names. So here is two screenshots so you can see each members names.

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  8. Darkearth added a post in a topic Is a voice mod (e.g. play with KR/JP voices in NA/EU game) allowed by the developers?   

    +1 would prefer to not listen to the lame english voice acting
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  9. Darkearth added a post in a topic So I killed my Guild members   

    People not driving the boat in out of bounds area die.
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  10. Darkearth added a post in a topic Disable party exp penalty   

    You do know that it is possible to have more than 1 friend, or a group of friends yes? And how does me specifically saying that I want the Exp penalty to be turned off only when the party members are NOT near each other mean I want to power level? You dumb or just can't read?
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  11. Darkearth added a post in a topic Disable party exp penalty   

    Power leveling aside, my issue with the current system is that you cannot party with friends for the purpose of simply chatting and still be able to grind as your exp will be shut off if you are over the level difference. This should only be if you are in a close vicinity of each other.
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  12. Darkearth added a post in a topic max level difference in parties   

    Has to be within 5 levels or you get the Party Exp penalty from what I have found.
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  13. Darkearth added a post in a topic 4 Days Waiting for GM Response About Character Rolling Back 11 Levels   

    Daum doesn't seem to want to reply to any tickets from the looks of things.
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  14. Darkearth added a topic in General   

    Anyone else not get correct Headstart Compensation?
    As someone who should have gotten all of the Compensation packages detailed in the compensation thread for the headstart issues I ended up just receiving the 5x t2 GM apology. Did anyone actually receive the correct compensation/get any reply to their tickets? I've put in two tickets in the last 8 days with no response.
    Edit: Bad sentence.
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  15. Darkearth added a post in a topic No Compensation?   

    Same here, no reply to my ticket.
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