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  1. Obbe added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    "5000 hours reward list has been updated, after maintenance a new item will be added:
    - Value Pack (7 Days)
    - [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
    - [Event] Sealed Book of Combat (7 Days)
    - Memory Fragments X5
    - Armstrong’s Skill Guide (30 Days)
    *Due to technical UI limitations this reward will not be visible in the game list, yet you will receive it."

    I did the 5k hours a few months ago, i didn't receive the new rewards. I assume you ment people who did the achievement already would be compensated and also be rewarded this?  
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  2. Obbe added a post in a topic Coming Back to BDO   

    I would say 1-55 takes about 4-5 at max hours with decent gear to plow through content, pop that 200% exp for 30minutes when ur at manshas at 45 and you'll be 50 in no time and 55-56 is pretty quick, not many hours, 56-57 will feel a bit grindy and 57> will feel grindy.

    If your char is 50 already you can do 50-51 on catfish, it's not populated anymore and a great spot for you to solo.  Then move on to Helms or Sausans in a grp until 56, then continue your leveling past 56 on pirates.

    It's all about what gear you have, what class you are, how fast horse you have, how well you know where to go etc.  For me and other players with gear/done it before several times its super quick.

    Good luck.
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  3. Obbe added a post in a topic Constant "Not Responding" after 5 min in game   

    I forgot to turn on capture/shadowplay on my Geforce experience after a reboot and i haven't crashed once today until i turned it on again.  Could be a connection, don't know yet, since the crashes are so random it's hard to tell, but will continue leaving shadowplay off and see what happens.  980ti btw.

    Edit; Nope, woke up crashed, no message no nothing.
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  4. Obbe added a post in a topic Constant "Not Responding" after 5 min in game   

    Getting kinda this issue as well, its rarely 5 minutes from logging on but im waking up to a shutted down BDO almost every day since christmas patch (last wednesday).  
    Making it impossible to train horses while sleeping/afk.
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  5. Obbe added a post in a topic Game is crashing   

    I can't afk properly anymore, i'm crashing 1-2 times per day, i NEVER had these problems prior to this last patch.   No problems with any other games, no problems with my internet, nothing, this is on your client. Fix it.
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  6. Obbe added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   

    Might be slightly exaggerated but we have to assume there's over 40 ppl on field bosses, because you never know if you're gona be lucky to get into a channel with less than 40.
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  7. Obbe added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   


    Got hebetate armor from hunting him, after many many kills. 100+
    Got bhegs after even more, 200+
    Got giath from sniping the market.
    Got muskans from saving up many scrolls + popping kamasilve + gm lucky.
    Kzarka after many kills.

    Like it should to be.
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  8. Obbe added a post in a topic Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.   


    I don't agree.  Leveling is not fun, that's the difference, sure its fun to grind a few hours and get to 56, it feels good and rewarding, but past 56 its nothing but a horrible grind that gets you stuck on the same spot for way too long, you lose the fun in bosshunting if you dont have a bosshunting alt which needs 160+ ap now to get loot, you lose the fun of pvp because normally you get a party wherever you level or people leave after a lot of pvp because it's a waste of time to pvp when ur leveling.  

    Ofcourse its fine that it takes a while but this takes too long.  If they want beginners to stay don't give them this giant grind after 56.  BDO contradicts theirselves a lot, they give free BIS but they refuse to make leveling easier, BIS should be more valuable than levels.  Who want's a game where you grind hours and hours per day for 1.5 months from 58-60?  People today wants quick-fix games which is one of the reasons MMORPG's are _according to some people_ dying.  MMORPG's takes too long to reach the fun in the game, such as pvp or other fun stuff the game offers.

    Yeah there will be new softcaps, but why not now while they are doing so much catch up and handing out BIS items even?

    Yeah probably, i've thought of that as well, maybe they are giving ppl all this bis because it wont be bis anymore soonTM.
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  9. Obbe added a topic in General   

    Black Desert needs some rethinking. Item obtaining, leveling, bad events.
    Hello.  Played since release, actively the first months then slacking and afking a lot but 24/7 online fishing and making money/breeding horses.
    Past 1.5 month been very active bosshunter and enjoying that, getting silver, getting BiS gear, etc.  210ap/250dp.

    Some things i think would make the game better.  

    1.   Make grinding fun again, stop giving out so much free stuff, instead give active players attention, make black stones drop way more often than they do, we have a problem with supply lately.  Not just events, make it possible for people to grind their own black stones.   Same thing goes for other important items like the Ogre ring and other BiS items, up the obtain chance rather than give them for free based on luck in boxes.  Same goes for all items, make grinding and being active more lucrative.   Don't give player A jack while player B gets BiS items in his RNG boxes, it aint fair.  

    2.  Giving out free items in RNG boxes tilts your true and active players.   I myself never got anything nice from boxes, sure i appriciated the sharps, hards, black stones, memory frags, witch earrings and all that but i'd prefer grinding for them, why give it to me just for being online?  Is this "stay online simulator" or an mmorpg where people should work for their stuff?  I get you want beginners to catchup but give them bound +15 grunil sets and yurias they can start their journey with?  

    3.  It's time for a new level softcap, players have been 58+ for a long time now, it's time to raise the softcap to 58 and make 58-60 easier as well.   The leveling in this game is very time consuming, break the korean habbit of horrible leveling and let us enjoy other content and pvp that this game offers, because it's a great game and you shouldn't make us stare at the same spot for weeks/months.

    4.  S T O P  giving BIS items as online rewards!     You are ruining the fun of BiS items.  

    Other than that, the game is still good, except from being one of the classes that hasn't been awakened yet. 
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  10. Obbe added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    So since there won't be the usual 10.00 UTC server maint but instead 19.00 UTC does that mean we will be able to hand in coins and get our boxes up until 19.00 before server down or 10.00 as the event thread states? @GM_Dew  
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  11. Obbe added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    World bosses not spawning on some channels since siege.
    On Alustin red nose and dim spawned an hour ago, red didn't spawn on many of the channels, only like 2 actually spawned and dim didn't spawn on 2 channels, can't remember which ones but something is messed up.
    Kzarka spawned fine on all channels.  So dim and red only one's confirmed bugged.
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  12. Obbe added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    If you're on NA you'll probably have to wait until late night like EU.  I think the quest appeared for us at 2am gmt+2 or something like that.
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  13. Obbe added a post in a topic Lauren Family Coins Event   

    Stacks atleast 3 times.   (Sharp crystal for me)

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  14. Obbe added a post in a topic Full tilt late-game, back to being a noob.   

    14 fails to TRI on liverto
    Endless DUO fails.

    Got kzarka.
    Cost me so much from 14-15, instant PRI, DUO after 2 tries, fail TRI, 4 fail to duo, FINALLY TRI!
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