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  1. Zephan added a post in a topic exploration level   

    It just means your character level.
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  2. Zephan added a post in a topic AWK abilities after climbing and getting off mount.   

    I agree it's extremely annoying.
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  3. Zephan added a post in a topic Green Vs Blue Awak   

    The AP difference is the same at all enchant levels though. Whether it's +0 or PEN, the difference is 5 AP for blue, 7 AP for ultimate blue.
    As for whether blue gets more human damage per enhance than green gets all-species, well, we don't have those numbers so it's hard to say. It could be that they get the same so it stays a difference of 2 species damage at all enhances just like how the AP difference is always the same; they do tend to favor consistent enhance gains between items so that wouldn't surprise me.
    What I can say is that ultimate blue isn't a huge increase over green against humans, and green is better against non-humans from at least +15, haven't tested lower.
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  4. Zephan added a post in a topic New KR Costumes for March (All classes)   

    Elegant af, I love it.
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  5. Zephan added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    I already suggested it though back when this thread was first active, lol.
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  6. Zephan added a post in a topic Guide me so I can pick a main.   

    Musa for sure, it's not nearly the best but it's much better than Tamer.
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  7. Zephan added a post in a topic NVM - It's still broke ==> OH MY WAND!!! Has Godr Sphera been fixed!?!?   

    I wouldn't say that, it's always been obvious. I try to respond as if he's an actual person though, for the sake of others and on the very slight off chance that he's just a unique combination of self-centered, arrogant and simple-minded, rather than a troll.
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  8. Zephan added a post in a topic Just some witch pvp   

    Yeah it makes the skills feel much more impactful.
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  9. Zephan added a post in a topic WItch Boss Farming Build?   

    Yeah, like I said it's obviously safer and easier, but I feel like it's important to learn how to use the character anyway so you can eventually do good damage at some point. Relying on MMA-spam isn't going to teach you how to play, especially when it's a boss alt that may not be used (and learned) elsewhere.
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  10. Zephan added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    It's actually kind of interesting how many were naïve enough to be tricked by this bullshit thread.
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  11. Zephan added a post in a topic WItch Boss Farming Build?   

    Sure, it's very simple and easy and safe since all you have to do is hold down a hotkey at range, but if damage affects your chance of getting boss loot (which is unclear right now) then you're far worse off because you're going to be doing really poor damage compared to using awakening skills.
    Also, you know you forgot to add MMA to the build right?
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  12. Zephan added a post in a topic NVM - It's still broke ==> OH MY WAND!!! Has Godr Sphera been fixed!?!?   

    Are you serious right now? Multiple people told you this back when you made the first thread about it and you said you'd look into it, but you didn't even bother and just kept complaining about it everywhere for months instead?
    I dunno why I'm even surprised by that I guess. It's the same tactic you take with all advice people give you; ignore it and continue to complain about everything.
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  13. Zephan added a post in a topic Discord?   

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  14. Zephan added a post in a topic Bidding system needs to be gone :(   

    Nah, the higher the bid the higher the chance that yours wins, but highest bid doesn't equal automatic win when it goes to pre-order.
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  15. Zephan added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    God, there are so many problems with this post... but I'm going to ignore them because yet again you're focusing on the wrong thing here, it's like it's impossible for you to understand the point. Let me reiterate: "It's a problem because it's a missed win for everyone." The problem is that there's a huge unmet demand that could make them more money while also making their players happier. If you disagree with this, explain why instead of trying to pick apart every related aspect of each post, because that's not getting either of us anywhere.
    What are you even trying to compare here? Nobody is asking to take something away from Kakao at no cost, they're asking for somebody else to buy the Mustang for them while paying that person in another way, leaving all 3 parties happy as you got your car, the buyer got whatever it is they wanted from you, and the car salesman got his sale. What's the downside?
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