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  1. Applewood added a post in a topic [Suggest] Worker Spam Removal   

    If you go into your chat function you can turn if off in those settings. That is the gear on your chat field title bar fyi.
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  2. Applewood added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    My characters are not in descending order and they have pearl costumes on a dozen that need to be deleted. What to do?
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  3. Applewood added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    My characters are not in descending order so I have higher level characters unavailable while lower level characters are on the board.
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  4. Applewood added a topic in Suggestions   

    Unbind pearl costumes and outfits prior to merge.
    My suggestion is to unbind pearl costumes and outfits temporarily prior to merge, is this possible? If you could do this many of us would be able to pass off our outfits and costumes to our other characters and start deleting characters that we're only holding onto because they have expensive outfits on.
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  5. Applewood added a post in a topic Do you expect people to grind dumb ai mobs forever?   

    No, you shouldn't be rewarded for being an ass and other people shouldn't be penalized and have their game fun ruined simply because you want to be a jerk. You pvp 'heros' are short term players anyway and jump from game to game with regularity; why would changes be made for non-loyal players?
    I'm bent out of shape at you people for killing my low level last night when I was running from Olvia to Velia, then I see a few other people stacked up when I get to my rez spot in town. How is that rewarding unless you're a sociopath? Loser because they can't compete with someone on an equal footing so they can only go around killing lowbies. You kick puppies too?
    The game penalty implemented suits the crime.
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  6. Applewood added a post in a topic Silver availability in storage   

    You click on the town icon when the map is up, it will pull up your storage and show you everything you have in there including silvers.
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  7. Applewood added a post in a topic Changing Email Account   

    That person is just being a dink and suggesting that you changed your email to sell your account.
    In answer to your question it took my husband over 2 weeks to get the email response and change.
    Daum can kiss my pretty behind, I'm not sending in my license photo over email so I'm just using my old email still. And even that much took about a month ending with them threatening my account.
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  8. Applewood added a post in a topic gj on multiservers   

    Pokemon Go. Haven't seen this many people outdoors in a decade.
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  9. Applewood added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Daum seems to forget that customer service can make or break any business. I have three people in my house that will no longer be purchasing daum cash for anything due to the horrible customer service. We would have been good long term cash shop customers.
    That being said, the 30% bonus is p2w and should be removed.
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  10. Applewood added a post in a topic Daily Rewards   

    My daughter and I use the same pc for two different accounts. I wouldn't announce on the forum that you're letting a friend log on to your account as that is against TOS.
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  11. Applewood added a post in a topic Support Ticket #143566   

    This is the response I received, are you kidding me? This is the worst customer service I have ever received. That's absolutely untrue that the information doesn't match the logs and it certainly was not a gift. Can any GM intercede on my behalf?
    GM Dresden (Black Desert Online)
    Jul 18, 05:03 CEST

    Thank you for getting back to us. However, the information you have provided does not match our logs. Therefore we have been unable to verify your identity. In a case the account was bought for you as a gift, you are required to provide us a copy of the giver’s photo ID card, taken in front of today's newspaper clearly showing the date. Please be advised a note will be put on your account in case of failure to comply, and further attempts to provide incorrect information may result in severe actions being taken against your account.
    GM Dresden
    Black Desert Online Customer Support
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  12. Applewood added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Support Ticket #143566
    @GM Huego or @CM_Jouska
    I hope you can help me with this ticket as customer support is only sending me auto responses.
    I am trying to change my email and have provided all the information except a photo of my driver's license. Due to security and privacy issues I will not take a photo of my license with my insecure Android phone or send this information over insecure email. I have requested another way to provide that information or to accept other information such as a photo of the Daum/PayPal transaction taken from my PayPal account page. I do not think this is an unreasonable request.
    I purchased the Conqueror's package in February and have been playing the game daily since pre-launch; I would really like to continue playing the game but may have to speak with my payment provider PayPal about my legal recourse regarding this issue.
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  13. Applewood added a post in a topic BDO has stopped working   

    I had this problem and had to restart my computer, started working fine after that. Windows 10.
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  14. Applewood added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Security/privacy violation re. Email change requirement.
    Urgent Customer Support request:
    I am trying to put in an email change. The PayPal address that I've paid for the game with and purchased DaumCash with is the same email address as I use with the game; if the email change is good enough for PayPal it certainly should be good enough for an online game. I've done everything but send in a photo of my license because it is a serious privacy and security issue to send that information over the phone or an email..HUGE SECURITY ISSUE!!!  I'm going to call Daum out on this - the only possible reason you need that information is in order to SELL it to GOOGLE who is running your metrics.
    I would like another way to provide this information that does not require using my hackable Android phone, I don't do ANY secure business on a phone, certainly not taking a photo of my entire license, that's just foolish. Please assist with this issue as I am not getting the customer support I, as a paying customer, REQUIRE.
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  15. Applewood added a post in a topic Ninja   

    You mean the annoying casuals that spend all the money on the game and keep it going so you pea-tards can continue to play? Those casuals? Damn them!!!!
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