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  1. Zylar added a post in a topic How do I Trade Items that I've Gathered?   

    this was a hilarious gem to find
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  2. Zylar added a post in a topic [poll] Harpoon Fishing and Epheria Sailboat   

    LOVE to see this, great job CM_Aethon!
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  3. Zylar added a post in a topic Petition for Harpoon Hot Spot Confirmation and Information   

    RES THIS THREAD. Now we have Margoria, let's SEARCH the JUUR SEA for harpoon gold spots. I think they're there!
    Also Kakao get us info from PA on this pls
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  4. Zylar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 22th   

    Yeah buff us! Give us a perma block and make us immune to all CC's
    Also let us have an extra awakening where we can use a Warrior's Great Sword and all of their abilities too!
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  5. Zylar added a post in a topic 90 Days Value Pack has increased item drop rate   

    That's pretty sneaky of them to add it in like that though. wow.
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  6. Zylar added a post in a topic Disconnects   

    Ye a lot of people in EU. GG now we wait
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  7. Zylar added a post in a topic PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL   

    LOL well they definitely didn't do it to save money bud that's for sure ... Just going to disregard your comments as I can see you're just arguing for arguments sake. Also like I stated before that server is not a 'Fresh Start' server like I am suggesting. Man, some people struggle to read huh? 
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  8. Zylar added a post in a topic PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL   

    No it's strictly PVP. I mean legit gvgs are not fun unless you have full tri boss gear to shield you from damage ... Also because I quit the game and came back on to mess around with enchants you conclude I want everything from one day to another? Even though I am asking to start again ... and get everything slower - so long as everyone who starts with me is too .. so dude isn't it clear? All I want is an even playing field (for the beginning at least, a fresh start). I also joined a while after launch unlike you ...
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  9. Zylar added a post in a topic PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL   

    I am aware of that but I legit logged in 2 days before that update to mess around and go for tet on 40 stacks (succeeded axion, failed liverto, failed awaken) (i have no good accessories don't let my tris full you) so not eligible also I mean like a whole new server dude on it's own. Similar to archeage. I mean, if this doesn't happen my only options are - don't play, go shitty private server or wait for redfox games to go SA and VPN up ..
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  10. Zylar added a topic in Suggestions   

    PLEASE make fresh start server or EVEN 1 CHANNEL
    Guys, long story short I am so far behind - started so late - love the game. I want a chance to be on an even playing field with my opponents. PLEASE KAKAO MAKE A FRESH START SERVER I WILL COME BACK AND NO LIFE - also I will legit buy tonnes of pearls for it ...Come on! It will beckon people to return I guarantee it.
    "No, let's not split up the communities omfg" stfu this game is pretty popular I think it could support a fresh start server.
    Also will make players like me return ... biggest pro - will grow the community if anything.
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  11. Zylar added a post in a topic PAY TO WIN WILL KILL THE GAME   

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  12. Zylar added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    +1000 to this topic good work dude
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