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  1. AXlOS added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    [NA] Looking for Carebear/Fishing/non-PVP guild
    I only casually play the game these days to fish, feed workers, and maybe show up to world bosses.

    LF +3 Fishing guild that doesn't participate in PVP
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  2. AXlOS added a post in a topic Monk's Branch Location   

    If anybody runs into the issue of Lumbering - Cedar Timber not being available at Oze Pass, try connecting the node. I know it sounds stupid but it worked for me. 

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  3. AXlOS added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    I'd imagine that a fair number of the people upset.. playing at this hour.. actually went and worked a solid 8 hour shift and were just beginning to enjoy their awakening night.
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  4. AXlOS added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    Even worse is those of us who went and worked and came home to this garbage.
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  5. AXlOS added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    This is garbage. Several of us playing a witch who don't care about not having an extra teleport for an extra 24 hours but do very much care about HAVING OUR PLAY SESSION ABRUPTLY ENDED for an "EMERGENCY".

    Aren't tamer's still facing issues with their awakening? They didn't get this sort of treatment. 

    Easily could've waited 24 hours with a 24 hour notice.
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  6. AXlOS added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch has the same awakening damage???   

    The real question is can an awakened Witch grind Aakman the way that Wizard could
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  7. AXlOS added a topic in PVP   

    Flowchart or rules for the *CURRENTLY IMPLEMENTED* karma system?
    I keep finding the same garbage chart that is not relevant to our version of the game.

    Why is this not documented anywhere (that one can reasonably find via google or in-game).

    Please, even if it's a Let Me Google That For You link that somehow captures some search terms I haven't thought of.
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  8. AXlOS added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 7th **Update**   

    The entire guide is an image smartass.
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  9. AXlOS added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    As somebody who alt-mains Witch, I could wait two more weeks for awakening. More prep the better.
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  10. AXlOS added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    Because paladins aren't a thing in any game.
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  11. AXlOS added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    We must stop the @Jojo
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  12. AXlOS added a post in a topic Nice Math   

    4. Combat EXP Event
    Start: September 2nd
    End: All class awakenings have been released
    We will run a +100% combat EXP boost event until all classes have received their awakening weapons. The boost will always be active between 16:00 UTC Friday and 8:00 UTC Monday.
    The BDO Team @CM_Aethon
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  13. AXlOS added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    Fixed, thanks bae <3

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  14. AXlOS added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    @CM_Aethon Fixed your chart. Let me know if you need somebody with better MS Paint skills than you currently employ. 

    Changed "CET" to "EST" in the NA chart.

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  15. AXlOS added a post in a topic Desalam is removed? How will we get kutum knowledge???   

    @GM_Dew the items/locations which require interaction to complete the quest still  cannot be interacted with.
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