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  1. Synnercy added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Dark Knight   

    Servers going up early is cool and all, but when you have a major event that includes something limited, you should stick to the time you said you were turning it back on at. Did someone say "Lets mess with peoples days, put the server up now"¿¿¿ I can't remember a time other than last night when the servers came on early, yet I remember the server nearly always being late for one reason or another.
    In my opinion you should give the title to everyone from when the server went until the first 300 after the scheduled server up.
    People have a right to actually whine about this, you offer something limited and say this is when the server is going up. People have to work around that and be prepared for that time if possible, I don't even know if I got the title (I would assume I would've gotten it by now or it comes later, IDK how the DoD title works). I noticed the server was up 1 hour and a half early thanks to a guild member mentioning it to me for all I know it could've been 30 minutes earlier as I read some comments on the forums stating it was nearly 2 hours early.
    It would seem every time I go for this achievement real life prevents me from doing it and now the server admins have screwed so many people over, possibly including myself. This title is destroying my dreams.
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  2. Synnercy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Will I have to buy the camo outfit again just to have the awakening weapon skin? Or is there actually a separate section for weapons and armor now?
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  3. Synnercy added a post in a topic NA <Friction> Recruiting   

    I think you're pretty serious about this line ^
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  4. Synnercy added a post in a topic Error 0xE019101A   

    I've been getting this for the last couple of days.
    It only happens when I am AFK I come back to my black screen coz been away and have the error popped up. Only twice now though.
    Funny that when I typed 0xE019101A into google only Black Desert popped up.
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  5. Synnercy added a post in a topic What is your biggest gripe about BDO?   

    1: Horse skills can only be learned/changed to something else with only pearls
    2: Server side related issues
    3: Shitty Karma system
    4: Punk ass -----es abusing the karma/guild protection system
    5: Cannot purchase an item you won a bid on because its not the cheapest item listed no more, you end up losing that item and the newly listed one to someone else.
    6: AP vs DP scaling
    7: The fact you can lose billions in a single moment and/or have to spend heaps of silver for 2 gear score, you almost don't feel like you've accomplished anything.
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  6. Synnercy added a post in a topic DEAD GUILD BAKA LITERALLY DISBANDS MAN UP ON THE OPEN SEAS   

    Hit hard by the divine wind of Baka, wp.
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  7. Synnercy added a post in a topic NA <Friction> Recruiting   

    Going great so far in GvG content despite being vastly outnumbered on most occasions. Would love to hear from anyone interested in joining to even the numbers out
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  8. Synnercy added a post in a topic Mediah Siege 02/04/17   

    Good stuff, love ya work! Wrecked them.

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  9. Synnercy added a post in a topic <Friction> - Recruiting for Node Wars   

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  10. Synnercy added a post in a topic Two players looking for guild   

    Check it out, good luck
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  11. Synnercy added a post in a topic Dramatic Screen Shots   


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  12. Synnercy added a post in a topic Margoria Release Events   

    Myself and 7 other guild members spent 6 hours on two different quests failing both of them..even when I went back to Epheria on the second one to fish for Porgy..a fish that literally pops up for me a lot, except for when I really need it.. Are these quests bugged? 20+ minutes for the last one which I didn't get and 80 minutes for 4 of them. No hot spots spawned at all so I gave up and went to the island for shitty rates, which were more shitty than normal. Attempting again tomorrow... -.-

    Was using Fishing costume + Fish Costume + +1 fishing from guild and paste = level 5 fishing, skilled 7 fishing, polar bear + Pengu
    Rngesus clearly wasn't with me.
    In the end myself and one of my Officers completed it.
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  13. Synnercy added a topic in Art & Media   

    BDO Brings you JAWS!

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  14. Synnercy added a post in a topic <Friction> - Recruiting for Node Wars   

    Free bump mates! Hope ya recruiting well!
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  15. Synnercy added a post in a topic <Friction> - Recruiting for Node Wars   

    Good luck brothers! Should've told me you're plans before I went out and made my own guild... You got some of the old crew in your guild now...See ya in Discord!
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