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  1. Stylepoints added a post in a topic *Updated* Musa accuracy bugged   

    i used the 5% accuracy on counter ass. And I could not see any significant increase on hits. 12s buff with tri rce, kutum, 2x precsion, bhegs, and alch stone
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  2. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Does Kr have animation cancel on stub arrow?   

    Has anyone tried kick cancels for arrows skills?
    Maybe F->stub(hotbar)
    I know sorc had a few kick cancels for cc abilities. 
    Would have to try with both ultimate and non ultimate versions. 
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  3. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Fugitive khalk's earrings   

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  4. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Quick Guide | Musa awakening combos   

    Just wanted to say you've come a long way in your vids. It's awesome to see each vid have more and more skill coming from you.
    Keep Mushin looking good my friend.
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  5. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Musa help! (healing and pve skill add-ons)   

    For mobs with big damage attacks or KD use Q+left click in awakened. It has a longer frontal guard animation.
    I tried the HP/WP on hit for crosscut and it was balls. Use reapers or draining for 0hp pot grinds. For WP you want to keep twister on the 2s CD. It only gives WP when CD is available. Use it often. If you really need WP spinner is pretty much full bar.
    20pve damage +10% attack speed on crosscut is mandatory for pve. 
    My inventory is usually 50-80 HP XL and 300+ WP large for 1-2 hrs of grinding. Which, I only really carry the HP pots in case of PvP. 
    Divider is more of oh shit I need HP.  But you can easily just press S, auto block and wait for pots/nemesis. I never really take damage from grinding anymore at 280dp(using kutum)
    I did also do 6hp/hit on below the belt, that was an okay ~200hp heal when hitting a  group on a low cd. Fun for PvP when I used it. 
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  6. Stylepoints added a post in a topic How much accuracy do you really want with the Musa?   

    thats some good shit right there. I feel bad about selling my blackhorn bow now. 
    also I thought serendia was only bugged for PvP, with the accuracy +10 working for pve?
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  7. Stylepoints added a post in a topic How much accuracy do you really want with the Musa?   

    Does kutum have similar accuracy to our black horn warrior bow ? More or less? 
    I'm still grinding out 60 then 61 for that last rank in BtB.... Then 62 for crust crusher max damage. 
    I did some aakman solo this weekend and holy balls do I still miss a shit ton even with +12 accuracy elixirs, +10 accuracy from serendia, and all other miscellaneous buffs using kutum. 
    Personally for me I want to be able to grind aakman/hystria as my end goal so any tips besides git gud/level would be cool. 
    ( Also for reference I was able to do ~ 1600 tokens in 1 hour at pila, while only ~500 at aakman 1 hour.)
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  8. Stylepoints added a post in a topic How much accuracy do you really want with the Musa?   

    I'm back in the game. 100% mad gains.
    But, I have tried zaka/bhegs, 2x Red Coral Earrings, 2x precision gems in weapon.
    I was doing some friendly slaps against people in arena and 5/12 hits of nemesis slash missed. On crosscut 1-2/5 of the first hit will miss, and 1/3 hits of second slash will hit. 
    When crosscut was off cooldown I missed 1-2/4 hits. This was against a 58 maewha while I'm a 59 Musa.
    I still think I need 2 tri red corals (2 more accuracy) duo tree belt or tri (2-3 more accuracy) so another 5 accuracy. 
    On top of that I changed my skill add-ons. I now use 20 PvE damage on crosscut (changes to 5 PvP attack for PvP) and 10% attack speed. And the new one I haven't tested yet, 5% accuracy for 12s and 10pvp attack on counter assassination. 
    I'm hoping that the accuracy buff will help since I use Q cancel on crosscut when it's on CD so I don't get cc'd. It's one of the only awakened skills with accuracy buff. The other being projection which has the same buff while being harder to land.
    Hopefully this helps. Musa needs a shit ton of accuracy to hit, the alternative is to have 230 AP so it won't matter how much you hit since you'll 1 shot. 
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  9. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Endgame Gems?   

    2 x agility in helmet
    2 x special evasion in chest
    2 x black magic swiftness in boots
    1 x black magic swiftness in boots
    1 x black magic adamantine in boots
    2 x black magic valor in gloves
    2 x black magic precision
    2 x black spirit crystal in offhand 
    2 x CRIT damage or 2x ignore bound
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  10. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Current state of Musa & fix   

    You want to know the actual fix to Musa? 
    It's so fkn easy and clear. 
    If you read the patch notes you see than we lose super armor frames on a lot of abilities, very minor but make it so you cannot go in and make a combo / cc for yourself. 
    The reason is because you used to be able to use tiger Blade, get the massive buffs from it, and THEN SWITCH TO MUSHINDO.
    This was patched before our awakening even came to NA. 
    This made it so Musa had:
    Increases High Attack/Movement Speed and DP using Dual Blade Mode with Tiger Blade.
    Knockback/Knockdown/Stun/Bound Resistance.
    Tiger Blade can be summoned for 30 sec.
    All Resistance +50% for 30 sec. All AP +20 for 30 sec. Can use Crosscut without consuming WP. Super Armor while using the skill.
    This buff stacking, along with no stamina requirement on chase was too Musa. Having over 100% resist, the super armor covering all our frames, no WP consume, AP buff, and attack speed buff and movespeed from tiger Blade made Musa broken. 
    So they made it so you could not use tiger Blade, and swap to MUSHINDO and keep buffs. Then they added Stam requirement to chase. Then removed multiple super armors from our frames. Lowered our chase speed. 
    What you're left with is a class that is a skeleton of what it was. It does not have the ability to do what it was made to do. Yes the tiger Blade was too strong of a buff to keep. But when they reduced our super armor on BtB? Because we used to have tiger Blade coving our asses we had no weak points. 
    If they wanted to keep this across all classes. Warriors should lose guard buff from sword and board, sorc should not be able to gain AP from shards and swap to scythe, wiz should not be able to mana barrier and speed spell. 
    TLDR: TOO MANY NERFS IN THE WRONG PLACES. Revert super armor and stamina changes, keep tiger Blade buffs out of MUSHINDO!
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  11. Stylepoints added a topic in Musa   

    The Death of Musa
    Goodbye friends, 
    Brothers of the blade,
    Wielder of the Crescent,
    Mushin is what they call us,
    OP was chase before the stamina,
    Tiger Blade was taken from us before our awakening,
    No WP pots after 300 days, 
    3000 hours,
    200 AP was an achievement,
    Now just bereavement,
    Goodbye friends,
    Brothers of Blade,
    Wielder of the glaive,
    Uninstall was my save.
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  12. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Buff Food trading with other players bugged?   

    Bump for any updates, please reply if you also have this issue! 
    There were no patch notes or announced changes!
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  13. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Ways to fight some classes   

    whoops, at least my ma Panda got me. Thanks bud.
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  14. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Ways to fight some classes   

    So I maxed divider and did add-ons. The heal is much better now, but do you guys prefer just first two slashes? Or do you do all 3?
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  15. Stylepoints added a post in a topic Ways to fight some classes   

    Yeah it seems that because you're lower level, you don't have backflow(good damage) and you may be missing hits if you don't have zaka+bhegs. Accuracy only really hurts lower level players.
    I also have stub arrow for +accuracy addon. Helps to land those opening CCS and I think the buff is like 12s. 
    i mean if youre trying to stub from melee range..? Otherwise stub outranges all their awakening at max range( except maybe wiz water shot) . Ive seen that many people also need to do the chase cancel to get cc after stub. 
    If you mess up during combo Q+Left click is a long guard frame and cc.  
    for largescale PvP (200+) I just do optimizatio mode+ upscale, remove dstance effect and leave particles on. If not I just wind up dashing into wiz 100% or sorc balls. 
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