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  1. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic Unable to continue attendance reward daily login.   

    That would be "Shite".
    Regardless, if you're going to comment, do so in a helpful manner, in the future. The snark is both unnecessary and immature. ;-)
    As to the others, fair enough - thanks ^-^ A misunderstanding on my part, it seems. Apologies! 
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  2. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic Unable to continue attendance reward daily login.   

    I do, yes. Its the 9th reward; I've looked at the text at the bottom and it does say that you can claim receivable rewards until the 7th of September.

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  3. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic Unable to continue attendance reward daily login.   

    Well, no. It happened before yesterday.
    As for the full 30 days, I hadn't got them all, anyway - no where close -  so that's not an issue. Its more of the fact I missed out on the last remaining days I could get.
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  4. Sapipsmu93 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to continue attendance reward daily login.
    Good evening,
    I have noticed that since approximately 2-3 days ago, for some reason I am unable to gain the daily attendance reward for logging in. I thought at first that it was a one off, but today I am unable to retrieve it again. The new Black Spirit rolling reward works just fine, thankfully, its just the attendance which does not.
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  5. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    LOVE it! <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
    *Runs off to squee in happiness*
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  6. Sapipsmu93 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sit Emote / More emotes in general
    For those who love to roleplay and interact with other roleplayers as a whole, in the outside world, we tend to be missing a delicate feature which is often overlooked in its importance. The /sit emote. As of now, we're having to use 'Q' to lower into a crouch in place of the much-needed /sit.
    While we're on the topic, more emotes available in general would be lovely. We have a great selection available to us, however, they're limited by level and some aren't what we'd normally use on a day-to-day basis in RP.
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  7. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    Can't wait to see mine~ <3 So impressed with your art and kindness!
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  8. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    Just quoting myself Think I've already missed my spot, though!
    Also; Apple /o/

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  9. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic ・:*+:Puffin's profile pictures・:*+: [closed]   

    Looks like I might be too late! Love the work you do, this is Zryse! <3
    Might I have a spot, when one's free?!

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  10. Sapipsmu93 added a topic in General   

    [Lore]: Black Magic, is it Heresy?
    I'm not sure if this kind of post has been created before, but, being a Roleplayer, certain questions come up. One of them is that about magic, specifically, black magic and/or sorcery.
    After reading the in-game lore and browsing the web, its come to my attention that there's many assumptions and hints out there, but whether I'm just blind or there really is nothing regarding it, I'm curious as to ask;
    Is black magic usage seen as illegal/heresy against Elion? Is it forbidden, save for within Tarif?
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  11. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic Black Stone help!   

    Looks like I'd best start leveling up to 50 , from the looks of things, meanwhile hoping that through leveling the whole RNG unlucky string changes. We'll soon find out, it seems!
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  12. Sapipsmu93 added a post in a topic Black Stone help!   

    Unfortunately, I'm level 26, so the scrolls aren't an option for me.
    As for changing spot, I think I must have done that so many times I've lost count, from Naga to the Frogpeople (Forgot their name, oops), all the way to the cultists and now I've moved to the bandits. This week the RNG just isn't playing ball for me, whereas my friend's still getting at least 5+ every day. >.< Such a pain!
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  13. Sapipsmu93 added a topic in General   

    Black Stone help!
    I've seen quite a few threads regarding the Black Stones and where to farm them, but this is somewhat different, in a sense?
    So, for about a week now, I've gone through leveling my Luck stat, which didn't help to going through all the zones on a new toon to try to get at least just one Black Stone, but to no avail. However, a friend of mine has somehow managed to get 12 in the space of two days. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, or whether I'm just that unlucky, but it seems a bit odd to me. Unfortunately, I know this friend isn't lying, as I've been in a party throughout it all, and the times when I weren't, I was over at their house and witnessed it.
    Is my account somehow bugged to disallow such drops, do the RNG hate me for some reason or another?
    Just a bit confuddled is all Lemme' know if you guys can think of anything.
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