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  1. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    D: Were you actually here or in the car doing the drive by
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  2. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    lol I was sarcastically agreeing with her - We're allowed to complain- if you don't like it- skip the post. Or we can Nag when they implement another system into the game which might be causes issues for them and delaying the archer awakening. Sorry if us trying to keep pressure on coco offends you.
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  3. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    And that DOES NOT REFUTE WHAT I SAID I said they owed us stuff for paying for the game- you presumed I meant up time. Stop assuming mate. I meant they owed us the game- not 100% perfect customer service. Try harder.
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  4. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    LMFAO that doesn't even refute what I said. You went around telling everyone to "STFU" and that we were owed nothing. I just said we paid for it so technically we ARE owed stuff. Go drink your morning coffee and try to read next time.
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  5. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    I know lol, it's not like we PAID for the game- nope. This is one of the F2P games that we didn't pay for and are complaining about....... Oh wait....
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  6. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Extended*Maintenance October 12th   

    I feel bad for the scores of archers who woke up at the crack of dawn to try for the top 100 on their server and now maybe have to go do real things and what not. They got -----ed over. Should have implemented the Ocean System on an off week- don't mind the down time (Warrior) but certainly feel bad for the dedicated players getting their pooch screwed.
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  7. Ursi added a post in a topic "/" Slash commands   

    I know there is a /invite for party Never tried the rest. Not trying to say we don't need em- just letting you know.
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  8. Ursi added a post in a topic Guild leaders need a Vice leader   

    Thinking more on this I feel as though adding Vice Leader and a few smaller customization ranks would help deepen the control GM's and Vice GM's would have.
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  9. Ursi added a post in a topic Guild leaders need a Vice leader   

    Totally agree- this would be a useful function for Guilds with two Co- Leaders who share leadership 50/50 but one has to be an officer. Either way this would deepen our ability to lead and organize guilds. Purple Frame ? However I would want to see the Vice Leader able to spend the Guild Points/ Change the Emblem as well- if you're vice leader you should be trusted enough to spend points/update the emblem as I assume you're vaguely in contact with the leader.  
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  10. Ursi added a post in a topic Errorcode : 2001   

    M** F** Same issue- reinstalled the entire game
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  11. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance May 04th   

    OOoooooo 6 Hours, usually they're 4 hours right? So this is 2 hours bigger or?
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  12. Ursi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Staggered Maintenance April 27th - 28th   

    Thanks for the heads up and good luck! Awkward Timeframe - Yes but I'd rather know about it than have it jump me for 8 hours because they didn't prepare....
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  13. Ursi added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  14. Ursi added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  15. Ursi added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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