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  1. Ilst added a post in a topic For me the answer is finally...yes   

    You're complaining about RNG gear enchanting for PVP. Yet it doesn't matter because you can 1 combo any cc'd person with 200ap and 30 acc which is TRI level gear... k.
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  2. Ilst added a post in a topic where is my boat?   

    So this is from 11/16 patch notes:
    A safety zone 'Kuit Strait' has been added near the Ferry Crossing Keeper of the Kuit Islands. So that the ship can escape smoothly.
    I'm pretty sure that screwed up the ferry keeper, because I'm 99% sure it was always Kuit Islands ferry keeper before that patch. Our ships are now lost in the void until a GM can fish them out...
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  3. Ilst added a post in a topic [Updated] Shovels & Bottles Temporarily Disabled   

    Mmm eating baked brie as I read through this thread.
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  4. Ilst added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    I didnt even know that was announced... The DST bug is definitly not fixed because my journal is still broken being on EDT instead of EST...
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  5. Ilst added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    Derp. Except it is a service. Saas is recognized by the law. That's why there's a thing called licensing. You bought a license to access the servers.
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  6. Ilst added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    In the real world there's also a slight difference between euthenasia and a digital service. 
    It's a shame there's no way to distinguish the two in law /s.
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  7. Ilst added a post in a topic Show off your Test Sickles!   

    DFtoWin is that you? I miss you baby.
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  8. Ilst added a post in a topic Petition to change Awakening Weapon's Name   

    I prefer if they changed the blue sickle to "Test Sickle". For consistency.
    Make sure to keep plenty of tea in your bags while grinding skill points with your new thingie.
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  9. Ilst added a post in a topic I'm about to quit   

    Derp. The game tells you that you don't have enough item durability AND it doesn't use a blackstone.
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  10. Ilst added a post in a topic Left my horse next to Mudster, one hour later is in the middle of the sea   

    If it was close enough to the shore, people can get the horse out to sea by putting the boat underneath the horse and then dragging it out. 
    Works same with players. But since players can't drown anymore, people target hotses now.
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  11. Ilst added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    They've been taking patches from KR and making minor adjustments and still running into problems.
    People were seriously expecting them to be able to take all 12 awakenings spread through like 20 patches, stitch them all together and create one patch to release them all for NA? 
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  12. Ilst added a post in a topic How is 100m/week not a lot?   

    You can make that in a week doing nothing but afk fishing/feeding your workers/and like 1 hour of grinding every other day.
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  13. Ilst added a post in a topic Game over, GG   

    BDO has been released in NA for 6 months. 8 months prior to that for KR. And 3 months of KR closed beta.
    6+8+3= 36???
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  14. Ilst added a post in a topic Valks Tears   

    FTFY. There's been more topics and posts created crying about sorcs than any other class. It isn't even even like the booohoo level either, it's like the full blown baby got the pacifier stolen level of WAAAAAHH.
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  15. Ilst added a post in a topic Maids..?   

    Darn. I was hoping I could win by placing one on lemma island to save 10cp.
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