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  1. vertigale added a post in a topic Lahr Arcien Costume Bug - Dyes   

    Updating this, it actually seems like the lining color's dye channel switches back and forth. Sometimes it is tied to the color of the skirt, and other times it is tied to the color of the jacket. Is this a bug or some file issue/corruption on my side?
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  2. vertigale added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Lahr Arcien Costume Bug - Dyes
    Hey! I just noticed that my Lahr Arcien costume dyes completely differently now. There used to be three dye channels for the coat portion. There was the jacket, the lining, and the ruffle. Now the color of the jacket and the lining are combined. Please fix This is the second pearl outfit that has been bugged or changed for sorc (the other was snowflake, which was fixed eventually!) and that's not cool.
    Before! Red lining, gold ruffle/trim, blue/black jacket.

    After: the color of the jacket and the color of the lining are now on the same channel??

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  3. vertigale added a post in a topic An update on the Dremlock / RP community debacle. A GM's ultimatum! It's quite good, actually.   

    Nothing to do with pk, tbh. That's not the issue. RPers have been fighting back, as would anyone. No one cares about that. It's the other stuff that is a problem, like spamming and haunting RP events to cause problems, or invading discords to troll. The third isn't actionable by GMs, but just goes to show it's a lot more than whining cause PvP happened. 
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  4. vertigale added a post in a topic Sorc New costume bug   


    Thank you!
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  5. vertigale added a post in a topic English BDO Roleplaying Community Site   

    We do! Check the top navigation bar for the join link when you visit the site.
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  6. vertigale added a post in a topic Sorc New costume bug   

    I think it's wrong to put this outfit back on the Pearl Shop when this issue is still not fixed. None of the other classes who share this outfit are experiencing this issue.
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  7. vertigale added a post in a topic Sorc New costume bug   

    Ah man, I just made a topic too. This makes me so sad!! Please help us out and make this part of the costume dyeable. I feel like I should refund it if the sleeves can't be dyed.

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  8. vertigale added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Snowflake Sorceress Sleeves Not Dyeable?
    Hello there! I'm not able to dye the sleeves for the Snowflake outfit I bought for my sorceress. It seems like every other female class is able to do this. It makes it kind of hard to get a good look when your arms are white forever. Is this intended? Please halp

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  9. vertigale added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    You know, I've sort of found the opposite. The RP I've experienced in this game is some of the best I've participated in. Then again, I did what others in this thread already suggested: actively sought out like-minded people to tell stories with, and created the roleplay I enjoy best. But even outside of that little niche, the diversity and scope of the RP I see on a daily level is immense. Of course there are going to be people who are still in their amateur stages, or people who are looking more for ERP than other things (but who cares, whatevs, I don't judge), or people who enjoy a completely different type of roleplay than you do. But negativity breeds more of the same. I sort of think that if we spent more time concerning ourselves building our own RP (and less criticizing/categorizing others' RP), we'd enjoy ourselves more. Which is the whole point
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  10. vertigale added a post in a topic Aesthetic Snobbery: Immersive Clothes & Hairstyles   

    I'd love this! I admire some of the clothes I see NPCs walking around in. 
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  11. vertigale added a post in a topic Please, translate and release the Lore Articles/Stories!   

    Agreed! Fans themselves have been largely the ones taking the initiative to obtain, translate, organize, and present the story-related material for BDO. We'd love to have some official sources!
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  12. vertigale added a post in a topic Movement State Redux: Walking   

    +1 from me! We have such cool little details like sitting, changing poses in chairs, leaning against walls, crouching, and crawling... I'd love for walking to have a similar functionality. Something to designate when it starts and when it ends. 
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  13. vertigale added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   


    I'm really appreciative of how Daum thinks of us. I really am! I'm just continually impressed by it. I did have a few questions about the RP channel, though. What is the range on it? Is it meant to be similar to /general in use, just for RP? Or does it have a /world range? We RPers would love some more details about this! We're already speculating.
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  14. vertigale added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    I know there are a million things going on for launch, but I think this small change is something all players can get behind. 
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  15. vertigale added a post in a topic [NA] RPers, it's time to Choose   

    We're still holding out hope that one of the channels will be flagged as RP. If we don't hear anything about channel names/setup in the next day or two, we will probably launch a thread on http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com to try to come to other solution, which will likely be 'We are going to use the 3rd, 5th, 6th (whatever) channel as the primary RP channel, unless a tagged RP channel is available.'
    But I do wish Daum would give us this information already!
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