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  1. TheChief added a topic in Suggestions   

    Witch/Wiz Mainhand Durability wears off too fast
    I am aware that this has been posted, however the threads are very spread out and I feel like they were misplaced previously. I apologize if I'm wrong. 
    To the issue at hand: Witch/Wiz Mainhand durability wears off way too fast. Now that has been the case even before Multiple Magic Arrow. I can grind Crescent Shrine for about an hour before my Mainhand Durability is at 0 which then leaves me to head back and repair for about 20-30mins. Obviously there is no joy in that. It's been very similar even before MMA having no cd, as I said.
    Another issue with this the following: My mainhand wears off long before my other gear does. It makes practically no sense to even get any of my other gear to 100 durability. I will have to repair my MH long before anything else and I mean LONG before that. So I can just leave all my gear at 30 durability and still have my MH wear off first. I don't believe thats a very satisfactory state as is.
    Just trying to spread awareness and hoping for some positive changes in the next patch/maintenance to fix our MH similar to how it's been for rangers. Please don't simply fix Multiple Magic Arrow not using so much durability. The witch/wiz will still have to repair too often then. I ve played all classes and grinded with all of them. Zerker, Ranger, Musa, Witch at 50+ (3 of them 55) and Witch MH dura wearoff is just horrible in comparison. Making the class less and less fun to grind with. 
    I understand ofc that you have more things to do with node wars/sieges/valencia in the game and getting that to work, but I sincerely hope you can get around taking care of this rather quickly as I find it impossible to even attempt grinding anywhere at valencia simply due to this restriction.
    Thanks a lot and greets,
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  2. TheChief added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Event] 50% Combat EXP LVL 55 Scrolls Bugged?
    while I'm not 100% certain on this of course, some of my guild members and me have recently started using our LVL 55 Combat EXP 50% for 1 Hour Reward Scrolls (you get 10 of them upon reaching LVL 55). It does not seem like they actually give any increased exp ratio at all. Now I m not sure whether this is the case for sure or whether it is bugged due to the current EXP Event and they have been deactivated by the programmers/Daum but it would be great if you could look into this. 
    I get the same experience/hour whether I grind with it or without it. I also get the same amount of exp without it as my friend does whilst having it activated whilst in a party.
    Hopefully you can shed some light onto this, in case they dont work because of the current event or anything and the players were not informed about this.
    Thanks in advance!
    TheChief [Jordine; TheDucktales]
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  3. TheChief added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    [Jordine: TheDucktales]

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  4. TheChief added a post in a topic A Markov theory approach to weapon enhancement.   

    I ve been incredibly unlucky with enchanting, got a couple +30's and a +47 failstacks while even trying to go to +15 on my first Yuria, but even I acknowledge that forcing beyond a certain point is almost always gonna be a loss.  
    Regardless: Haven't seen any reasoning as to the calculator they use on blackdde for enchanting, so really not gonna rely on that.  Hoping this thread will keep yielding interesting results.
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  5. TheChief added a post in a topic A Markov theory approach to weapon enhancement.   

    Hey there,
    does the table for optimal enchants apply to the memory fragments reliable weapons as well (Liverto/Kzarka)? Since failstacks would be more valuable here the strategy should be (slightly) different? With more and more Livertos/Kzarkas in the game, I reckon it would be even more interesting to have the ideal strategies for these (especially considering the relative cost when compared to relatively small investments into the Yurias). 
    If it remains true for some reason then I guess "nvm me" and still thanks for the work you guys put in.
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  6. TheChief added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Server's on Jordine once again broken
    just wanted to let ya know that the servers on Jordine (Val1-Val3) and a couple others have once again gone to shi*.  We are all praying this wont last until the maintenance again?! Cuz its been like that since yesterday again already. So ehmm..couldnt play the game half way properly on a lot of Jordine Servers for ehm...6 Days out of 14 now?
    Could anyone respond...like ever?
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  7. TheChief added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    [Jordine; TheChief]
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