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  1. Bellator added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Magic Arrow?
    As a 49 (99.999%) I find magic arrow is my most used skill (as well as just left-mouse beat-down). The meteor shower, earthquake, and lightning skills are useful, along with fireball and fireball explosion, but with kiting and shooting I find this is most effective. What have you found?
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  2. Bellator added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Doop doop dee do....just running around lvl 49.999% not belonging to a guild. Little Bunny Foo Foo, Hopping through the forest, Scooping up the field mice, And boppin' 'em on the head....
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  3. Bellator added a post in a topic I CAN'T CRAFT BEER!! PLEASE HELP!!   

    The 2 open inventory slots is a MINIMUM. Reason is because for every beer produced you might (and it is quite often) also produce one of 5 alternative dishes that you can trade into different NPCs. Plus you can also produce a higher quality beer which consumes yet another slot. So you really want to have at least 7 open slots (1 for beer, 1 for superior beer, and 5 for the "poorly crafted" bonus dishes).
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  4. Bellator added a post in a topic Would you guys want an equalized battleground?   

    Tera did this with Corsair's. GREAT arena, very popular. They set everyone at the same level (65 last time I looked) and equalized armors (everyone has identical armor stats). Armor is red or blue, depending on team. Now skills have an impact --- if you are low level you don't get all the skills, but otherwise all the same. Same AP/DP, same HP/MP. Buffs are applied IN the arena, not before entrance. It works. Mainly because there are actual tactics required to win. You can PvP the heck out of opposing players and still lose. So it is both PvP and tactical. Plus it takes 2 rounds - have to play BOTH defense and offense.
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  5. Bellator added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    The true secret to happiness in this game: 49.999%
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  6. Bellator added a topic in PVE   

    Can you be PK < 50?
    Simple question. If you are lower than level 50, can you be PK?
    • 2 replies
  7. Bellator added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    I think teleport booths that charge silver between cities would be cool. Say 5000 silver between Heidel and Calpheon. Newbies would forgo the cost and just run or ride.
    Teleport would not impact usefulness of horses because horses carry weight and have inventory slots.
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  8. Bellator added a post in a topic Calpheon Rod - Vast Ocean   

    I have caught a Coelacanth, and many many tuna with only an ordinary thick fishing rod while afk.
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  9. Bellator added a post in a topic How to evaluate special accessories?   

    Thank you for your reply -- it is useful. I now have a followup question. The complete Jarrette's set gives +15 attack as a bonus (+5 for four pieces, with an additional +10 for six pieces). How does +attack compare to +AP? Is it one to one, or is there a separate calculation?
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  10. Bellator added a post in a topic A few CP questions....   

    Well...one very important use of CP is adding warehouse storage. You do this by buying a linked chain of houses. Each successive house lets you get more warehouse storage per CP.
    The second important use is linking towns. This effects your trade price as the trade vendor. If you sell items at a non-linked trade vendor, you only get 30% of the listed price.
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  11. Bellator added a topic in General   

    How to evaluate special accessories?
    So there are accessories that are not part of sets but that are highly valued. For example, the Ring of Crescent Guardian. Now it is currently valued in the market place around 31M and has 5AP. But Jarrette's ring has 4AP and as part of a set can boost +10 attack. So why is ring of CG so highly valued? What is so good about it? I have both rings. If I use ring of CG I lose 10 attack for a gain of 1AP plus some "unknown" value. Why switch?
    • 8 replies
  12. Bellator added a post in a topic the marketplace is broken and needs this fix   

    The main weakness is a high price cap (for some items) that is too low. This causes (for some items) a complete lack of those items in the market place. The primary place this occurs is for items where player time is required to acquire or create the items, and not for items where workers can be used to acquire the items.
    Reality is -- most players have jobs and/or go to school. Therefore their time is valuable. That time can be monetized at a minimum average amount per hour. If the market high cap for items that require player time to harvest/create is too low, then the players will NOT harvest/create those items and those items will not be found in the marketplace.
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  13. Bellator added a post in a topic Playing without autoloot   

    Auto-loot could be an option. Most MMOs have this -- you just have a checkbox that you check (if you want auto-loot on) or uncheck if you don't. Code is trivial to implement. I suspect they did implement it (because it is so trivial) and then commented it out so as to incent people to buy pets. Remember -- it is all about the $$$$$.
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  14. Bellator added a post in a topic Humorous   

    This was on NA Serendia5. Was killing tree creatures when I stumbled upon the ogre deep in the woods.
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  15. Bellator added a topic in General   

    So I am kiting an ogre in the forest and have it down to the red bar then *BAAM* I am dead. Why? Because <player X> decided to kill me, and then go offline. How do I know player went offline? Because I PM'ed player and asked "Why did you kill me" and system told me "player is offline". LoL. Some people aren't happy unless they cause mischief!
    • 6 replies