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  1. Flemeth added a post in a topic Enjoy the free month - Give them some time to reply!   

    I'm sorry but this tired attempt at defending this stupidity is beyond reason.
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  2. Flemeth added a post in a topic remove the 30% market tax and 10% exp gain from subscription pack.   

    This is absolutely atrocious and can not be rightly justified.
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  3. Flemeth added a post in a topic [Sorceress] Sylist wanted!   

    My advice: invest in a nice jaw and a pair of well-filled in eyebrows. Why on earth people are scared of a women a jawline in this game is beyond me.
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  4. Flemeth added a post in a topic This is not funny. Things need to change ASAP.   

    In response to a slew of posters here; the amount of people unable to develop an original thought in this thread is impressive. Alas not surprising. 
    The OP is expressing views that a lot of the player base do in fact share. And a lot the player-base do not visit the forums. Around 10% of the player-base do visit the forums, the forums do not represent the views of the player-base as a whole, but query people in-game and you'll find most of what the OP states is pretty spot on judging from general consensus, ignoring pig-headed dolts like Plunge screaching 'SOURCE SOURCE SOURCEEEEEEEE', when they (the topic creators) obviously have consulted a reasonable amount of people about these  issues questionable design decisions.
    All these inflammatory critics have is their blinders to guide the way and the same kind of strange, dogmatic (almost cult-like) rhetoric creeping it's way into threads like a melanoma without being constructive whatsoever. Conclusions derived from common-sense often to not gel well with those who lack common-sense in the first place.
    The forum is a good place to grab the attention of Kakao. Hence why these threads are made, before anyone keeps barking telling him to quit the game or leave.
    Another point that must be made is that threads are made like this because there is so much potential for the game for a western audience, and people who creative topics like this have a passion for the game. Final Fantasy XIV turned it all around astoundingly. Of course nobody is saying the game is in -that- state but it's a precedent that has been set and is worth mentioning. We're in a Western Gaming market. That's not going to change. And whether you like it or not, Kakao and the developers at Pearl Abyss appreciate these threads because it helps their scope of the market grow and for them to understand how to make more money. They do not need you jumping to their defense with caustic responses that progress the game in no new directions whatsoever.
    Adjustments have already been made to the game but it's been relatively half-assed. And I guarantee you that word-of-mouth is stronger than anyone here seems to care to believe, especially with communication across the internet being more effective and in many cases permanent, and if more changes are not made in line with a western market's tastes, then the game will plateau early in it's life and fail to attract new players.
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  5. Flemeth added a post in a topic Eckett Costume   

    I work in fashion (and no not in a bloody shop), I was clinging to a misplaced hope that someone would understand.
    I actually really like the Lumik set and wear it often enough. There's a tasteful amount of side-boob. Underboob is horrid no matter how you look at it because it's quite often, all you can see. The semi-crotchless chaps are disgusting.
    Even the slip..looking thing on the Cavaro set is tacky.
    My point is this: showing skin for the sake of showing skin shows a lack of creativity.
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  6. Flemeth added a post in a topic Enchanting Was Designed Around +10 shouts   

    No I am not 'changing what the system is to make my argument make sense however'.
    The system was broken from the beginning. I needn't invent nonsense when there is enough presented to me on a silver platter.
    Use as many analogies as you like, but in every single example whatever you choose to represent the system was delivered in a poor state in the first place.
    This 'water pipe' you've been delivered in the first place was riddled with cracks. It was faulty.
    Don't be naive to think that Pearl Abyss has the capability to spot the cracks in the first place.
    The analogies end there.
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  7. Flemeth added a post in a topic Enchanting Was Designed Around +10 shouts   

    Your own definition of broken takes it to one complete extreme though.
    You can break your leg and hobble up a steep slope in agonizing pain.
    Will you make it? Yes, eventually.
    Is it a good time? No. Any way we look at it, the failstacks are the broken leg (because it's a terrible system from the get-go), the slope is the gear treadmill, and the +10 shout items are the crutches.
    Except now everyone has broken legs and no crutches. OH the fun.
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  8. Flemeth added a post in a topic Eckett Costume   

    ITT: You likely had no idea what I was talking about in the slightest.
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  9. Flemeth added a post in a topic Eckett Costume   

    This is hideous. I'm all for an 80's revival but if you're wearing opaque pants like that with a chunky pump you're having a bad time.
    The cropped jacket looks like Galliano tried to do a Harajuku collection that did just not go down well. Although I suppose if it was black or white it would be a little more Tom Ford or his work back at Givenchy.
    Honestly it's the tits out that really bother me and it's quite frankly cringe-worthy.
    Give us this Eckett costume already.
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  10. Flemeth added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Discussion.   

    Don't hyperbole the suggestions made here.
    I don't care what the 'nerf sorc crusade' wants. I'm a sorceress. A proposal that I care what they think is absurd. But I have foresight into the health of any MMO profession when it comes to longevity and it's giving people options into ways that they can build their characters. Similar changes should also be made to other classes. Sorceress just has the most glaring places in which they can and by all means should be tweaked.
    It doesn't change the playstyle per say but the changes proposed are designed to promote smarter play, it shaves it in a very small part but opens up more options , options that already exist within the core skill-set of the class. It's not introducing any new game changing mechanics. Tweaking it in places because at the moment whilst I love the class and I won't ever stop playing it, calling it one-dimensional is an understatement and we deserve a lot better than that.
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  11. Flemeth added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Discussion.   

    Here's something that is likely to tickle the fancy of some.
    Shave the current flat-damage of Dark Flame by a good third.
    Add a factor of: If Dark Flame blocks an attack, it will hit even harder. And of course this effect not taking place during the soft cooldown phase. Give it a reason for people to use it more tactically rather, and for an enemy to approach a Sorceress with reasonable caution.
    Increase the damage of our DoT effects substantially (Signs of Agony, Burning DoT from Ult. Dark Flame and the Bleeding from Bloody Calamity).
    Extend the window in which Crow Flare's counter effect is open hugely. It's far too short currently to make any difference and for it to be used as a true counter move.
    Dramatically buff Mark of the Shadow's damage, we have to trade off being completely immobile for it to be used in the first place, that trade off is enough. Including the health-gain/steal. Have it scale off of the hidden HP recovery stat if it already does not. Similarly apply this to Bloody Calamity.
    Add some more dimension to the class' playstyle, open it up more to be a real magical brawler with the opportunity to spike down enemies if they approach carelessly, and force them to act through stronger damage over time skills. Push them into making a move they don't want to make. It opens up more room for the Sorceress to act as a 'fire and forget' caster in group fights whilst still giving it the option to tackle opponents in a more direct manner when needed.
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  12. Flemeth added a post in a topic Will Kzarka/Nouver/Khalk weapons be kept through out all future expansions?   

    I would confidently say yes, with the introduction of horizontal progression rather than vertical becoming the norm once the player base begins to plateau in power (see: different awakening styles).
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  13. Flemeth added a post in a topic New single Quest windows - chaos in pure form   

    Not what I was questioning at all.
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  14. Flemeth added a post in a topic Why Daum? Why? (Level 30 shovel requirement???)   

    Don't be at all surprised if this exact change is in preparation for an increase in the rate at which shards are gathered.
    It's the kind of thing PA has been known for introducing in preparation for a change like this.
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  15. Flemeth added a post in a topic New single Quest windows - chaos in pure form   

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