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  1. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    Me too, but can't avoid thinking how a new Shield cover, giving 200 block would be a perfect Kakao style solution  
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  2. Mjollnir added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Nah, man, usually it's the merchant (kakao in this case) refusing to accept payments from debit cards (even those backed up by an international circuit like MAESTRO - which runs on MasterCard). They do this to avoid the nuisance of debit card specific settlement/clearing process (a bit different from a real credit card). They bounce off also revolving card - well this ain't a bad thing but can annoy revolving cards' users. It's more a businness choice by the merchant, and you were quickly dismissed by an extremely poor quality customer care. 
    If you want to avoid these kind of problems you may try with https://www.paysafecard.com/en-us/buy/. shouldn't be hard to find, it's a one shot voucher code for payments, beware it has some limitations regarding gambling sites (they usually don't accept it), but for BDO works wonderfull - and you don't share you PAN with anyone). I've used my card just for the initial purchase (back in the preorder days), afterwards, also seeing the generally bad quality of their payment processor, I've switched to the more secure (on my side) paysafe option, worst case scenario I will lose just the 50 or 100€ I'm recharging, without any trouble for my credit card.
    https://profiles.wordpress.org/paymentwall/ it's not a misspell, they're really 'murica based  
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  3. Mjollnir added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Except they are US based, with HQ in S.Francisco...  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paymentwall 
    They started as EU, but since on this side of the world, laws are a serious thing and no Donald can bind them at his own will they went there  - or maybe just to avoid taxes, who knows
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  4. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    adding another week to the counter... satisfaction level == waaay below the minimal threshold
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  5. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    mmmmmmmm, may it be because it's spring time then ? Lately I've been pretty much online but 90% of the time afk or doing stupid things too (like blowing up my accessories), it's a periodical situation, sometimes it just pops in - you should've noticed my "pauses" after each level up, it's pretty natural to have such moments. 
    Now, how to avoid the burn out ? Chilling man, that's the only answer, relax and play for your fun, not to get full TET or lvl 62. Just enjoy what you like, being it Random PvP, Node Wars, or just chit-chatting in guild - why not ?
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  6. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    what ? you still have an heavy debt with moi. Your name is still on my debtor list, so go earn those 2 billion silvers.
    (on a side note, we may compete for who gets to guru in blowing up things out of boredom first)
    signed: a valk in your guild
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  7. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Cadry Ring Evasion?   

    Okay, so who has the PEN Cadry's on EU ? Put 'em on the MP,
    No kidding, I will gladly buy 2 of them for my collection of useless junk
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  8. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Buff Lower Tier AP   

    not really, if someone was able to rotate us yesterday, he/she can still do it today, just adding a skill to the rotation (e.g. pressing one more button). 
    On low end of gear score, things will be a different, in there the tweak on DR may actually change things a bit, but over a certain AP threshold, simply it won't be noticed (and that treshold not being so "unachievable", I'd say 190-210 APs). 
    Need to check this on a limited RBF, there's a chance it will be fun again.
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  9. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Has anyone tested the DP change?   

    What to say ? It's visible, not game breaking, but at least visible, will change a bit small scale fights, but I suspect in medium/large scale there's still work to do. (hint hint remove / reduce /limit SA / iframes, tweak a bit CC and EVA - they're highly unbalanced right now - hint hint more gear variations to give horizontal progression, increase pots cd - this ain't hard - and tweak some self heals).
    For sure won't make ppl change from their current setting to full DR, even thinking that it's naive, a full DP built is simply not even worth yet. Very few ppl were doing it before, and very few ppl will do it now. Sadly I know well, tweaking with DR it's a double edge blade, if it's pushed too much would end up in even more unbalance, but like this it will just leverage PvP on the low end of gear score. I would've dared a bit more, by reducing a bit the overall atk in PvP (less risks of generating new OP monsters).
    One of the bad thing I didn't like about the change is it's flat equal on every class, differentiating it by class would've had much more sense, and would've given back to tank oriented classes some importance, like this there's not much difference between classes and nobody will even think about experimenting new gear combinations, just following the mainstream meta and going for AP / Acc BiS.
    For a better evaluation however I still need 2 fixes, one on Valks' block and one on desync.
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  10. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    @CM_Kabz time to clean this thread and get rid of fake accounts, don't you think ?
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  11. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    eh eh eh my friend, but those datas where from Kakao... like anniversary data.. how reliable do you really think they are ? For me, it's just PR (like the PEN Cadry rings on EU, you know ?)
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  12. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    k/d ratio doesn't really have any meaning because it actually depends on how many valks attend sieges (they were calculated in there), and I don't really think there are so many of us going there, even on kr.
    Don't forget that k/d ratio is also heavily influenced by AP/DP unbalance, a full DP built like mine, can't kill anything, but still gets killed a lot, because of ehm, PA's balance concept, that's why I also don't consider it valid, it gives a rough idea about tendency, but nothing more.
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  13. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Amen, I was about to write a quiet, comprehensive and detailed answer, but your one is actually one of the best I saw so far.
    Regarding the topic: enough comparing the number of valks maining players saying this thread is nonsense and the numbers of ppl who just know valks by readinig about them or by urban legends told by a friend of a friend, to understand how reality is.
    And ofc, as usual, the difference between AP and DP Valk  wasn't even taken into account, but it's common practice by ppl actually don't knowing what they're writing about.
    Seriously I lol'ed a lot, we have our problem, but we can still trigger so much salt on ppl, this makes playing the class even more worth.
    Btw do you know: once there was a pvp tournament in KR, guess who won it ?
    PS: if you want/can, show us YOUR OP valk, on OUR version, being all tanky and oneshotting everything . 
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  14. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    will give it a try then, was the only funny PvE content left for me, still I will keep stacking DP/DR, like the stubborn I am
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  15. Mjollnir added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    Oh you're right, I didn't even thought about those....,guess I was too angry or salty, or just feeling scammed once again... For world bosses, my first though is "r.i.p. crystals".
    I still have to test how I behave, but probably we're gonna have problems there, and also with awakened T2 scrolls. I've been actively tanking Awakened Dim Tree and/or Awakened Muskan just to help guildmates with lower gearscores to have a chance at dropping their boss pieces, guess now I won't be of any help anymore, will leave that role to some button-mashing iframing dude.
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