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  1. Mortia added a post in a topic Victory lap thread   

    Most people don't. They believe the romanticised BS version rather than the piece of **** that he was.
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  2. Mortia added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    My drops have been bad enough that i decided its not worth the hassle of running the length of the map for a few blackstones.
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  3. Mortia added a post in a topic sp pay to win finally came, but its the players fault!   

    Best method:
    Wait for someone selling something for pearls.
    Place pre-order for said item
    Get item, you win. Don't get item or it goes bid- you wouldn't have got it for pearls either.
    I don't see where the issue is.
    As a side note - whoever paid pearls for my kutum knot on dark knight day 1, thanks-you most appreciated
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  4. Mortia added a post in a topic Share Your Builds ~   

    Honestly for mobs at your level accuracy isn't a huge issue. If you test it you will most likely find that swopping to Saiyer from Oros doesn't change your damage output and may in fact increase it. There isn't really a baseline, im more PvE focused at the moment too and i find the one red coral, alch stone and pri tree is enough as far as mobs go. Most mobs i dont even bother with the alch stone.
    As far as i know the 'immune' that flashes on the screen is not a miss. It is a debuff that the mob is immune to. For example a lot of mobs are immune to knockdown at higher levels so if you use a skill with a knockdown component you see the 'immune' flash. Misses just miss, no 'miss' text or anything. 
    Eventually you will possibly want a Saiyers know to deal with the evasion builds out there in pvp too.
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  5. Mortia added a post in a topic Strikers Must Have!   

    You spelled Ken wrong.
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  6. Mortia added a post in a topic Share Your Builds ~   

    Well.. This is where i sit at the moment.
    Its done from memory so one or two crystals might be out but its generally right.
    You are correct that you are lacking accuracy. Red coral earrings and upgraded tree belt would help. Unless you are seriously struggling for resources i would also look at further enchanting your armor.  You will almost always be able to sell grunil at pri or duo so you will get the silver back in the long run.
    If you still struggle with accuracy switch to Saiyer knot in the short term - Oros is one of the poorer options. If you do switch try push it to Duo. Ideally get your Liverto to Tri.

    Additionally, once you hit 56 and get awakened your grind speed is going to go up by a lot. You will be able to earn more silver grinding than you can at the moment. 
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  7. Mortia added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    Nah.. got to be...
    Jax! Bionic arms ftw!
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  8. Mortia added a post in a topic [Notice] Event Item Removal - Apr. 12   

    Because people cry when things get removed without warning.
    Admittedly the other things which have been removed were still useful where as these are not but still....
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  9. Mortia added a post in a topic Blackstone Powder shortage.... Any remedies on the way?   

    In fact, not just the elites either, normal mobs drop them better than most other places it seems.
    I can fill my bag with blue junk crystals in about 15 mins.
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  10. Mortia added a post in a topic Things were better without pearl gifting   

    I have a new hobby...
    Sniping the stuff I need that people are gifting pearls to get.
    Just watch the market when you see someone in world chat chasing pearls.
    Thanks for the Kzarka!
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  11. Mortia added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Black Desert and AVG
    Just a little warning for anyone running AVG and a request.
    At some point my AVG decided to update itself to the latest version. When it did this it installed the web protection and software protection stuff that most people know better than installing. It could also start randomly tabbing you out of the game with no reason or warning.
    After it had done this i have had about a week of problems getting BDO to patch with tons of network errors (12006, 12009 & generic error while patching messages).
    I don't want to get too excited that its all solved yet but it seems to work after removing all AVG and replacing just the anti-virus part of it.
    Now, the request. Can anyone recommend a good free AV as this has soured me on AVG.
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  12. Mortia added a post in a topic Striker - New class   

    Kung fu master inc...
    Also... HADOUKEN!!
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  13. Mortia added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    I've been having a ton of problems with patching the game. Starting to wonder if it is all connected to this.
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  14. Mortia added a post in a topic having huge problems   

    I'm having exactly the same problem.
    I spent 2 days messing with this since the patch - finally got it to work last night by uninstalling the game and reinstalling then copying all the files from a previous version.
    Started up this morning - It tried to patch and gave me vague 'error while patching' message which is what started the whole issue. There shouldnt even be a damn patch to download.....
    I'm about at the point of saying screw it and forgetting about this game as im sick of stuff like this with no support or help.
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  15. Mortia added a post in a topic [Notice ] Known Issues Apr. 5 - 2017 *Update - 4/13*   

    Look on the bright side..
    This patch decided to break my install so now i get nothing but error 12006, 12009 and a generic 'error occured while patching'.
    Seriously, i love this game but i wonder how much longer i can be bothered with the pathetic management of it.
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