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  1. Damaes added a post in a topic PVE: Valk or Zerk   

    I think i will roll Zerker because im in love with Gotha rensa or something outfit on him + plus i like that zerker style. However its a bit shame that valk the only paladin looking like class is that bugged ;/ i was playing many paladins before - such a nice thing... anyway i would like to ask you guys about warrior if it is possible? So many ppl offer this class to play as, why so? is it that good or has some advantage over zerk/valk?
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  2. Damaes added a topic in PVE   

    PVE: Valk or Zerk
    Im back after a long break from BDO and currently i am playing Musa almost 57 lvl however i'm simply bored of it. 
    I would like to start/reroll new class and im pretty curious of 2 i've mentioned in subject line (valk or zerk)
    Generally i like both of them and i would really like to hear pros and cos of each. Im not here to be OP i just wanna have fun for sure and to do chill farm/grind (including bosses)
    Any answer would be highly appreciated
    my budget isn't the highest all i got are ~400m
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  3. Damaes added a post in a topic Sorceress help required   

    Try to always hit from behind (back attack) with knock downs this might help. Also try to not engage into fight. I mean just dodge all his attacks it's not that hard as sorc and pretty easy to get behind your opponent. Just like get to his backs hit with kd, if not worked, move back and repeat. This will take longer but will increase your chances of win or at least chances of getting your opponent down  Also try to not being hurry and not waste all of your kd skills at once cuz this won't provide anything good. 
    Forgot to mention. Make him wait too. You are not obligated to attack as 1st. 
    I don't remember at this very moment if you can kd while gravedigger but even if not you still are dodging class so your point is to find working tactic and being very patient to make it work. 
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  4. Damaes added a post in a topic How is the Scythe of Seduction "Seductive"?   

    Mate...Please  sthap smoking that shit or share at least before posting this
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  5. Damaes added a post in a topic Lots of sorc's re-rolling?   

    Tbh i don't give a damn which class is top tier, op or anything... i Just play the one I like and it's sorc. I did play warrior ranger and zerker but they all are just boring. With sorc i feel like I'm playing and have most of cotrol of character. It's just so damn weak to see ppl crying around about their class is so weak and they have to reroll. ... gosh Just play what you like and practice.... for sure not any class is perfect but only easier or harder.
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  6. Damaes added a post in a topic This is where I'm at, and I could use help.   

    I also had have leveled zerker, warrior, musa to 56 and then I realized I just wanna play ranger... So sold everything, geared up my ranger and slowly lvl in it up doing everything without pushing too much just to not get tired  
    you should also just think a bit that u rather close combat or ranged. If ranged there isnt a big choice of classes - wizz/witch and ranger. But to be honest after awakening ranger gets melee option so it's ranged class with some really good close combat option. What about wizz/witch well it always gonna be easy mode because of range heals and very high dmg but... isn't it boring?
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  7. Damaes added a post in a topic Ranger Gotha Rensa Outfit   

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand no Gotha Rensa outfit this week  
    Hope we're gonna get it soon...
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  8. Damaes added a post in a topic Ranger Gotha Rensa Outfit   

    I did always like this kind of outfits, also the one for zerker looks awesome 
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  9. Damaes added a topic in Ranger   

    Ranger Gotha Rensa Outfit
    I'm going to create an alt character which will be ranger class. However i just simply dont like how she looks like with her basic armor(any of kind)
    And here is a question to you:
    Do you know when Gotha Rensa outfit for ranger might be released here in EU/NA?
    Much appreciate your answers
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  10. Damaes added a post in a topic Duo with Sorc   

    i tired few of them and the one who fits to me is Zerker
    but for sure Ranger or Tamer going to be my alt
    Thank you guys!
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  11. Damaes added a post in a topic Duo with Sorc   

    heh, i just left warrior to play with her lets say from beginning
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  12. Damaes added a post in a topic Duo with Sorc   

    Thank you for your reply
    Well I saw what wizz/witch doing on pve its impressive tho, but i cannot play it just because its way too boring for me ;/
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  13. Damaes added a topic in PVE   

    Duo with Sorc
    As in title, my GF is playing sorc and i wonder what class would be good to assist her in PVE and just a little PVP.
    I was thinking about Tamer or Ranger
    However watching Tamer awakening - im not sure about, looks a bit weak... Ranger seems to be OP but im worried whether i wont get bored of her cuz her play style looks so repetitive to me.
    What i know so far both of them are POTs addicted what may make grinding a bit slower cuz if i lack of pots i wont be able to fight anymore, isn't it like this?
    If you got any ideas and advises, please let me know.
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  14. Damaes added a post in a topic PVE: Valk, Ranger or Wizard   

    Ok, now im pretty sure that i want to focus on melee classes like tamer or valk which of them would you advise for such a noob im in this game ;)?
    Also maybe any news when ninja or blader will be released?
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  15. Damaes added a post in a topic PVE: Valk, Ranger or Wizard   

    Well i came here to play as blader/plum so i dont know eh ;/ Ranger looks quite fine but i got that feeling i will get bored of it faster then later, same about wizard - its all about "vanish" things at least for 20 lvl. Is tamer that good so it could replace plum for me :)?
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