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  1. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    Signs of Agony for CC & pain damage
    Stinger for buff
    Rushing crow for KD
    Shadow Eruption for KD & damage
    DoD for KD & damage
    Shard Explosion for damage
    Claws of darkness & DF for damage in between.
    Beak kick I'm still working on
    You'll need to have almost 200dp(after shields of darkness) it's a longer fight than you're used to because you have to play tankier.
    I've killed people 1v1, they were geared as well. I do have to wait on cooldowns a bit, but DF still works for damage and claws of darkness does damage when you are on cooldown with other skills. It's definitely difficult but it still wins matches. At least, my personal experience with it isn't terrible.
    I enjoy the game no matter, you asked and this is what works for me.
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  2. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    It is the internet, most people are rude and entitled while behind a keyboard.
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  3. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    You still won't be as powerful as before but I base my rotations around Signs of agony, stinger, rushing crow, Shadow eruption, DoD, Shard explosion.
    And beak kick but I'm still getting use to it.
    First hit from DF still does 50-480 damage on my character as well so it isn't terrible and can finish someone.
    I have to spam mana pots more than ever now.
    If you don't have infinite mastery then you're hurting yourself as well. I sacrificed black wave for it.
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  4. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    You can without a doubt confirm that I have no idea what I'm talking about? I'm extremely excited to see your extensive list of data. It's relatively obvious that I'm speculating and have no way came to a conclusion on anything. 
    So I will clear the air/water on my statements. 
    I personally see more damage on my very first hit with DF, it misses frequently though. While on cooldown, I get extremely minimal damage. Both in PVE & PVP.
    I have seen a large increase in the second hit of Shadow Eruption. Both in PVE & PVP.
    Although I'm sure you would love to debate my statements and possibly will attempt to do so, please keep in mind these are my personal observations. To be contended yes, to be proven wrong without evidence, asinine.
    Lastly, 50 points is a fine measure when mainly tanking and CCing. The object is for your team to win. I'll win with 1 point before I lose with 600.
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  5. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    DF is definitely bugged. My comments are toward the crowd that seem to think Sorceress is now a dead class and not good at anything. DF is one skill (largest damage dealer) and you can still play competitively without it. 
    Don't get me wrong, I want it back just as badly as everyone else.
    My first DF hit was doing damage all night PVP & PVE. The hits afterwards were not dealing much at all.
    I will record it next time I'm on to see how much damage it is dealing but I do think it's still a useful skill.
    Maybe it scales with Hp now? I did invest in Infinite Mastery 1988 Hp.
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  6. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    Well I'm a 54 Sorc and did fine in PVP without any points in DF. Given I wasn't getting 100+ points in RBF I was still able to play competitively and contribute. Ending 3 of my 5 matches with 50+ points.
    That's better than most warriors/zerkers. 120ap & 176dp. 
    Shadow Eruption also does significantly more damage now as well. 
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  7. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    I personally believe Sorc is fine for now. Especially with the practically free skill resets they've allowed us. Change up your game and you'll be fine. 
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  8. CodyLarry added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

  9. CodyLarry added a post in a topic RIP SORC   

    I'm a 54 Sorc and I thought I was going to have to be all DP a few hours ago. Although I don't deal as much damage as I did before the patch, I'm still confident and winning in most PVP matches. 
    I have no doubts that Sorceress is still a viable class and will be even better once Awakening is out, DF is adjusted, or both.
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  10. CodyLarry added a post in a topic DF got fixed!   

    50% of the damage dealt in that video was by Shard Explosion.
    Also, is there proof they were semi-equal to one another?
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  11. CodyLarry added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Still very unsure what happened with Sorceress damage. It would be nice to hear an update on the developers intentions.
    Until then I will just stack DP and live the tank life.
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  12. CodyLarry added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    What happened to the Sorceress...
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  13. CodyLarry added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    It took 10 hours because they were performing maintenance to keep the game running smoothly, not just to improve the game play. It isn't an app you impatient idiots. 
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