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  1. katjezz added a post in a topic [Notice] Attendance Message | Known Issues [Updated - 2/23/17]   

    still getting this issue
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  2. katjezz added a post in a topic Grabs are ruining PVP   

    BDO is a trash PvP game and laughed at it in the entire MMO community. 
    Everyone knows its garbage
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  3. katjezz added a post in a topic Maehwa   

    never because daum doesnt give a shit about us lmao
    they literally do not care, why do you think there is such a big lack in developer communication?
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  4. katjezz added a post in a topic Lavientia Game is NOT RNG.... Its Fixed   

    Daum/Kakao loves to ----- their players over, so they increased the chance on cron stones to like 70-80%
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  5. katjezz added a post in a topic Top Region PvP Guilds Mercing and its effect on T3/T2 Node Guilds   

    Nothing is going to happen, Kakao/Daum don't really care about the playerbase
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  6. katjezz added a post in a topic Great Job Team   

    Hey guys
    guess what
    they don't give a shit about YOU
    they dont. You are nobody, just some random dude from the western audience, and asian people couldn't care less about people from the west.
    and daum is just a placeholder company set up to monetize the game, so do everyone a favor, learn korean, go to the korean forums and complain there
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  7. katjezz added a post in a topic [Official] Dark Knight 'COMING SOON' after Margoria + Awakening info + lore   

    Yeah another 6 months until awakening
    and 4 months until DK
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  8. katjezz added a post in a topic So I hit 59...   

    how many hours each day and what AP/DP?
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  9. katjezz added a post in a topic So I hit 59...   

    spending 600 hours leveling for a tiny bit more damage sure sounds fun
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  10. katjezz added a post in a topic Returning Player not sure what class to play. (I Like PvP)   

    Berserker/Giant is by far the absolutely strongest class in the game.
    Not class can beat it in 1v1 and giant easily holds out against 1vsX, where X can be up to 10 players depending on your gear. I never before seen a class this broken in any other MMO.
    But you will have to spend~500 hours to get to level 60(expect 1-3% per hour on 59 if you are fast), at least, and another 200+ for the 2-3billion of silver you will need to gear.
    the weaker the class, the bigger these numbers become.
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  11. katjezz added a post in a topic Wat...?   

    cancer developer once again showing how -----ing shit they are, what a surprise lul
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  12. katjezz added a post in a topic What would be required to PVP correctly?   

    you can only participate in node wars if you spend multiple hundreds of hours of endless grinding since this game does not offer A N Y other way of progression, then you will blew all this money in BDO's bottom tier garbage RNG system and go back to hundreds of hours grinding shitty boring cancer mobs until you made your money back, just to lose it all to the broken (on purpose broken) shit RNG.
    99% of the pvp is 1vs1 for the above mentioned grinding spots and therefore, if your class can't dominate these spots, you might as well neck yourself. 
    roll sorc, faceroll everything.
    or even better, play a proper MMO when your honeymoon phase ended and you realized how shit an MMO with LITERALLY no endgame is 
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  13. katjezz added a post in a topic First time getting trolled so hard. (✿◡‿◡)   

    can OP stop it with those retarded emoticons or whatever they are supposed to be?
    Do you have legit autism?
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  14. katjezz added a post in a topic tamer's broken defense against witch/wizard   

    They literally do not care. Bdo is not a game, its a product to make money from.  the farmer doesnt asks his cows if they are feeling well.
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  15. katjezz added a post in a topic What would be required to PVP correctly?   

    there is no backline
    there are only witches/wizards dominating 360 degrees of the battle
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