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  1. Sidney added a post in a topic I have a cool idea for an Interior!   

     I've never played AA but I think it's a cool idea.  Why does it matter if it's something another game has done?
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  2. Sidney added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    We need more information on this.  Is it people who were trying to buy/sell gold/accounts, or was it related to cloudbleed?  We need the information.  Most companies explain what the breach was and how it affected the users when this happens.
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  3. Sidney added a post in a topic What are your other hobbies besides gaming?   

    Messing around with coding in different languages.
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  4. Sidney added a topic in US Guild   

    <Vault111> Recruiting - Social Guild - NO SYNTHS PLEASE.

    Please contact Xerise, Candysaur or Tea in-game for more information! :3
    Interested in more about us first?
    Our average age is approximately 35-36. The founders of the guild have played together in multiple games for over 2 years  Many of us are Canadian.Candysaur, our Lord and saviour, is a Dinosaur made of pastel candy.Candysaur takes bribes in the form of cupcakes or anything else that involves a ridiculous amount of pastel colors.Or hand drawn pictures of giraffes.  Or cats.  Or dinosaurs.No, you may not collect Candysaur as part of your Halloween quest.Candysaur likes to talk in the third person when making guild recruitment posts.Still reading?  >.> uhh..Oh.  Our wonderful Xerise also runs a weekly PvP Tournament for PvP practice!Disclaimer:  Any synths found within the guild may be subject to harsh "removal".
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  5. Sidney added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    @CM_Aethon Any idea when we're going to be able to get knowledge on Ashley the Tarif Guild Stable Master?  Mine hasn't worked yet.  If anyone else has managed to obtain this knowledge, please let me know so that I can submit a support ticket instead.
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  6. Sidney added a post in a topic Accidentally Deleted Boss Gear   

    @RiontheLion SEE, I TOLD YOU CARAMEL WAS THE BEST.  You didn't even have to ping her!
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  7. Sidney added a post in a topic <Vault111> Recruiting - Social Guild - NO SYNTHS PLEASE.   

    Just a reminder, we do not knowingly accept synths.  See how well you survive when you "fall" overboard during one of our Sea Missions, you dirty metal contraptions!
    Apply at your own risk, synth filth!
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  8. Sidney added a post in a topic Could someone create me a Johnny Depp character customization?   

    The creator posted here:

    You could message and ask them for the template?
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  9. Sidney added a post in a topic Can It Run?   

    Use this for everything
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  10. Sidney added a post in a topic Rat MMOTE   

    Test it in another game.  I tested in BDO and I can assign MouseFunction 1 to a UI Hotkey as well as an input but I'm using a different mouse.  Important that anyone who wants to troubleshoot with you, or if you put in a ticket, that they be aware if it is only in BDO.
    Have you restarted your PC since you installed and configured the mouse software?
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  11. Sidney added a post in a topic THANK YOU GM's   

    @Ginger Imp
    Isn't your avatar kind of redundant?
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  12. Sidney added a post in a topic [Important] New Forums are coming   

    Feedback on new forums:
    The overall appearance of the beta is not as nice as our current ones.  It isn't terrible but I think this could be improved upon.  Looks do matter!  I think part of the issue is too much white overall.  Take a look at current forum where anything in the user panel on the left is in grey, but the page background is white.I think next post in each thread should alternate background colors for better readability.Staff members should have an icon next to all their posts that allow us to jump to next staff post.Example:Outside of a thread, on the topics section, if any posts contain a staff member post, it should have an icon next to it, allowing us to click on it, and it will jump to the first post made by a staff member in that thread.Example:The forums don't scale for large monitors/high resolutions.  The screen to create a post is TINY.  No reason for this:
    Cannot add a tag from our threads as a prefix in our titles.  That was perfect for technical support, or guild recruitment.I recommend creating at least 2 themes and allowing us to pick from them: a dark based one and a light based one.  Some have difficulty with white backgrounds, others with dark, so having 2 that people can pick from to be easier on their eyes is something most sites should honestly do.
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  13. Sidney added a post in a topic Social   

    There isn't a ton of stuff but going whale hunting, or fugitive khalk hunting, or sea creature hunting on a guild boat in a group, especially in voice chat with Pirates of the Caribbean music playing in the channel is a lot of fun with the right people.  You could see if your guild wants to hunt sea creatures   I'm in a very social guild with a talkative discord and we do things like sea creatures most nights lately.  I recommend checking it out.
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  14. Sidney added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    What did you guys do to the wolf nose?  It looks like it came from pixie fairy wolves now!  It's so tiny LOLOLOL.  Ahem...*rawr...SQUEEK* O_O
    Update: Seems to be DK only.


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  15. Sidney added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    I think you guys broke the wolf nose. Maybe.
    Unless the lore has changed, and we suddenly gathered our wolf noses from tiny pixie fairy wolf babies, something is now wrong with the nose.  Granted, it's hilarious and almost cute, but it's pretty ridiculous lol.


    Update:  It seems this hilarious looking pixie wolf nose is only on the DK.
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  16. Sidney added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Thread   

    The length of the old one is why I'd not been using it, it was too crazy to pick through that much.
    Thanks for starting a new one!
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  17. Sidney added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    There's a new member of the team and this may be his area but I'm not sure.
    He is @GM_Horizon and he said people can mention him if they need help.  His introduction thread is here:

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  18. Sidney added a post in a topic Best way to deal with quests?   

    I think Red's method is the best method as it will keep areas cleared a little better.  You don't want to have to return too much and zigzag across maps if you can avoid it, so this is best.  Just keep in mind you may get quests that send you back and forth and zigzagging around when it comes to life skills, so that's normal but it will work better if you do what you can in the area.  You may want to set your quest filter to only have combat quests show up while doing this.
    I highly recommend always doing black spirit quests when they popup though.  You want to be on top of those at all times.
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  19. Sidney added a post in a topic <Vault111> Recruiting - Social Guild - NO SYNTHS PLEASE.   

    Request sent!  Woo Canadian
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  20. Sidney added a post in a topic <Vault111> Recruiting - Social Guild - NO SYNTHS PLEASE.   

    please join.  Sidney#7099 in discord (case sensitive)
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  21. Sidney added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    It's actually because we get lots of EU people in our NA guild, so I just keep thinking of the 2 as one big server.
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  22. Sidney added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    It was on the "1" channels only, post with table shows this, hope you can catch next one.
    nevermind, forgot about EU.  Ignore this :> Thanks @Jeynar for correction
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  23. Sidney added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    oh yea!  I always forget you guys exist LOL sorry >.<
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