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  1. Pillow added a post in a topic Started a Ranger - not sure about skill priorities   

    it has been buffed with june patch when they nerfed everything else lol
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  2. Pillow added a post in a topic Started a Ranger - not sure about skill priorities   

    Starting ranger from scratch your priority is to max evasive explosion shot for grinding and razor wind/spirit ealing for mana recovery. 
    Also you will need flow : call from sky, your best disengage for both pve and pvp
    With the extra sp give priority to skills that will get good once u get ultimate evasive shot like :
     - Maxed Will of the Wind will be your fastest way to clean mobs and burst knocked-down enemies
    - Lv 3 Blasting Gust (DON'T max it, just get it to level 3 after you get ultimate evasive shot) is the best skill for poke/kiting.
    With the addition of Flow : Pinpointing Gust 1 also will be a nice knockdown skill (knockdown works also with normal cast but i recommend to use it with this flow because normal cast is too slow in pvp) 
    - Maxed Charging Wind - Sp : Charging Wind (Commonly called shotgun) Used to be main ranger burst skill, now its garbage in pvp. I recommend to use it for to steal kills / worldbosses / dpsing ccd people when low with stamina. Also i don't recommend to spam this skill too much, especially in 1v1 because being stuck into the recoil animation will kill you most of the times, Its good to spam it only when you're in a safe position.

    Remember that the skills i listed there will get good only after you get ultimate evasive shot after lv 41. 
    Once you're done with these skills and maxed spirit ealing you can level up descending current/call of the earth/infinite mastery, don't bother to level penetreting wind because its garbage atm
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  3. Pillow added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    how many stacks you use for duo/ tri accessories?
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  4. Pillow added a post in a topic At this point just make game f2p   

    early access
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  5. Pillow added a post in a topic what the community can do to stop p2w   

    minority? most of the players are anti-p2w
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  6. Pillow added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    it is planned from the start, when a company release a game they usually have all planed for the next 6 months / first year
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  7. Pillow added a post in a topic BDO EU/NA reportedly has > 1M players so 3k whiners means nothing to Daum   

    You have no idea how many people doesn't want p2w
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  8. Pillow added a post in a topic Limited online time   

    i can both play p2w and 10h+ for day so i with p2w i can oneshot both p2w and non p2w costumers
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  9. Pillow added a post in a topic dmg reduction on shotgun after 03/08   

    maybe it's bg awakening, before it was +10 ap pvp even tho the tooltip said +5, now it is correct
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  10. Pillow added a post in a topic Ignoring us for 3 weeks.   

    mass quit  Soon™
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  11. Pillow added a post in a topic Are you guys happy of what ranger has become after 17/06   

    also have the burst ranger used to do*
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  12. Pillow added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    i got 202 ap 250 dp, you are undergeared
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  13. Pillow added a post in a topic Whale Molar Earring or Fugitive Khalk's Earring?   

    khalk got buffed in kr tho
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