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  1. favi added a topic in General   

    Storage in Altinova
    I've looked around and can't find anything.
    How do I upgrade storage in Altinova for the Warehouse?
    I know this is a silly question; I haven't played for a while.
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  2. favi added a post in a topic Dude, Where's My Horse?   

    Thank you for that.  I'm in Glish for some reason and my horse is all the way in Altinova.  A nice walk for me.  lol
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  3. favi added a topic in General   

    Dude, Where's My Horse?
    I'm back to Black Desert after playing for a few months.  I have no idea where my horse, wagon, or boat is.
    Is there an easy way to find this while I restruggle with the controls again?
    • 2 replies
  4. favi added a topic in General   

    Haven't Played Since Ninjas were about to Release
    Can someone tell me what's new in Black Desert since Ninjas were released.  I'm starting anew.
    • 5 replies
  5. favi added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    I would like to get a guess pass for my friend to play with me.  He wants to try it before he buys it.  I've already given my guest pass to someone on this thread.  Any help would be great!
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  6. favi added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Something about LUA when going in Red Battlefield
    My game gets stuck with something about loading Lua while trying to enter Red Battlefield.  From what I know, Lua is for running scripts.  However, I am NOT trying to run scripts or anything.  I was wondering if anyone is having the same problems.  Also, I'm having problems with File is Corrupt.  I removed the Version.dat file and ran a recovery and it fixed it.  But now, I'm having this LUA problem.
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  7. favi added a post in a topic Red Essence and Processing/Alchemy   

    I would also like to know.  I'm heating red essence, but the crystal stays grayed out when I try to select.
    I would also like to know.  I'm heating red essence, but the crystal stays grayed out when I try to select.
    I would also like to know.  I'm heating red essence, but the crystal stays grayed out when I try to select.
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  8. favi added a topic in Ranger   

    Penetrating Wind
    How do we get penetrating wind?  I've looked around for it and can't find where it is.
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  9. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    "CASE 1 : HDD
    There is no "real" rule about this but you can apply the same amount than your memory in both Min and max so that instead of a growing paging area you have a fixed paging area that won't get quickly fragmented. (fragmentation could be the cause of bad performance)"
    This, but back in the day it was said to use double your ram.  But that was a long time ago when you had maybe 16 MB of memory.
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  10. favi added a topic in Suggestions   

    Allow others to ride wagon
    How about a player flea market that happens 2-3 times a year?
    During this flea market players are able to sell their goods for whatever price they wish.  It would be about as fair as a flash sale.
    Can we add the ability to mount a wagon with party members?
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  11. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    Another thing you could try to do is increase your pagefile.  AlexKidd mentioned playing on a seperate harddrive, but if you have to, increased your pagefile.
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  12. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    When you go into highly populated areas there are two factors at play.  Server lag and processing a lot of stuff for your computer.  The fix gets rid of the 100% all the time.  It was killing my gameplay.  More Ram, SD Harddrive, or even adjusting your pagefile may help if you don't already have an i5 or above.  I still get major spikes going into cities, but not as much after the fix.  I'm also running an i3.
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  13. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    I think that's normal.  When you leave it goes back down, right?
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  14. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    Yeah...I'm just going to

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  15. favi added a post in a topic Check your frames   

    Yeah, one of the first things i did was increase my page file after installing windows.  Default is not enough sometimes.
    In the original post, I was very surprised to find this.  Best way to check is close all your programs then open task manager (ctrl alt del) then check your disk usage under the disk tab.  This problem occurs very often.
    Windows 10 users read this!
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