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  1. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    I wish we had a solid answer on some of these things, make gearing a little bit more guess work, and even then need a big enough sample size to even have an okay accurate idea on whats true or not without this type of stuff being open knowledge to everyone!
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  2. simplyunsure added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    judging by the numbers people are saying here that they got, i think that xp buffs do work on this, As i got 32% and another friend of mine ending up getting 25 % but i had more xp bonus on, so not sure if this really is the difference or not, i just dont see how people are saying it is giving such low numbers
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  3. simplyunsure added a post in a topic [Lvl. 55] Combat Level-Up quest has been added.   

    I just just finished this and gained 32% but i was full xp buffed i have no idea if any of those buffs do anything for it, i was 55 at 28% and went right to 60% turning it in
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  4. simplyunsure added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Sorry guys but i dont know how i feel about this... i have defended your game in many ways, but i have watched what this does to games like archeage and you have finally gone down the p2w route with this... i defended the value pack, as you only needed to actually have items worth selling on the market to finally make it worth it but this is just right up p2w, and im not even sure how i feel about this anymore, i almost feel completely stupid defending you and your company after the valuepack and then within a week you release this.....
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  5. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Looks like a nice update! Thanks for adding new things at a decent rate, and valencia node wars could be pretty cool, there are some cool nodes out there! Its sad that there is so much negativity about everything all the time, im just glad everything has been coming out in at a steady rate. and the game doesnt have real p2w features like actually buying gear, or buying items that you can sell in the market to make a ton of money off of, such as archeage. Cant wait to see how the servers are after the update!
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  6. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Anyone have any information on how the branding works? I could not find much data on it other then it has a higher chance to learn skills, but you cant sell. I dont see where it says that in game though about the not selling, and also, is it still able to breed if branded? Any info would be much appreciated thanks! I have a few t7s i was going to level and was debating about trying it out!
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  7. simplyunsure added a post in a topic AP offhand vs accuracy no bheg gloves   

    Ive been going back and forth on this as well, with a +18 liverto i also have the ancient guardian weapon and core +5 accuracy while also having a pri red coral earring for another 4 and a tri ring of good deeds giving another 4. Hoping with all that to help balance out using the ap offhand, i could i suppose try to work on getting the red coral duo as well. Want to try to find a happy medium with accuracy from accessories to be able to use the AP offhand.
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  8. simplyunsure added a post in a topic The Crafting Market is basicly gone   

    It would be my guess that things like yuria staff and such are much less sought after now with alot of people moving onto liverto and no longer needed them to repair the durability, same as any of the other gear, we will get to a point i assume were some of these things are just needed less, take a look at a yuria shortsword though. Its constantly selling at max with the demand of the new ninjas, which last i saw was still over 300k per.
    Also as people get more energy as they play longer and make more alts have extra energy to just play the amity game. Such as the vangertz shield, if i remember its only around 48k to get through an npc that is very easy to win at, when i needed more of the shield i just go to him and not the market and be able to buy 2-3 shields for the price of 1, and constantly able to get 180+ amity per try. 
    I can see what you are going for here, and at a quick glance it could seem that way, but i believe there is alot more reasons then just the tax break, especially on items in the 200k range or less where it doesnt feel as big of a gain.
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  9. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Next Update speculation   

    Or you know... just not buy anything from the store if it bugs you, i have spent very little on this game, say compared to getting the new wow xpac for 60 bucks everytime it came out, lets take someone who played wow from the start, 60 for the game, with bc sitting at i think 60 and wotlk sitting at 60 cata dropped to 50 if i remember mists was 40 and warlords 40... so you are looking at 370 in xpac alone, now though lets add 15 a month for the duration of the game being out which is well over 2,000 dollars if you played most of the time its been out..... but lets talk about how costly this game is, i paid once to play at 50 dollars and can pay as little or as much as i WANT to, unlike a game like that where i was required to pay for each xpac and a sub everytime i felt like logging in. 
    Each method can be costly, but this way I can chose when and how i want to spend it, other then oh look more new stuff coming out i MUST  buy or or be locked out of it all the while paying a monthly amount, each way has positives and negatives but this way we are not *forced* to buy it to keep playing, we can keep playing as we want without being denied access to the game when we dont pay x amount of money and when big new updates happen once againi pay x amount of money!
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  10. simplyunsure added a post in a topic PSA: Failstacks being consumed and gear not upgrading is intended   

    Or people could spam the upgrade button less, if this was a real issue, i believe forums would be blowing up with this everywhere, not a very small select few saying otherwise, with the logs stating otherwise as well, im not sure if its lag or people cant stop clicking too fast being worked up, and i dont understand how *only* these very few people in this thread it happens to when many many people every day get a tri, seems more on user error then anything else, if not there would be so much more whining on the forums if this was an actual problem and you should all know that by now, and only 2 pages of complaints by now? if this was like any other bug that actually effected people this would already be 20+ pages of people, so im not sure what could be wrong, even after getting gms to actually take the time to look up your 1 account out of ALL bdo players to try to find this bug only to see that you clicked to too much then still claim something must me wrong, when no one else is having this issue. Its sucks when it fails, and i did it a few times going tri, but if this was a real issue we all know the forums would already have been filled with nothing else!
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  11. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Buff Valencia Zone for EXP + trash items drop   

    Thats actually a pretty decent idea!
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  12. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Value Pack sent by Snail Mail   

    Just got mine not long ago also, took well over 40 hours, but it did arrive! So hang in there! lol Seems things are running slowly, my brother who claimed in several minutes after me got his within 10 minutes of mine.
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  13. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Traveling to new continent in Korean version   

    Looks nice thanks for posting! Wish it was a little more open though!
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  14. simplyunsure added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Lol all these people saying archeage 2.0 have no clue, people could spend 10k or more a month on that game and some clearly did to get a huge advantage such as running 5 accounts for labor, throwing 1,00 dollars at it to buy apex and sell on the market to get in game currency and buy anything in the game they want, as long as you tossed enough at it. Want an epic okay buy about 800 dollars in apex, want to buy a boat just throw 50 bucks at the game, the possibility to actual pay to win in that game is endless. You simply buy things in the store and sell on the market or just buy apex, sell and buy your top en gear!
    This is so minor compared to all of that plus running 5-10 accounts of labor spending 1,000s per a month. Its not like someone can  be like hey i want that +19 Liverto let me just toss 500 bucks at the game to get this item to sell for in game currency so i can buy it! This is basically the same as a sub in many other b2p or f2p games, nothing more imo. After playing Archeage for a good while this pales in comparison to a true p2w game.... Just my 2 cents after having dealt with archeage for some time!
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  15. simplyunsure added a post in a topic You Can Now Claim Pay2Win and Be Right   

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