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  1. xcandykitten added a post in a topic SJ Y new video - Valk vs DK / 256AP/   

    shield chase > counter > shield throw = bread and butter valk 1v1 skill. learn it. you will use it a lot.
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  2. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    new forums dont even work for me, it's just a white screen that's loading forever.
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  3. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Did the Buff to DP get reversed?   

    it feels like they rolled it back to me
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  4. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Looking for - VOICE ACTRESSES   

    if you ever need a normal female american adult voice i could probably help.
    young + accent isn't my range though
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  5. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    please tell me what else a TANK is supposed to do? cause we have the least super armors, no real frontal block skills, and no aoe damage either. so we sit and tank front lines or peel for witchards. wooo smart.
    That's actual real balance, gj for noticing.
    also you can't tank 15+ ppl for LONG, but long enough be a front line, now trying to use block for anything is an instant death sentance because it breaks so fast and then you're get stuck in an animation lock and die.
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  6. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    my 390dp build vs my 293dp build in node wars have minimal difference when it comes to holding block on a front line. They both break in under a second since the bug was introduced. I used to be able to stand a good 4-5 seconds on the front line with no issues even against 30+ people.

    And honestly? your opinion on the subject doesn't mean anything. You're just spewing uneducated BS with no basis in reality.

    No other version of BDO has this bug, it IS a bug, and it IS INTENDED for valks shield to be 2-3x stronger than what it currently is in the NA/EU version. Valks do not have the SA or Frontal block skills that other classes have because of our shield being as strong as it is. Having our shield now be the weakest in the game is GAMEBREAKING for the class which is already at a disadvantage even under the best circumstances in large scale.

    end of story.
    Good day sir.


    You know what else? YOu have a lot more evasion in your build than he does accuracy, you have a full buff bar and he has no buffs. (misses, which clearly he is missing quite a lot, doesn't lower your shield durability)

    Your test is BS, this whole post is BS, and you should go back to your troll cave.
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  7. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    no it shouldnt because valk is intented to be THE front line class. You cant be a front line class when your only defense is gone in LITERALLY under a second.
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  8. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Valk shield against 190ap wizard.   

    1v1 the shield isnt that big of a deal. it's in sieges where u now have 15+ people all at the same time, your shield gets destroyed in .5 seconds
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  9. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Fastest clear speed at pirates with equal stats?   

    witch clear winner over every other class, including wizard.

    Witch skills hit in waves so you can stack 12 mobs, or more, all on top of each other and with 1 skill, kill all of them. 
    vs wizard all damage happens in 1 big hit = sometimes takes more than 1 skill to clear a group of mobs.

    This was my experience 
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  10. xcandykitten added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    awaken block is bugged so it has the same durability as non-awaken block (it's supposed to be 2-3x stronger)
    It's been bugged for almost a month now.
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  11. xcandykitten added a post in a topic xentago joins equilibrium on his alt account and farms and reports himself   

    if this is on NA, i prolly know who this is, and he's doing Gods' work. 
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  12. xcandykitten added a post in a topic [New] Kamasylve Channels   

    This is a perfect solution imo
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  13. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Did they ever fix the chat system?   

    Nothing about chat has been changed since launch, except there is now a RP specific channel, but i'ts 99% memes and sh*tposting
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  14. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Hit damage wall   

    you need accuracy for purple mobs (and some high level mobs when you're level 58+ in valencia)
    Otherwise you dont need much accuracy for pve. Just ap.
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  15. xcandykitten added a post in a topic Did they increase guard damage?   

    guards do % based damage (like 10% of your hp per hit) so it didnt matter. 60 or 5 takes about the same time to die.
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