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  1. Blythe90 added a post in a topic [NA][UNO][PvX]Grubs Tavern is hiring!(Discord Required)   

    Wrong. I killed him after your entire guild went around and killed AFK fishers, then he proceeded to rage at me and call me every name in the book, and then I chased him down on my alt (due to having only 20k positive karma on my main) and he ran constantly. Then he offered to duel me and cowardly, got your racist ass to attack me. I would've won a straight up fight against you without a sweat, but I didn't have enough karma, your meteor residual lightning combo only brought me to 40% and you only killed me because you caught me off guard with 0 pots. Then you were too afraid to flag up and fight me because you didn't have the jump afterwards.
    Then you proceeded to call me every name in the book, which is obviously common for people in your guild. I see now why literally nobody likes you on the server.
    I left my guild because one of the officers was being a carebear and saying we shouldn't war you guys, when one of your strongest members couldn't even witch combo kill me (obviously doesn't even have anything more than pri accessories, at best). I wanted to farm you guys endlessly, they didn't, so I quit.
    I haven't logged on because of overwatch, but once I do, I'm just going to farm you guys endlessly. It's too bad there's a karma system in this game or I would've killed you after you cowardly killed me (slowly, by the way, and I had no pots to heal up) while I was still autopathing.
    GrubsTavern-  autism, bigotry (literally says nig*** and fa**** every sentence), low skill pvp, kills AFK fishers, and no one over pri accessories (lazy/poor players). If you like that, this guild is for you.
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  2. Blythe90 added a post in a topic [NA][UNO][PvX]Grubs Tavern is hiring!(Discord Required)   

    These guys are racists and bigots. A guy named "Wiggly" PM'd me with an endless onslaught of racial and homophobic slurs after I retaliated against them, killing 4 of them, for mass killing AFK fishers.
    No joke, like 6 of them were out mass killing afk fishers, they even admitted it, it's pathetic.
    Not only did Wiggly PM me "you stupid f***ing useless ni**** " among other things, about 5 of their members started PMing me insults as well.
    Terrible guild, probably some of the most terrible people in general, not just in this game.
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  3. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Solely RNG based MMO's do not work in Western markets   

    Not even just PvP now that they released Mediah 2. You need top end gear to properly PvE in the new areas to maintain any sort of efficient rate.
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  4. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Ghillie PSA: Flare can not be crafted in our version of the game.   

    I've been saying this from day one, yet I've been called every name in the book.
    Anyone that doesn't have it is at a HUGE disadvantage in PvP
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  5. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Broken musa/maehwa useless on world bosses, and fall further behind the rest   

    Welcome to melee on world bosses.
    It takes 8 hours to hit level 50, get a witch or ranger and stop crying.
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  6. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Solely RNG based MMO's do not work in Western markets   

    I lost 30 million (38 million if you count buying the replacement) going for duo MoS.
    Even though that's not a lot (my net worth is around 400 million), it's still staggering to instantly lose 25-30 hours of fishing silver.
    The only way to sustain high end play is to do world bosses nonstop, to play 24/7 so you don't miss a spawn.
    I'm not asking to be handed everything but that is a little nuts. Imagine losing a tri ogre ring or something like that.
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  7. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Thanks for proving my point by saying that you've basically bought everything that I stated. Gotta defend your money habits, it's human nature.
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  8. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    As someone without the package... a Tier 5 horse with a breed reset?
    I'm seriously getting tired of this pay to win bullshit. 
    20% training exp outfit, ghille suit, 10% combat exp outfits, increased chance to gain knowledge outfit, weight limit increases, inventory increases. 
    There's so much shit in this game, and now you're giving people a t5 female horse with a breeding reset. 
    Conq players had a head start AND a horse to start out with, yet they STILL complained, now they're getting ANOTHER free horse that is BETTER than before. My entire first character WALKED EVERYWHERE. I didn't get the convenience of a horse until later, while everyone that paid into it had a significant early advantage. But no, that wasn't enough. Whiny kids.
    I'm getting so sick of this shit.
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  9. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Compensate EU for Weekend Reward.   

    So EU wants another advantage?
    You guys got 300% fishing, and got multiple gurus in fishing due to that.
    Our compensation was like 100% fishing, and we still have no gurus (maybe one now? I don't think so).
    EU is still miles ahead of NA due to that.
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  10. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Bonus EXP Weekend - Lucky Box   

    Please tell us details, what is the bonus EXP for (combat/life) and how much is it?
    EDIT- Of course I got an armor stone. Meh.
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  11. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Attn: Gm's   

    Wrong, you seem to have not played Vanilla WoW. You seem to have not played EQ. Wildly successful, but they had hiccups far worse than this that lasted far longer.
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  12. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Imagine if another MMO had a bug where none of your armor counted...   

    Test it yourself, go get hit by something, take off your armor, get hit again. Very easy test...
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  13. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Imagine if another MMO had a bug where none of your armor counted...   

    That is not being debated.
    The class is supposed to benefit from DP, it doesn't.
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  14. Blythe90 added a post in a topic An outstanding game that sadly won't last. Here's why.   

    You will find out soon enough that the only endgame is PvP. You can say "but...but crafting!" all you want, but you will find out once you're in artisan or whatever that it's nothing but a grind. The only actual endgame is PvP and if this were a PvE game you would quit within 2 months. It would only last 2 months due to the runescape-esque grind, not necessarily that it has a lot of content.
    It just FEELS like there is a lot of PvE content due to them ass amounts of new concept that you have to learn, but once you learn all the concepts the game is not as big as it once seemed, and you will see the endgame is strictly PvP. I found that out 2 weeks ago when I learned all the systems, and dabbled in all of them at least a little bit.
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  15. Blythe90 added a post in a topic Attn: Gm's   

    Kids nowadays expect compensation from the smallest problems.
    Back in my day, we dealt with it and didn't cry about it.
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