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  1. I guess we found out what's next. RIP game, you will be missed.

    On to bigger and brighter things

  2. I don't mean content wise I mean like what's the next thing to get added that will milk us players dry?

    It's buy to play, pay to play, and has a cash shop. Like I've never seen an MMO manage to get all 3 in, this truly is the first next gen MMO.

  3. Players dropping fast

    guilds dying, being forced to merged, etc

    Pay 2 win subscription items being added

    Game still buy to play

    Still required to buy cash outfits to stay on top

    Still pay 2 win pet system

    Classes getting nerfed to hell (sorc)

    Required content such as awakenings not in the game

    witches/wizards completely imbalanced and required for seiges, while melee classes useless


    Like what's my incentive to keep playing at this point? More cash shop shit and changes to ruin the game, while there's a definite lack of the actual balance content that would severely help the game.

  4. ya my guild and our 16 alliances all dead / sarcasm off

    my sarcasm was never on

    literally both guilds went to around 1/5th their members in the past week.

    Not even sure what happened to my guild, started with one argument and boom, loads leave

  5. It seems that most people have..

    my entire guild and our rival guild both died in the past week. Great patch

  6. it's already pay to win

    cash shop outfit benefits like +10% exp, +20% horse training, etc

    Pets that give combat exp boosts and life skill boosts.

    additional weight so you can grind longer than a free player

    additional inventory slots so you can fish longer than a free player

    Worker housing that doesn't cost contribution, as well as storage that doesn't cost contribution so paying players can essentially get more free silver than free players


    people who deny this are just drinking some Daum brand kool-aid

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  7. Recent patch got me thinking. Game is pretty shit and I only stick around for friends.

    There's gotta be other reasons like maybe you like the fishing system or something, just curious is all

  8. We had just reached a point where people were starting to catch up with their gear.  Now with this last patch the gear differential is huge.

    Daum and PA how do you expect the average player to ever have a chance in this game? 

    I asked this earlier in regards to guilds.  Explain to me how a guild that does not get a castle can compete with those that do.  Income for a castle is around 100 million a day.  There is no way in game for a guild to come close to that number even with the silver sinks with elephants and guild houses.

    I am amazed that the game has survived as long as it has in KR.   Right now it looks like this one is headed the wrong way and fast.


    basically you don't catch up.

    you grind forever and ever but those top tier guys will still get top tier loot, grind way faster, and already have more workers n shit than you do anyways.

    you can't close the gap a bit but you'll never catch up until they quit.

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  9. Can finally stop trying to keep up by playing 10+ hours a day

    I get to go back to enjoying life, not worrying about RNG

    Thanks for lying about forcing to +18. Thanks for lying about nerfing 16-20. Thanks for removing node wars. Thanks for never releasing awakenings.

    I appreciate it all.

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  10. after several of the top guilds implode from within because they get smashed in the trials. I'm sure a new "top" guild will arise with several of the disbanded to exploit it. 

    Guild of Shadows will rise

  11. it's indeed nice for that.

    But i would have LOVED they took care about tamer mobility too.


    I mean, tamer dont have block like most melee class, and arent even mobile like most of the class... that point is kinda VERY annoying imho.

    tamer has 2 blocks

    void lightning and surging tide

  12. I really wish we knew how much legendary beast power got its cd decreased by.

    Though even just a second is a huge buff to tamer. Literally non stop jolt/bolt

  13. I've heard from others that when those higher enchant levels are released our doggy will melt like butter and essentially be useless in pvp. Void Lightning is heavily dependent on doggy and a major part of pvp for a tamer. So with awakenings coming out in like 1-2 months time does that mean that tamers are basically going to be useless for before they are released?

  14. Max I've got is like 2 months after purchase

    Luckily they sold you a product not as described so you'll get it.

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  15. What are my chances getting a refund on all my cash shop purchases and the game itself?

    I bought into a PvP game not this carebear "see who can kill mobs faster" bullshit new game

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