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  1. EbonViper added a post in a topic We need this in NA/EU   

    What boggles my mind is how can they all be in underwear outside home instances!  This is scandalous! ;D
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  2. EbonViper added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    So wait, your saying that your only worry in this game is a ranger with 160 AP no matter where you are. FIne ok, we all get it, my question is: why do you have to go to a "lowbie" zone and be an actual obstacle to people, when you can easily avoid it? Yes, it might not be efficient, your bank, your dog and your friends are closer to Sausan and so on and so forth..but ...so what.? Instead of being afk half a day as a consequence of not being "superefficient" why don't you take a walk, smell the flowers and think about the fact that this game is not about YOU. It's about a community that you are part of, and if the price for your efficiency is that you'll be even more alone in a few weeks, then i ask you, was it worth it?
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  3. EbonViper added a post in a topic I think it's time to bring back penalties for dying in owpvp   

    So if it's not easymode it's not fun, right?  You could go to Valencia and grind with the big boys but no, there you could have competition. It's easier to be a witch on a horse and claim a whole zone. God forbid you actually have to put some effort for your reward. In the meantime, you are hampering the progression of other players who like a challenge and want to have FUN with their friends instead of being mindless grinding machines. 
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  4. EbonViper added a post in a topic Building Fail Stacks   

    I had a  +56 failstack going from grunil chestpiece +14 to +15. How does that fit into the mathematical calculus ?
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  5. EbonViper added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    Here is the piece I am still working on. It is still very much work in progress but it's coming along nicely. I will keep updating the post with either more WIP or the finished piece! 
    The Finished piece is up and I am rather pleased with it, hope you all enjoy it! 
    The Salty Bones Crew, led by their fierce Captain Crow!

    Still to do: shading, effects, rain. 
    Here some images from the creation process: 
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  6. EbonViper added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Oh yes. Very much lots of yesses. All the yesses.
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  7. EbonViper added a post in a topic Daum: Request for more 'lore friendly/npc' clothing!   

    I agree with this idea, i was about to post my own aswell but then i thought it would be better to keep things tidy  
    So here's my take on this, how about Daum releases "packages" of Outfits (so that we can wear them in combat if wanted) on the Pearl shop, but cheaply priced since they are not as nearly as intricated as the amazing costumes they already sell?
    An example would be "The Commoner's package" , could contain 6 outfits taken from various professions and npcs in the game, a farmer, a fisherman, a trader and so on and so forth, followed next month by another package with six new samples. 
    This game is the most immersive MMO i have EVER played, i just can't see why Daum would turn its back on monetizing on something they have available but is not generating any income. The packages could be priced at 5-10 Euros , and i am pretty sure they would sell like hotcakes. Of course i expect 5% on the sales for my idea ;P 
    Come on DAUM! Take our money , damn you! <3
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  8. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    Thank you Vertigale
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  9. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    You are doing a great  job Faine, for all of us, sometimes you have to make hard decisions and you lived up to your role. My hat's off to you , and now i'll go vote
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  10. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    Yes, a german PVE guild voting to go on what looks like it will be the hardcore PVP server makes a LOOOOOT of sense.
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  11. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    Argh sorry about the messed up post and quotes, my little daughter decided to land a drop kick  on my keyboard. ^^
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  12. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC - EU RP] Deciding on an unofficial RP server for launch.   

    It would make sense if by experience i can tell you that Big and pro pvp guilds do not engage all the time with each other, moreover the percentage of bored kids in them tends to be pretty high and guess what they will do while waiting for the next big battle or big siege?
     I'll roll on Jordine, where the majority of Eu rpers are going, we should stick together also because if what you say is true, it's easier to defend yourself from  a poor man pvper that didn't fit on "Server one" with the pros, than fighting a bored Pro

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  13. EbonViper added a post in a topic Pearl prices.   

    I agree with this, prices are way to high for vanity items, we have already paid for the game where it is free in other countries, we do not grow money on trees, aye?
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  14. EbonViper added a post in a topic Custom chat emotes   

    This would be a very welcome addition indeed
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  15. EbonViper added a post in a topic Chat improvements   

    This is vital for roleplayers, please fix this before launch? It shouldn't require a lot of effort i think. 
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  16. EbonViper added a post in a topic [OOC] An official roleplaying channel or server.   

    I support, endorse and love this idea. Come on Daum! Make BD our home for years to come, no gamer is as loyal as a roleplayer!
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  17. EbonViper added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

    +1111111111111111 If the devs show support to rp, they will definitely see numbers (and cash shop sales) increase. No one spends money like a Roleplayer! ^^
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  18. EbonViper added a post in a topic Creating groups and partys - suggestion   

    Took me forever to group up with my friend last night. PLEASE enable this option, what you have right now is a true chore.
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  19. EbonViper added a post in a topic Toggle Walk Function   

    Agreed! Please make it a toggle
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