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  1. Idiot added a post in a topic Serious Lack of Witch/Wizard PvP Videos   

    well when people lose 0 hp, that isnt just an AP/DP difference, its straight up god mode so until the hackers are gone which will be never i dont see a point in playing
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  2. Idiot added a post in a topic Serious Lack of Witch/Wizard PvP Videos   

    i have a 50 witch, and not being able to do 1% with my 100% rage skill proves how bad witch/wizard really is against these hackers.
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  3. Idiot added a post in a topic Specific guilds using hacks to get ahead.   

    http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/54507-auction-house-bot-with-proof/ this topic is one of the few things that has been deemed a hack seeing as they are bypassing a game system to buy auction house items before players. I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing other things as well.
    Not to mention the guilds im mentioning are already pricks on their own, and have used hacks to ruin other games i've played in the past.
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  4. Idiot added a post in a topic Serious Lack of Witch/Wizard PvP Videos   

    Witches and wizards are bland as far as comboing goes, and they require nearly ZERO skill, the only thing you need to be wary of is not getting caught which is more of a minigame than anything. In a further opinion PVP in itself doesn't matter since this game is already plagued with hackers on every server.
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  5. Idiot added a post in a topic What top 10 guilds do you think will dominate the NA server   

    they have more points than possible by the system, and its known they hacked and bribed people in other games to manipulate the coding, point invalid.
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  6. Idiot added a post in a topic Elephant Hype! [Legacy Gaming] (Veritas, Legatum, Dommestici) - Orwen | PvP | Recruiting Now   

    All I see is a group of hackers looking to ruin another game. Leave and go ruin some other game.
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  7. Idiot added a post in a topic 51 Warrior LFG - Orwen   

    Stop trying to grow your hacker cult, you already have your fanbase ruining this game enough. We don't need you breeding even more hackers.
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  8. Idiot added a post in a topic [NA | Orwen] Are you StormBlessed?   

    If you really want to make a difference you guys should start working to chase the hacker guilds off of Orwen.
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  9. Idiot added a post in a topic Auction House Bot - With Proof   

    When hackers are involved it doesn't matter if it's working properly or not; The problem are hacker guilds. I tried proper channels but Daum wants their game to go down the drain faster than the last game these hackers ruined.
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  10. Idiot added a post in a topic Auction House Bot - With Proof   

    This is proof that people are hacking on BDO, its not surprising since guilds i know hacked on other games are present on BDO.
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  11. Idiot added a post in a topic <Malicious> | Hardcore PVP Guild | RECRUIT VIDEO INSIDE | STRICT Time Reqs | BEST ORWEN GUILD | MOST FUN GUILD IN THE WORLD   

    Looks like a meeting of hackers from the past, the only things guilds like you rely on are altering the game to your own will. Go make your own game since that's the case
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  12. Idiot added a topic in US Guild   

    Specific guilds using hacks to get ahead.
    It has come to my attention that the majority of the guilds on Orwen have come from a specific game that we all know was ruined by hackers and bribery, these guilds are extremely hostile and arrogant. Not to mention the way they ruined games in the past was outright illegal. These guilds i'm referring to are ones you all know and hate and one of them even advertises themselves to accept people with "god complexes" while three other ones are using illegal means to have more guild points than physically possible by the system. These guilds are looking to hack and bribe their way to stardom and should be stopped at any cost.
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