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  1. Dogehn added a post in a topic Cannot patch   

    Same issue.
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  2. Dogehn added a post in a topic Why is Daum homogenizing BDO?   

    You've been proven to lie about your contacts with PA previously. I provided proof of it when I derailed one of your previous rants. You've made lore posts and a few guides. You're not 'inside man.' You're just upset about a change and want to be treated as if your opinion on the subject is worthy of being valued more than others. You attempt to make yourself seem important by claiming to have inside information. If your status has changed why not provide some evidence? You seem to think you have some pull with PA, prove it. Post some form of direct communication with PA showing them saying Daum EU is misrepresenting the changes.

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  3. Dogehn added a post in a topic Are Market Place Special Deals Tax Free?   

    Oh I have, but there's someone that refuses to believe me regardless of the math so I want a source I can show. 
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  4. Dogehn added a topic in General   

    Are Market Place Special Deals Tax Free?
    Are Market Place Special Deals Tax Free? @CM_Jouska, can you confirm that the Special Deals tab sells and distributes silver to party members tax-free?
    Can anyone answer this with a source?
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  5. Dogehn added a post in a topic Stacking consecutive ultimate upgrades   

    Yes it stops.
    Example: Your warehouse has 1 pair of Grunil Shoes of Intimidation. You have 20 t3 armor reform stones. You set your worker to attempt to upgrade the shoes 10 times. The worker will repeat the recipe until you no longer have the items needed. Once your shoes successfully upgrade you will no longer have the 1 pair of Grunil Shoes of Intimidation, you'll have Ultimate Grunil Shoes instead which causes the worker to stop since it no longer has the correct amount of materials. If you have 4 pairs of Grunil Shoes of Intimidation in your warehouse your worker will keep going until all 4 are ultimate or until the worker runs out of reform stones/materials.
    I have done this myself, I know it to be true.
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  6. Dogehn added a post in a topic When can we actually start buying Liverto weapons?   

    A lot of people simply take off their armor at world bosses since they one shot everyone with certain abilities. I have 0 DP on my witch, valk, and musa when I go to world bosses. Having zero DP doesn't make you a special snow flake. 
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  7. Dogehn added a post in a topic When can we actually start buying Liverto weapons?   

    At some point we should get the Black Spirit Rage (mob empowerment ability). When this comes out you'll be able to use your black spirit power to infuse certain mobs with additional strength. Killing them while they are empowered grants you a token. These tokens can be used to get liverto weapons. At least that is what I've read. From what I've read it was release later in Mediah content and yesterday the BDO twitter said we're getting Mediah 2 "very very very soon".
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  8. Dogehn added a post in a topic Other versions of the game allow players to purchase cash shop items through the auction house.   

    I'd like to see your proof that this would increase revenue. Do you have internal data from Daum EU that isn't available to the public? Yeah, didn't think so.
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  9. Dogehn added a post in a topic Bot Desert   

    Please bring this system as soon as possible. Release me from this AH camping hell.
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  10. Dogehn added a post in a topic Guys, you are ALL very stupid. Terribly Stupid. Everybody is stupid.   

    This is not the first AFK game in the west. No one is making you play it. Feel free to look elsewhere. Hope you find something you enjoy.
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  11. Dogehn added a post in a topic Gift of Letter repayment 3 scammed   

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. You could try opening a ticket, but I know you won't get any resolution through there. The only thing you can do it take it as a life lesson and be careful in the future. Find a guild/gaming community you can trust and in the future do anything like that with someone you've known for a while. Sorry to hear you got scammed.
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  12. Dogehn added a post in a topic not being able to buy gold has made this game unenjoyable for me   

    No, no P2W. Earn it or get over it. There are plenty of people at a competitive level that play smart and don't need to no life the game. 
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  13. Dogehn added a post in a topic Eta on NERF for Blader/Musa's dash ???   

    The iframe is already nerfed from other regions. The dash, while annoying, is fine how it is. 
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  14. Dogehn added a post in a topic Cast Speed Gems?   

    I've this quest gives one as a reward: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/62605-knowledge-battle-with-hailey-21-final/
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