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  1. Nina added a post in a topic Any Filthy Casual Guilds on Edan for a filthy casual??   

    Did someone say Filthy Casual? 
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  2. Nina added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    Changing clock to (UTC) and relaunching BDO worked for me.
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  3. Nina added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    WHY DID THIS WORK. Kakao pls.
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  4. Nina added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    Haha hopefully it gets fixed before that ('':
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  5. Nina added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    Thanks for the info, looks like some of us are just unlucky. 
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  6. Nina added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    Peoples inability to tell time/dates astounds me. 
    Still no quest for me on Edan. Tried collecting on Calph E1 and Velia E1. For anyone who's gotten their quest, which channel/server where you on?
    Rumor is you have to get the 2 hour cookie first, can anyone confirm? 
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  7. Nina added a post in a topic Character Slot Expansion Coupons from Conquerors Package   

    After the wipe i actually don't remember anything being taken from me such as the home decor, pre-order costume, horse whistle, etc... i never had to re-redeem (? xD) them after the wipe. So as far as i can tell, the character slots are the only things i'm missing. I am correct in saying i should have eight total slots now instead of five, right? Or is one character slot the default?...
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  8. Nina added a post in a topic Character Slot Expansion Coupons from Conquerors Package   

    I've been checking my account page since the wipe, but havent received anything  edit: There also isn't anything for me to redeem besides my guest pass.
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  9. Nina added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Character Slot Expansion Coupons from Conquerors Package
    I pre-ordered the conquerors pack and received the extra three character slot expansions coupons that were promised in the package during the closed beta. However, i never received them again after the maintenance when the game officially launched, leaving me with only four character slots (five now with the musa/maehwa expansion). I sent a ticket in a month ago and the only thing i received was a compensation, no coupons. I sent another ticket in 18 days ago that has yet to be looked at. I have three characters at the moment and neither of them has coupons in the pearl tab. I know support was flooded with tickets during launch, but is it normal to wait this long with no response at all? I just want what i paid for.  
    Not sure if this is the right place to submit this, so if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.
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  10. Nina added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  11. Nina added a post in a topic Debit Card Issue?   

    Okie, thanks for all the help guys!
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  12. Nina added a topic in General   

    Debit Card Issue?
    Hey guys, a friend of mine tried to preorder the game a few days ago, but was having issues with his debit card not going through. I know preorders are over now, but did anyone else have card issues when trying to preorder? Did you manage to find a solution?
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  13. Nina added a post in a topic Oath - Proud, Loyal.   

    Just applied through the website and look forward to hearing back.
    *Edited for double post D;
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  14. Nina added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Nimie

    Family Name:Nimieux


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  15. Nina added a post in a topic Who got what they wanted??   

    Family name - Nimieux
    Character name - Nina
    Finally not Ninaa, Niina, Ninaaaaaaa. 
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