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  1. Shayde added a post in a topic Blackstone vendor (aka night vendor)   

    I've used this vendor occasionally. Black stones pop often, but I've also seen all the good stuff too..bheg gloves, tree armor, weapons, etc.
    Working as intended, I'd say.
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  2. Shayde added a post in a topic Human or Goblin Worker?   

    I'd say goblins for sure. Humans can work for longer periods of time without beer, but they gather slower compared to goblins. Without crunching numbers I'd say it would be very close, difference being the goblin levelling quicker and much better in the workshop.
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  3. Shayde added a post in a topic PVP Server   

    I'm not saying I am pro-PvP, or PvE or whatever. However, I would be very curious to learn if the servers were broken up between returning players (exp bonus) PvP (no penalties), PvE (no player vs player), and a RP server (unlimited ERP until the board of health shuts you down) which server would have the most traffic and constantly labelled "crowded" when logging in.
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  4. Shayde added a post in a topic Valks degraded to life skill class for real this time.   

    During closed / open beta I had hopes for my valk. Now, shes a life skills, energy, and storage whore.
    I have to golf clap for the few awakened valks floating around. You have more perseverance than I.
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  5. Shayde added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Watermarks apparently !?
    It's better to try not to make sense of the weekly patch note situation.
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  6. Shayde added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    I actually don't care either way. It's ridiculous to cry about something that as far as we know is not on the agenda. If you feel scorned or butt hurt from a past bdo experience, don't place blame on the forum members or player base.
    You're debating something that is a moot point. 
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  7. Shayde added a post in a topic Valks Cry? Pls no   

    The company has already stated valks cry is not coming any time soon. 

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  8. Shayde added a post in a topic What should I upgrade to run BDO on high settings?   

    If you are going to spend some money on an upgrade, I'd replace the GPU first in your case.
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  9. Shayde added a post in a topic Predictions for Easter Event tomorrow   

    Something to do with eggs I'm suspecting.
    Still have mine from last year actually. 
    I'm assuming it'll be something low key and understated. No point breaking tradition now 
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  10. Shayde added a post in a topic Are enchant rates so bad?   

    Some cron stones will give a RNG chance of that not happening
    Linky to Cron Stones
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  11. Shayde added a post in a topic Items are gone...   

    The support system is the best place for this.
    If you seriously want any type of attention / resolution, put in a support ticket. 
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  12. Shayde added a post in a topic Apologies to the new players   

    That's all the squeaky forum wheels and WoW want it now crowds. 
    Blame those folks, not the company trying to satisfy what they think are the masses.
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  13. Shayde added a post in a topic Leveling Trading.   

    Your experience comes when you make the sale.
    If you want trade exp, then set up a circuit where you can constantly sell as soon as possible, and the first nodes are refreshing as soon as you complete the circuit.
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  14. Shayde added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

    No facts here, only opinion.
    Combat system is decent. There are faults, same as any other MMO. 
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  15. Shayde added a post in a topic Is farming really worth it VS other lifeskill profits   

    I farm too. It's tedious, huge CP sink and the reward isn't as great as some of the other life skills. However, it does yield some component / ingredients for other money making ventures. I don't assign any workers to my farms. I have one of my energy alts stationed there and just log her in and out as required.
    I completely agree with your post and thoughts. You're right on track. 
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