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  1. Megabiv added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    Whilst I don't mind the warrior outfit it's not like the conqueror one. The best bit on conqueror is the spikes/dreads look on the helm and this is completely different. Still perhaps they'll release them eventually.
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  2. Megabiv added a post in a topic What feature in other games would you like to see in this one?   

    This is something I'd want to see in this game as at present you just get penalized trying to do anything in a group. I would also like some group PvE stuff to do with my guild, I mean the guild bosses were a nice start but now are pointless unless they improve the loot tables. 

    I would really really love to see though is a dungeon (I guess it would have to be instanced to make this work) where difficulty increases the further you go, so something like Aakman where you clear you're way down but each level gets tougher. Say start at Sausan mob difficulty at lvl1 then lvl2 it's like bashims etc.. until you get to the point where it's Hystria tough and beyond. Each level gives better loot drops, XP, silver so we finally have a "Risk = reward" scenario. Further you grind the tougher the mobs but the better the loot drops (as in items and rates), XP and silver. 

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  3. Megabiv added a post in a topic I'm level 52. What now?   

    I would get a few characters to 56 to experience the awakenings as some start of meh and get good (e.g Warrior, Wiz) and others start off good and from what I've been told get very meh (Ninja or Kuno for example. By the way I'm not knocking on those classes i just mean I've know many players who once they got awakenings disliked those classes pretty quickly). Getting to lvl56 is quite quick nowadays and I would definitely suggest trying a few of them out before you begin grinding towards lvl60 and investing too much into a character only to find you no longer like it's play style. Might even be worth checking out a few streams and seeing others at higher levels and see if those classes interest you. 
    Once you're decided on a character though just play at your own pace and go through the story or just grind Pirates till lvl60 and you're in a coma .

    Anyway enjoy and have fun.
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  4. Megabiv added a post in a topic Imperial delivery bug ?   

    Had same thing on Splashing point fisher, perhaps they haven't been reset yet or something.
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  5. Megabiv added a post in a topic Valuepack   

    Please factor in my VP, Combat book and Kamasylve buff 
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  6. Megabiv added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    Agreed, I'd much rather blow up shit I've dropped myself than have to farm mobs/afk to get money to just blow stuff up. Not quite the same thing imo.
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  7. Megabiv added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    This, keeping a notice on all boss items not just TRI or 0 and you'll see a lot more go up for bidding.
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  8. Megabiv added a post in a topic Texture/Graphic settings   

    Same here, just disabled effects at bosses and it's all gravy.
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  9. Megabiv added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Still nothing for those who already claimed the 5000 hour reward it seems. Logged in and....nope, not there  
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  10. Megabiv added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Agree, I don't touch any contests anymore since all websites and games want you to use those godawful "social" platforms. Meh..guess we're going to end up with some piss poor loading screens like last time. Feels bad for those who put effort in just to see a shitty scene in low end mode with the back of a head as a winner >.>
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  11. Megabiv added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    Guildie got a Kzarka last night from the golden egg and a random on EU got a Nouver the day before. I've gotten a crescent ring and some shards
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  12. Megabiv added a post in a topic Did everyone roll Dark Knight?   

    Well it's the new FOTM, happened with Ninjas, happened with Wizards when awakening was out and it'll happen again with striker and what ever the other is going to be.
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  13. Megabiv added a post in a topic Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game   

    Think the OP is referring to when people list items like TRI Liverto's on market place at minimum during a blackstone event when those prices are low. Once the blackstones increase in price the minimum sale price raises and you have to sit waiting for all those items to sell first which can take ages. I also don't get why you can't do anything till your stuff has sold...you rerolling DK or something and need money?
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  14. Megabiv added a post in a topic new Party XP Chart   

    Didn't someone else post this?
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  15. Megabiv added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    This week I've used that much energy and I also have not a single shard to show for it. I do have about 3k lamb meat though >.>
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