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  1. Oozo added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    LOL, burying it all in the same thread.  Good one. 
    The people who quit the game are the same type of people who would not feed money into the game by buying tears and such.  I doubt you are that upset by losing them.  You already got their money from buying the base game and all they do now is add stress to the underperforming servers. 
    A cynical person might begin to think that many of the MMOs released these days have no real plans for longevity but instead operate as a cash grab.
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  2. Oozo added a post in a topic Can someone explain CC?   

    People confuse stiffness and stun.  Stiffness a ministun that does not trigger CC immunity.  Berserker stomp falls into that category as does the wizard AoE that hits you with chained ministuns.  So, if you are taking stiffness hits from multiple sources it feels like you are just being permaCCd.
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  3. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    Take a closer look.  At least two of the times where you start typing about desyncs it was actually a resisted grab.  You can see the big red IMMUNE message when he tried to grab you.  And yes, you destroyed him when you were able to connect on him.   I watched more of it, but you didn't seem to be playing very well towards the end when you lose more fights  You even mentioned it yourself in the video.  At least twice when he kills you, you said you played poorly.  Your facing was off and you were giving him your back a lot towards the end.  That said, the berserker also made some mistakes.  There was one fight he should have won but he RMB/LMBd on an undertaker and forced himself into an ability that roots him when he meant to do a spin 2 win that would have killed you.
    Some of the fights were close, but whether they were close or not depending on him either not desyncing or not getting IMMUNEs.  If he got those, you either won or turned it around.  That is the problem with berserker and the reason why people don't play it.  You are too dependent on things that are out of your control (desyncs and IMMUNE).  As a ranger, you don't require CC to land to put pressure on people due to the game's mechanics.
    It's not rocket science.  I know you like to imagine yourself playing at a huge disadvantage and overcoming that disadvantage through sheer skill and will power but desync and the mechanics of this game favor AP over DP, AoE over precision, and burst over control and sustained damage.  You really have to be delusional to not see that. 
     I run with 60% chance to resist knockdowns.  This game's CC system is a joke.  It's much better to not be reliant on CC than to be reliant on CC.
    That would be nice, but after you read the other player you have to hope that your CC doesn't get desyncd and/or immuned leaving you vulnerable to eat the other's full damage.  That happens at least one to your berserker friend who has a key stomp get immuned as he comes in, but instead of being able to grab you off of that ministun he instead eats your dmg. 
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  4. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    Um, you posted a movie of you absolutely destroying that beserker multiple times.  He kills you when he gets a full chain off and other another time when you screw up, maybe some more later but I did not watch the whole thing.
    A lot of what you think are desyncs are actually you RNG resisting his grabs.  You will see the red IMMUNE  message when that happens.  You resist quite a few grabs even though you are not even built for resisting grapple.  Here are the things that make beserker weak in regular 1v1s that involves the use of potions.
    1.  Highly dependent on landing CC, which puts them at a disadvantage due to desyncs (bug), RNG IMMUNEs (core mechanic) and CC timer IMMUNEs (core mechanic).
    2.  In order to kill someone you have to land a sustained CC chain (which will typically fail due to desync or IMMUNE), but the damage is countered by low cooldown duration healing potions. 
    How can you not see that in the current state of the game because of how AP works against DP and because of how the CC mechanics work, that classes that have high burst and don't rely on long CC chains have an advantage.  And due to desync issues, classes that rely on AoE damage will have an advantage over classes that rely on precision (like landing grabs). 
    I think that rangers have a 20% base chance to resist grapple (I'm not going to bother to log in and double-check that - feel free to do so yourself).  If neither side is using +/- CC then the berserker has roughly a 41% chance to land four straight grabs.  Throw in desyncs and that drops by a lot.  If you are getting hit by four straight grabs then you are getting unlucky and the berserker is getting lucky and that is without even trying to build resist against grapple.
    It is a huge advantage in this game to NOT be reliant on CC because of how the CC mechanics work.
    Which makes it a completely unrealistic way of evaluating actual PVP that is relevant.  Just as swapping to a resist neck for arena duels would be an unrealistic way of evaluating PvP.
    So, it takes him 18 seconds to kill you while you are stuck in a 4 grab chain (remember, there is a 41% of you getting stuck in a four grab chain with 20% resist)
    But, at 1:04 it took you three seconds to remove 70% of his health.  I really don't consider taking 18 seconds to kill someone as burst.
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  5. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    Would you say it would be more dishonest than having no healing pot duels when all relevant PvP includes the use of healing potions? 
    He is probably using Saiyer's which gives DP and accuracy.  Due to being a "frontline" class, berserkers have no choice but to stack DP since they don't have block.
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  6. Oozo added a post in a topic Fixing Desync?   

    There are a ton of desyncs in both BDO Saws and Jamrock's KR movies.
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  7. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    Non-casuals (your term) don't make decisions on what class to play because they are ugly.  Next you will be telling me that people buy the tree suit because they like the way it looks
    Also, the price on the axe was over 100K at one poiht.  What happened there?  A bunch of people who were playing berserker just all of the sudden one day decided they didn't want to play it anymore because it was ugly?  The amount of delusion and rationalization here is pretty impressive.
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  8. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    But amazingly enough, the three classes that are considered the weakest also have the lowest demand for their weapons.  What an amazing coincidence.  People flock to what is perceived to the strongest because a vast majority of people will take the path of least resistance.  Delude yourself all you want, but that won't change.
    OH, because you don't like melee based classes that means hardly anybody does.  Got it.  The bersker is a high risk/low reward class in both open world PvP and end game PvE.  That is why it doesn't appeal to a lot of people. 
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  9. Oozo added a post in a topic So, awakening weapon solves everything?   

    That already happens when berserkers fight warriors.  You should broaden your horizons.  Both extremes suck.  They have a lot to fix with this game.  Too much, I think
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  10. Oozo added a post in a topic Strategies to fight Sorcerers   

    I killed a sorceress in a camo suit a few days ago by accident when they tried to gank me while I was killing an ogre.  I resisted their knockdown (60% immune to knockdown) just as I was going into my S2W on the ogre.  Since I was rotating to the back of the ogre, it turned and caught the sorceress in a knockdown.  Since the ganker was playing a sorceress, they did not know where the V key was on their keyboard and died in the S2W.
    So, the keys are:
    1.  Max out knockdown resistance
    2.  Spin on top of sorceress after they get knocked down by a MOB that you are fighting
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  11. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

    No, it just means you don't understand supply and demand and how the marketplace works.  In order for an item to settle into a price determined by it's demand enough of that item would have to have been sold on the market.  When an item first goes up it is assigned a value by the game.  The +15 weapons account for the black stones that have been invested into them which is why the game assigns them a high default value. 
    As an example, there is a +15 green KREA staff on the market right now at 27 million.  According to history, there have only been four traded on the server.  It's low price is higher than the low price on +15 blue Yuria axes.  Do you seriously think that there is more demand for the +15 Krea staff than the +15 Yuria axe?  No?  Okay, then let's move on to the next point.
    Let's look at the history of +15 blue Yuria longbows compared to +15 blue Yuria axes.  According to history, there have been 216 blue longbows traded and only 64 blue axes traded.  That is not enough for the item to reach a price determined by it's demand.  That is why I was using the base weapons because they have been sold enough for those to reach their equilibrium price.  That is, the price determined by their demand. 
    There have been 41,458 base Yuria longbows traded and 28,341 base Yuria axes traded.  That is more than enough for those items to reflect their demand.  Here are the lows on all of the weapons:
    Yuria Amulet   214K
    Yuria Blade  212K
    Yuria staff   193K
    Yuria longbow  173K
    Yuria Shortsword  144K
    Yuria Longsword  81K
    Yuria Axe  45K
    The blade is high at the moment since the Musa/Maehwa are new and the weapons are in demand.  A few weeks ago the axes were 70K+.  What this means is that a lot of people have stopped playing warrior and berserker and moved on to other classes and people are not rerolling to play warriors and berserkers.  The price of the weapons is tied directly to the demand of the weapon.  The demand of the weapon is low since not many people are not playing that class.  People do not play a class when it is not performing well relative to other stronger classes.  That is nature of MMO players.
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  12. Oozo added a post in a topic How could this happen? [Berserker vs Ranger]   

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  13. Oozo added a post in a topic Are the BDO servers being DDOS'd or what???   

    They have announced that they will be introducing a costume that reduces lag and desyncs.
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  14. Oozo added a post in a topic Ghillies suit name hiding aids hackers.   

    Be sure to buy the rez items from the cash shop so you won't lose exp when the hacker who you flagged on to report their name kills you. 
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