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  1. Doobious added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    SIMPLE -  Take the game down , the authentication servers off line, deny access to the launcher, refresh your Server DNS and IP configurations - I'm sure the people your renting the servers from can take them down and give you new static ips... I'm sure it would better to boot a few people from playing rather then dealing with this... 
    if they don't have your IP addresses they can't flood your servers...  problem solved
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  2. Doobious added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

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  3. Doobious added a post in a topic Daily Quest Icon Color   

    quest color indicators
    chat color changing options ( some people are  color blind I'm sure this would help them too)
    Loot rarity color indicators in chat instead of everything being yellow
    quest tabs for location, dailies , black  spirit instead of just shutting off quests with an icon sort them so we can keep track
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  4. Doobious added a post in a topic Bot hunting system   

    I agree with what you said,  but in short would have been easiest to say - reward people that actively prove to report spammers & bots with in game incentives and do not allow guest 7 day keys to talk in channel chat ... done 
    I 2nd this motion  
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  5. Doobious added a post in a topic Launcher News   

    Updating the opening news window as we get in game being updated would be nice
    More importantly would be the translation and update of their internal wiki and UI (ie. the workers list and NPC options windows n sizing not fitting all the text) 
    the UI has a 2008 feel to it and could use some serious updating, but until we see it in RU/KR I doubt we will see any of these updates soon
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  6. Doobious added a post in a topic Sea autopathing   

    by default if you hit middle mouse button it will reverse look your camera, not sure if it  works while on a boat though....
    the auto pathing would appear that the lines were drawn by someone with low blood sugar and couldn't hold their mouse steady , just to goto LLily Island you can make 25 turns when there are no obstacles in front of your ship...   
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  7. Doobious added a post in a topic Loot System   

    At least they should do is put an option to disable loot notifications from other members and guild notifications on who's logged in and out.... These constant notifications can be redundant I agree, they allowed so many other options to be disabled, it would be nice if they got rid of this too +1 ! spread the word 
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  8. Doobious added a post in a topic Lower Pearl Shop Prices?   

    you have to be honest with yourself here though...  There's no pay 2 win items on the cash shop like AA had ... everything they offer the rapid inventory and weight limit expansions are earnable in game over time ,the costumes n dyes are a eastern hemisphere thing if you ask me, who wants to pay $25 for a character skin anyways? there is so much more content that is out in Korea that we haven't even seen yet, I'd say give it time and they will make adjustments according to what we ask for and what is proven to work... They can't give it to us all at once....
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  9. Doobious added a post in a topic Too Many Wagons!   

    Either enable an option to hide other players mounts/wagons OR enforce a stamina / durability penalty for not parking them in the stalls at the stable vendor after being in city limits after a certain period of time. , cities are being over ran by player wagons n horses, I wish I had taken a screen shot of velia you couldn't even find your way to the storage manager, the wagons were hanging off the docks...  I mean if you can have swarms of bees killing our mounts, how hard would it be to make people put their mounts away ?
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  10. Doobious added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Quests Limitations, In such a huge game?   

    you do realize that you don't get level xp for your character from questing , that questing is there to help you build contribution points and energy and rep with your local npcs for better hidden items, rare quests and drops, either grind them out as you get them or move on , 30 quests per zone or two is more then enough
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  11. Doobious added a post in a topic Maintenance in nighttime   

    take the hate elsewhere , I hope a GM or Mod takes this post down, your out of line
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  12. Doobious added a post in a topic Trading dropped items by players in group only   

    there are loot rules based on grade and value and the leader can distribute as well, this could  only lead to farming bosses and exploiting loot, tough system to put in place I'd imagine
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  13. Doobious added a post in a topic Pearl sellers not gold or sliver lol   

    Block Channel Chat - Problem Solved
    ALSO if we go as far to report a bot/spammer it' costs 30 energy ,  if it's proven we were right, we should get a refund of the energy spent
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  14. Doobious added a post in a topic Loved the first few days playing but these issues are making me quit the game   

    Game crashes are only common for people that are running too many resources from what I can tell  or are running two + monitors I've heard too..
    You get free skill resets scrolls from pre-order and a free full reset with each toon at level 45 to prepare you for a PVP build...  
    Crashes are not common ,  I"m running a 2yr old  system with mid grade specs on a 1Mbps DSL line and I've only crashed two times since launch.
    If your so worried about making a good build why not try looking at foundry or tome calculators and read up on a build that would work for you
    Don't give excuses to  quit , just admit it , it's too complicated for you or you'd rather a theme park carebear mmo like wow...  Cya
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  15. Doobious added a post in a topic Character Stuck at Keplan   

    i used escape feature and got sent to a node on the other end of the map and now stuck in a rock wall and can't get out at all /reloadui /escape nothing is working
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