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  1. Kardall added a post in a topic XignCode error 0xE019101A   

    I can't get it to work even with disabling the driver enforcement. So I guess I am screwed.
    Edit: Just thought about this... I am a developer and I betcha one of the tools I have installed on my computer is freaking out the game.......
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  2. Kardall added a post in a topic Got the guest pass for 9.99 and friend leveled to 30 but no rewards?   

    Has to hit level 40 or buy the game, says so on the rewards page.
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  3. Kardall added a topic in Technical Issues   

    0xE019101A on new OS Install
    I don't have anything on here anymore. I have un-installed all my antivirus in hopes of getting it to work... Nothing in the forums has helped. I sent of an email, but anyone figured out how to bypass the Xigncode3 for now so I can actually play...
    Why is it such a broken down P.O.S. program that they decided to use. I had similar problems at launch, and I think it was something like Teamviewer was causing it to crash... well, don't have that running either.
    Maybe i'll install a VM of Windows 10 just to see if it will run.
    So I have sent two logs to the Wallbia support guys, and both come back with exactly the same results.
    So I am at a loss now. Why can't they let us read the log file... at least then I could see what the hell is going on perhaps, and I could fix it.
    Edit #2
    I read a forum about it being Windows 10 Anniversary.
    is how you disable it (go into test mode). I will see if it works and report back.
    Edit #3
    Tried again this morning, still get the error. I have no more updates for windows left, no anti-virus, no anti-malware, no communication from anyone... has the game been abandoned? Where is the communication we once had  
    Edit #4
    Okay, last ditch effort. i emailed wallbia my entire xc folder. If they get back to me, hopefully they will be able to tell me what the hell is going on. But I told them and I will tell you as well.
    If I see another game released with XignCode and this issue (that the latest post about was over 6 months ago) is not resolved. I am going to un-install the game, and boycott any other game using this Korean Spyware garbage. It's bad enough that it scans everything you do on your computer, even going back into your history of searches and things you type... I mean really...
    Edit #4
    Just tried to run it in VirtualBox on 8.1, and it is packed with Themida so you can run it under VM... damnit. You don't even have to _DO_ anything, just call up the dev team in KR and tell them to add their code/drivers to Microsoft. And when they submit it, have them tell you so you can POST IT ON THE TWITTERVERSE at least...
    I am going to un-install and go play something else for 6 months now. Hopefully it's fixed by then.
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  4. Kardall added a post in a topic Suggestion to Buffs   

    Great idea!
    10/10 Would Play Again With This Change.
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  5. Kardall added a post in a topic Hunger games (link inside)   

    I think you have this game all wrong.
    If you need to stop or control the flow of information, you need to be more discreet about what you are communicating. If your entire guild is fishing in an area, and someone says you are there, then that's their rights to do so. Kill them if you don't want them to speak about it.
    Defend your fishing spot like you would defend a farming spot. If your guild is so big and powerful as to stifle the flow of information, then you can be big and powerful enough to defend your fishing spot.
    Am I not correct?
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  6. Kardall added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Your idea is valid yes, however, they could do both to satisfy your needs.
    To me, it's not the horses that is annoying, it's the strength training that is annoying. You can level your horses as you play the game, in PvP or just everyday farming mobs. Just ride your horse with a saddle.
    You can't do anything but walk around with a trade pack on to gain strength. So in this case, the Auto-Path would be a welcome thing. Of course people will use it for whatever they want.
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  7. Kardall added a post in a topic World pvp is not real pvp   

    I remember South Shore vs. Tarren Mill.
    That was World PvP.
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  8. Kardall added a post in a topic Can I Reset Knowledge?   

    It's okay, people will google things for you so you don't have to.
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  9. Kardall added a post in a topic Grunil Armour   

    You could make it,Calph and onwards have level 5 armor shops you can craft it. Just buy the mats on the market and make the piece you need...
    The one in Calph only requires 12 Contribution Points to obtain.
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  10. Kardall added a post in a topic How much money have you spent on BDO?   

    $29.99 -> CAD Currency Exchange Rate.
    I don't see the point of buying anything on the cash shop until I have 50'd all 4 character slots. Even then, making the characters is all you really need, just to use for Energy Spending on nodes. I mean really... one character can do everything.
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  11. Kardall added a post in a topic Down Channels   


    Last night on Uno when the servers went down, I switched.
    Then I leveled from 1/2 through 39 to 40 before logging off. I had used an XP Potion and upgraded my weapon some point around there.
    When I logged on earlier tonight, I had been pushed back to 39 (56%) and my buff was almost gone, I still had 1 tea (I had 2 before I started leveling to 40) and my weapon was still +9.
    So, the servers rolled back my character in level, but never gave any of the items back. Just in-case no one else reported it.
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  12. Kardall added a post in a topic What Math Genius Set the Prices for Item?   

    It reminds me of the Gas Prices but in reverse. They go up 17cents over night, and takes 6months to go down 10cents.
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  13. Kardall added a post in a topic The insects must be HUGE!   

    It's the billions of Eggs. Watch your dishes of food, I hear the larva can be a ----- if they eat after midnight.

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  14. Kardall added a post in a topic What Math Genius Set the Prices for Item?   

    I have made a post about things like this, and here's basically what everyone else found out about their fixed pricing system.
    My testing; Over the course of 1 week, I managed to get the Purified Water from 1,250s to over 2,100s each. It took probably around 1,000 Purified Silvers and between 2 to 8 auctions, dividing up between 10 or 20's per stack to try to increase prices. I even did incremental pricing, so:
    (80 Purified Water) If Lowest price was 1760 ---> I would do 10 at 1765, 10 at 1767, 20 at 1770 and the rest would be at 1800 or whatever the max is. Twice a day I would do this between two characters harvesting 80 purified waters. I would do 80 at a time.
    Eventually the price went up (because others were posting at max prices) to push the amount up to 1980 or 2000 max. When this happened, Someone posted at minimum, and PERMANENTLY DROPPED THE PRICE FOR EVERYONE. This sucked, because now, not only was there like 4,000 Purified waters at 2,000 to 2,160s each that weren't getting sold, but the minimum price and maximum price WOULD NOT let us post them at 2100 anymore. It automatically set the Max Price to some weird number calulcated between that minimum and the maximum.
    It was not based on how many were available on the market at the time, just how many were sold at a certain price, and it calculated some min/max values from that... it's stupid and broken and not worth using to 'make money'.
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  15. Kardall added a post in a topic User Created Chat-Filter v1.0   

    That's too specific, as some people still want to get links. Some people, that is not the purpose of this list  But thanks for the input anyway  
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