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  1. Reventon added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    G. T. F. O.
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  2. Reventon added a post in a topic Why does Valencia suck?   

    Yes, Valencia id dead! Especially Bandits, do NOT go there. Terrible xp and garbage money. No need to go there at all
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  3. Reventon added a post in a topic Contribution Recovery 30   

    I'm guessing this is for people who have had their contribution points "deleted" by accident.
    For example: Player rents an accessory from an NPC for x amount of contribution but loses or deletes the accessory and can't get their CP back from the NPC. Then this is an option to recover the lost CP. I think this is the intent but I'm not sure on this...
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  4. Reventon added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    Good analogies give me wood. Thank you sir/m'aam
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  5. Reventon added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    Keep your TET. Not worth at all switching to Tri Dande. Now if you wanted a TET Dande, that'd be a different story...
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  6. Reventon added a post in a topic Broken pre-order?   

    FYI every time an item gets posted to the mp, it has a small chance to go to the pre order system. Most of the time they skip preorder and go to bidding. This is intended so that the rich people cant control the market
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  7. Reventon added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    Where is Dremlock when you need a well timed "DEATH TO RPERS" post?
    No seriously tho, dont train your horses outside of safe zones maybe?
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  8. Reventon added a post in a topic Sorc Vs Wizard   

    This is exactly why I main Sorc.
    If i wanted everything to come easily I would play candyland or some shit. 
    Also makes my ePeen erect when I DO beat a class that is supposedly "more OP" than me.
    You have two options OP: GIT GUD OR REROLL WIZ
    Sorc life is a hard knock(down) life
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  9. Reventon added a post in a topic Sorc pvp   

    This Gif is perfect lol
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  10. Reventon added a post in a topic Ending the level 10 node debate   

    I been grinding Shadows of Gahaz and before my node was level 10 i got 3 Seraps necks in 5% of my level. Level 10 node and 15% of my level later...NOT A SINGLE NECK.
    WTF PA?
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  11. Reventon added a post in a topic Time changes, question remains: Nouver or Kutum?   

    In what world is Jubre>Nouver in PvP damage? This is very wrong...
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  12. Reventon added a post in a topic Advice and Guidance Required for Sorc Toon   

    Yes check out the sorc subforum. Theres also a sorc discord. I would say...focus on getting your scythe to tri since most sorc damage (for grinding and pvp) come from the awakening weapon. You'll really only use the amulet for the Q buff and CC's. Also, get the grunil to Tri, Liverto and Jubre to DUO, and I would suggest investing in some Life Skill AFK money making schemes so that you can buy your accessories already upgraded instead of playing the awful RNG game. 
    BiS is still Boss Armour and Boss Weapons. Get a Nouver instead of a Khutum. I've tested both at Tri and Nouver is way better IN MY OPINION. Cheap enhanced AP accessories to buy are the schultz gladiator neck and belt, as well as DUO Witch's and Mark's.
    Also, invest ALL your skill oints into Awakening skills before spending them in Amulet skills.
    Hope this helps, sorc sister!
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  13. Reventon added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

    Dam, was hoping to be able to use my Tri Nouver Talisman. 
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  14. Reventon added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

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  15. Reventon added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

    *Please be Talisman"
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