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  1. Thaisha added a post in a topic Game does not feel Buy-to-play: I feel like I have wasted money   

    now i have been looking like crazy to find any one on the forums talking about this issue that has me bothered.
    i strongly think that the players who bought the conq pack got screwed up hard too... 
    if you look at the items they where given compared to what the game has to offer you have a unfair balance already.. 
    one example: the tier 5 horse that was given with the conq pack... its SH!T 
    a tier 4 horse runs quicker. a tier 2 horse has more inventory slots. and a tier 1 horse can carry more! 
    there are multiple of these things that you can add up. but that horse is the most out standing one that bugs me. 
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  2. Thaisha added a post in a topic Reliant EU, PvX Semi-Hardcore, Multi Gaming community (croxus)   

    Our recruitment is closed!!!!!!!!
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  3. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    Im not going to lie.. there are two guilds in Alustin that i would love to face again.. i had a great time fighting them in other games... 
    But i made our community a promise i have to keep... 
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  4. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    Reliant Gaming, jordine!
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  5. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    Honestly... the high end PvP guilds KNOW!!! that if they announce that they are going to jordine that all those guilds will switch with them. 
    and if they say Alustin all pvp orientated guilds will stick to that.. 
    i dont thikn they want to have a fight just the 4 of them on a server.. (or fighting the other population (french german, polish only) 
    as far as we will decide, yes its a waiting of the bigs guild choice. 
    and if we are all so Sure that the mega server merge is going to happen.. then why not all of us go to one server to start off with  

    a well.. im not going to lie. i hope we get the info on time. so we can make the right pick too  
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  6. Thaisha added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    sad??? TOP??? no Knowledge???  pick 3 out of the top 5 already??? 
    Your getting it wrong dude.. im not looking for your recognition of being a TOP guild..
    so nah.. no interests in being called a TOP guild. But i do like to be prepared.. and for that reason i'm fishing out every bit of information i can. 
    strategies are to be made with preparation. 
    Now you say that you look at the recruitment topics to see where they are all going.. but you don't know which ones came in with 50+ members to start with. and then recruited an other 50 to add Yet again.. not saying we did.. not saying we didn't 
    but this concludes my posting in this topic. Done here

    may i thank you for your dear insult showing your elitist attitude, by saying every other guild, that is not in your liking's, out there is "a piece of shit"
    Good luck FUti. i wish you all the best with release.
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  7. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   


    There you go... avoiding... some are avoiding others. and others are avoiding some. And some are chasing others... and others are chasing some  
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  8. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    They know where... they just want to avoid some other guilds.. 
    I remember PvP guilds being the guilds that would ask other guilds to come and face them.. so they can show that they where what they claimed to be. 
    im starting to get a funny feeling about the PvP guilds in this game
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  9. Thaisha added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    And you are in titled to say who is high end cause of what fact? the one who screamed the hardest? the ones who showed the most epeen?
    Remember there are multiple guilds out there that don't play open card when it comes to showing off, erm.. just mentioning one... Ethernal that has now over 150+ recruited and going to create 2 guilds to enter with... and some German guilds have a double guild listed as well  
    so... i think your "we are in contact with the High End guilds" is just contact with who you think that is.  
    There are also guilds that want to face the guilds that have been screaming out the loudest... Not saying that we are one of them.. not saying we ain't.
    Now regarding those who want to avoid you.. Let them avoid you.. what you losing on that... your grief/bully moment? Its one less guild you have to worry about. and one guild that is actually admitting they are afraid of you! 

    "high end PvP" guilds these days are avoiding the challenge and not screaming out any more that they want players to come on their ground so they can show that they are good or even the best.
    Never the less. i wish you all the best of luck with release. 
    if we end up on the same server, would be fun  
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  10. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server selected by guilds [Summary]   

    Reliant gaming http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/7393-reliant-eu-pvx-semi-hardcore-multi-gaming-community/ 
    Server: where the High end PvP guilds go. sooo start telling where that will be! 
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  11. Thaisha added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    ???  ??? 

    where is a logical answer in that post showing that you had to use your brain to respond? 
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  12. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server Selection and Discussion Thread   

    at some point i agree with you, the thing for some others might be.. there have been so many dirt trowing, epeen showing, and bragging.. some guilds are out to get others.. and to show that the loud mouths aren't really what they say they are 
    My self.. i want to see where that action is going to be. so i want to on that server to see it happen  
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  13. Thaisha added a post in a topic [NL-EU-CROXUS] Genootschap - Social Guild   

    Ow.. kunnen NL sprekende members van Reliant ook hier aan mee doen ? 
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  14. Thaisha added a post in a topic FUtilez -[Do You Have What It Takes ?]   

    Funny thing is.. your stating that out that , but Since NONE !!!! of you all are saying where.. NONE of you can Prepare!!!! 
    don't you think its a bit un prepared what you are doing here.. holding a secret that is not suppose to be a secret if you have a goal to be in the same server with them? 
    If i was so pvp orientated.. i would tell every one to come where i'm at.. cause ill want to show that that what i stated out is real. and that "no mater WHO or Where.. we will beat them" kinda mentality. 
    Or are you holding back cause you actually are afraid of some of the competitions out there? its not an attack.. its a question.
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  15. Thaisha added a post in a topic Server Selection and Discussion Thread   

    Here’s a couple of questions for the big guilds.
    A lot of you seem set on going where the big action is, but no one is saying where that action is going to be.
    So in the interest of guilds that want to prove they are the best, let the real competition know where you’re going to be.
    Region: EU/NA
    Who are you? (Guild name)
    Where can you be found? (Server name)
    (feel free to Quote this)
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