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  1. Lordy added a post in a topic When you're #1 in the server and can't handle one guy solo grinding   

    do you think its very exciting to watch you run like a chicken for minutes? 
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  2. Lordy added a post in a topic Real Armor costume   

    rofl. i mean .. really rofl ^^
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  3. Lordy added a post in a topic Do you think Rum rate is too harsh?   

    i dont think people that are complaining about the drop rate are actually actively playing the game.
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  4. Lordy added a post in a topic No Complaints About the Game   

    so what you are trying to say is, you are entitled to have that item drop on you after a given period of time? Or that its unfair your friends got it faster? Or wtf do you people think when you talk about "rng" (the main mechanic of most mmo's)? 
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  5. Lordy added a post in a topic Whats questing/griding like at 50 with average gear?   

    grinding with valkyrie is by far the most enjoyable grind of all classes imo. no matter the gear.
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  6. Lordy added a post in a topic SoJ instead of ShieldThrow 4 grinding   

    i like both! i use both.
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  7. Lordy added a post in a topic cap for breath, strength, and health?   

    30 for now.
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  8. Lordy added a post in a topic Heidel IRL   

    the original link as posted on reddit:
    i guess we know where the first BDO-con will take place ^^
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  9. Lordy added a post in a topic So much frustration in this game   

    as you dont seem to be a likeable or even sane person, i like that you are suffering ... from a game ...
    play on! And hate every second of it!
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  10. Lordy added a post in a topic Cash shop only for skill resets?!?   

    why would you ever need a full reset?
    and no, i dont think a game has to provide you with resets to your deciscions by some unwritten law. i think a game has a set of rules you either live with or .. .you know, .. dont play
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  11. Lordy added a post in a topic Freaking bots spamming chat   

    start to fill your spam filter i guess?
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  12. Lordy added a post in a topic This game was never really designed with PVP in mind.   

    i'm not quite sure what you want to tell us and why, but ... ok?
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  13. Lordy added a post in a topic New player lost in gearing options   

    i am now also in the 2 taritas/2 grunil faction (switching from full grunil) - and the difference is huge for me, mainly because of the longer attack chains i'm able to dish out. the only bad thing is, that grunil armor looks great on valkyries, while taritas chest is super bland
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  14. Lordy added a post in a topic How do we make both sides of the debate happy? PvE|PvP   

    the good thing about all those millions of community-split-topics and cash-shop-price-bullshit is, that you can easily see that there are no (new) problems out there atm
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  15. Lordy added a post in a topic The game lacks imposing and memorable places.   

    for me its by far the mmo with the most memorable places. its completely subjective i guess.
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