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  1. Detrix added a post in a topic Bad news: Ninja/Kunoichi   

    Once you stop playing it's easier not to care. I may or may not be back when they release the class... we'll see.
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  2. Detrix added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    They have to watch the patch is b.s. They way they treat the ninja/kuniochi community will be the same for you pvp'er (enjoying the patch?)and everyone. Unless you enjoy getting trolled; we need to get the game company to switch publisher.
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  3. Detrix added a post in a topic Official statement regarding ninja/kunoichi delay till july   

    I'm on the fence too. They keep changing the goal post on that class. Is the game really worth it? It would feel good to walk away from this crappy publisher.
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  4. Detrix added a post in a topic Release Ninja/Kunoichi Vote   

    They already patched the class in KR... delay is just bad marketing or just trolling the community. I'm thinking trolling.
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  5. Detrix added a post in a topic Ninja/Kunoichi, Release/Balance   

    Balancing? What? No, it's about milking. 

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  6. Detrix added a post in a topic Vote for Ninja/Kunoichi   

    They're just milking the player base. Sure people who want to play the ninja/kunoichi would be happy but .. if they wait, they can milk bored or returning players in the future. It's marketing not balancing.
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  7. Detrix added a post in a topic Am I the only one excited for kunoichi?   

    Daum is good at misinformation. They said way back ninja was going to be released first... what a joke.
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  8. Detrix added a post in a topic Ninja/Kunoichi will not be released in May   

    Hear they took out your class awakening weapon.. balance and stuff. Don't worry you can always roll a dark elf.
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  9. Detrix added a post in a topic Getting Alluvial Gold   

    You don't need alluvial gold. Get 5 ore and process, it worked for me.
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  10. Detrix added a post in a topic When is ninja/kunoichi coming out?   

    I hope they don't to the "very soon", "not yet but your wait is nearly over" three weeks before the release. Two weeks is evil but three caused many people to get hype-rage.
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  11. Detrix added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Class privilege? That's right. I'm being oppressed by all these people with class privilege. All you cis class normative players need to listen to me since I'm the most class disadvantaged.
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  12. Detrix added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    The high up managers are not gamers. They don't understand classes are not content. You wouldn't tell the community the game is available but login will be available soon. So players know the game is there but we just can't log in to play it. 
    I'm sure they don't care enough to understand the problem clearly. They have marketing plan content releases but fail to understand class != content. A class is just a bunch of players. So adding classes is adding new unique players to the mix. Sure you'll have cross over but people who like range classes would probably not find a melee only game worth their time.
    If the Musa/Ninja were not already released, you wouldn't have this denial of access making some players upset. The proper solution would have been having all classes at release and added the content mediah, node war etc over time. The current way of miss treating of classes will add more problems that I'll not get into.
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  13. Detrix added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    Dying at lvl 45 is nothing. It's more harmful to 50+ since Karma can bite.
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  14. Detrix added a post in a topic [Request]: Please give us at least 24 hours notice before Musa/Maehwa launches!   

    Darksoul I guess for most people. 
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