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  1. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    it should be really usefull for nodewars aswell since you can cancel it into scratch and chain iframe into SA and have a bit more protection even in non awk.

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  2. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    jups its SA allready tested
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  3. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    i ditched my tamer anyway
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  4. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    try this for weapon swap combo for void lightning:
    start in awk
    shift + a/d --> shift LMB --> LBP --> Q canel --> tree climb ---> spray scratch --> LBP ---> echo pierce

    if you shift + LMB fast enough after shift + a/d you skip bolt jolt basicly
    you can use spray scratch at ANY point of tree climb till you hit the ground (you need flow: hidden claw for it tho)
    and im pretty sure most tamers are not even aware of it
    only tamer i see using it active is Akiko - and he started to play around with it after i linked him the video i posted here a while ago
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  5. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    jup you are
    you can dodge almost any spell with tree climb including long ones like the plum/tamer ulti
    if you HIT something with tree climb the iframe stops - the entire back animation is no iframe anymore.
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  6. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    if you press nothing it will stuck you in an after animation (a small sword movement) that animation is still iframe - if you look at the video it is about 2sec (a bit more actually) till i can move again - im in iframe the entire time
    what i mean is: if you use tree climb and keep W pressed you will move the moment you hit the ground - if you dont press W you wont move and be stuck in another animation when you land
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  7. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    sure mister
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  8. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    Tree climb is an iframe till the end - so its like 2sec smth
    you can iframe entire zerk engage/wiz ulti/plum ulti ect. ect. its absolutely OP.
    you can also cancel it into spray scratch at any point till you land on the ground (you need the flow for that tho)
    so you can iframe--> SA --> SA (Tree climb -> spray scratch -> LBP)
    EDIT: i might should add: tree climb itself says it is in iframe BUT you are supposed to hit an enemy - if you never hit an enemy the entire jump is an iframe - if you hit someone its an iframe UNTILL you hit someone the entire backflip animation is no iframe.

    small video for tree climb:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMI7l5-AV_g (sorry about the quality was a quick record)
    the heilang attack for roaring is an aoe stagger
    and heilang triggers it at the position he is standing right now - so lets say you stand at the start of the arena while your heilang is on the other side attacking your enemy - if you now use roaring your pet will use its roaring combo attack right ontop of the enemy and stagger him (this is an aoe attack)
    small video for roaring stagger:
    roaring stagger on range:

    if you deactivate Evasive attack you can side jump super fast - this has no iframe BUT causes aloooooot of desync
    to fast side dode press shift + a/d + lmb at the same time
    small video for side dodge:
    this can be used to switch out of awk aswell - not really usefull but looks cool

    pressing space into RMB instead of WW into RMB will trigger flow: spray scratch aswell BUT not consume stamina from the WW jump
    small video:

    sorry about the quality on them they were just some quick records to teach my guild/stream/a few friends
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  9. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    @rximmortal cant quote your post for some reason
    dont get me wrong i was not hating on you in general just on the way you presented this - and like i said before im sure this will help alot of ppl

    yeah im from EU but i rage enchanted my gear cause of the stupid desync the past week...
    gonna try DK tonight even tho i allready miss my tamer
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  10. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    1. it is a basic combo that is known since the game release.
    so who did you fight ? i had a good laugh with some tamers yesterday that told me you are nothing but a meme
    there are so many secrets that are not shared on the forum yet known by most tamers - like how to utilize our 3sec iframe - how to range stagger in mass pvp - how to kinda *force* desync - none of those have their own thread and no one made a thread called "What if i tell you, i found a way to bypass the Desync in the game" before posting something that is allready known
    2. you did not read did you ?
    he told me he never saw anyone using it - and i told him there are many different cancels where you cant see the tamer using the first skill cause they are to fast.
    3. i never said it doesnt help with desync but i hope you understand that this barely saves you from desync but more from miss/immune
    you did realize that most of the time your grab is not working it is a straight out miss right ?
    desync mostly happens DURING the grab or AFTER the grab (you are stuck in the animation while your enemy can move/you cant dmg your enemy after the grab and see him teleport)
    if your grab animation does not even start thats often just a miss - you can test this vs. high evasion ppl if you want to  
    hey im sorry if you think im toxic
    did you see the first thread he made ?
    you dont make a thread in wich you claim you single handed solved the entire desync issue and then come up with a basic combo that is known for a year.

    there is a difference between toxicity and criticism - i criticize the point that he made this huge announcement thread in advance to show us.. this 
    and as i said in a post before - im sure there are ppl that dont know it yet so thats fine it will help them

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  11. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    i am pretty sure alot of tamers did use it before - there are more scenarios this is awesome not just desync
    if you miss your grab animation doesnt start aswell - or if your enemy is immune.
    and i guarantee you that the majority of tamers did use LBP straight after
    and also you dont see a tamer doing it - its the same as flow: spray scratch and LBP cancel
    or scratch( normal scratch RMB + A/D) --> shift LMB cancel
    or shift + F --> WW cancel
    or fast enough Q --> shift + LMB cancel
    in all those cases you dont even see the canceled skill yet the tamer did use them
    and yes i do see this as a bait.
    a few days ago he opened a thread where he claimed he single handed found a way to solve all the desync issues tamer ever had
    and now he comes up with a thread of something SO basic that most tamers do it by default and/or allready knew about it since this is in the game for a year now
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  12. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    and you did read my post yes ?
    its a commonly known thing allready. every half decent tamer knew you could cancel grab and MANY MANY MANY other skills with LBP since release basicly.
    dont missunderstand me - there are for sure tamers that are new/did not know but none of them made a huge announcement post before to bait ppl and came up with a lame post like this to explain their findings afterwards.
    esp. not if they are in one of the supposed to be best guilds in europe.
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  13. Blayise added a post in a topic Tamer New (SAFE) Grab Mechanic by rximmortal   

    the issue is not missing your grab in general but desync - when the game locks you in the entire animation (wich you cant skip) but your enemy is at another position on his screen allready and able to hit you
    i thought you came up with a way to counter that issue and not with a basic combo good tamers should know about allready since you can cancel almost every skill with lbp...
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  14. Blayise added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    i am sexy yo o/

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  15. Blayise added a post in a topic An up to date tamer guide?   

    if you enjoy tamer - play it
    tamer has some serious issues bugs and alot of useless skills - still its pretty strong in 1v1 but basicly useless in everything else.
    however - that is the same for a few classes and yet ppl play them
    so if you enjoy tamer play it its playstyle even with bugs feels amazing !
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